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Jonathon Wilder




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Idea Weaver, Tinkering, Distracted Insight, Tilted Perception, Aspurgers


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Campaign Notes
All players allowed, though focus within the campaign with be on exploration, puzzles, intrigue, and social interaction over combat or battle. Experience given based on completing tasks and party goals, overcoming scenarios based on the challenges presented not simply killing things. If the party is able to do such creatively, with players coming up with solutions that are true to their character personality and outlook, there may even be a bonus. Minor Encounters may be from a quarter to half level, while Major Encounters would be a full level.

Since combat will be of lesser focus, it is suggested players consider other areas of optimization then simple damage output, and the offer that they look to other strengths for their character. DM will tailor battles based on the strengths and weakness of party, with thought put into allowing all players to shine at different points while keeping things challenging, and for different solutions for a problem or conflict to be possible. Again, creativity will be reward! Especially in ways other then merely killing things, though there will be times were such may be required.

Aquan Transformation, Avian Transformation, Subterranean Transformation, Animalistic Transformation, Serpentine Transformation, Aquatic Mastery, Bestial Spirit, Aerial Agility.
Legends and stories speak that within holds that within the Dark Regions is a forest of which the tragic tale of a dryad who allowed herself to fall in love with a mortal, a human who she met and gave her affection. As most fey, they can be fickle and jealous creatures, which to anger if they feel they have been slighted... or betrayed. The dryad would she the man with another, one she did not know, and believed she was his lover. Attacking the two, she killed them. Their corpse corrupting her roots of her tree and the soil beneath and eating the man's heart, as to her soul was twisted with rage and sorrow as dark magick begin to flow through her.

The corrupting influence would spread to others of her kin, causing them to became twisted as well her magick bring about a change forcing them to stay more firmly bound to her tree as well a hunger for flesh. To call travelers to them, into the darker and more marsh like parts of the forest they would hear a haunting and melancholy song. This sound of the song could sound differently mattering the traveler who is listening. In all cases, the dark tree's song is the most sorrowful melody that can be imagined.

These corrupted dryad, this Dark Trees with attack to kill and eat those foolish or unlucky enough to stumble upon them