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Imaginative look at Animal Companions.


Fantastic job mixing animal companions and figurines of wondrous power. Our playtest is going wonderfully, the player involved no longer forgets about his animal companion, and it is quite possibly the most interesting companion the party has ever had. This companion gives great roleplaying challenges. Great start to the reverse design series.

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Great Sci-Fi Game


This was the first science fiction RPG I ever got to play, and it was fantastic. Character creation is involved, the extra books, Mercenary being our personal favorite, made for a much more enjoyable game.

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3.5 Private Sanctuary Review Posted


This was just posted.

Classic Monsters Revisited Review

This has the flavor of D&D


Having just recently come out from under a rock [I have been playing ADnD for over 20 years now], only last year finding out about 3.5, and have now checked out 4th. Paizo's take on the 3.5 ruleset has the flavor of DnD that my group and I are looking for. Great job, guys and gals at Paizo. I can't wait to see the beta and the hard cover final of the Pathfinder system.