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Full Name

Jonathan "Jack of Shadows" Shade




Thief 22nd / Mage 24th







Special Abilities

Mastery of Shadow Magic




There can be only one...


Las Vegas


Common, Elvish


Sailor 6th / Playing with things that can shock you - 16th

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Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 15
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 8
Charisma 9

About Jonathan_Shade

I started out with living anyway that I could on the streets, my expertise with "borrowing" things allowed me to rise in the ranks of the Scarred Hand rather quickly.
My superiors found that I had a knack for "water" work and I climbed even further under the tutelage of my friend and mentor Beren Glimstand.
During the course of a particularly difficult job involving living symbol of the Mageguild and it's guardians, The Symbol's touch caused some force to rage inside of me.
The resulting explosion of magefire knocked me unconscious. When I awoke, I found myself deep within the confines of the Mageguild, chained and muzzled like an animal.
My keeper eventually took pity on me, the wrenched beast that I was, barely able to comprehend what had happened.
He taught me, much like you would teach a pet, how to control the burning fire that still raged within me.
Many full moons later, I planned an escape but the plan went terribly wrong. I, with my still imperfect knowledge of the arcane arts,
ripped a hole into the cold bitterness of shadow and was thrust through. Wounded, I was easy prey for those beings that dwell in the Shadow Realm.
Tortured beyond sanity, and twisted by their machinations, I felt the essense of shadow burrowing its way into my body and soul.
I was finally rescued by The Screaming Blade Company, a loyal band of friends that had breached Shadow to rescue one of their own that had been captured.
They carried my ravaged body back to the realms of the living.
Once healed and my mind mended, I continued to venture forth with the Screaming Blade to help them recover their friend from the clutches of the shadow realm.
With every journey, I felt the arcane power inside grow more powerful while I was in Shadow realm, and power soon began to stay with me once I returned to the living realms.
I have since left the Screaming Blade to find my own way again with new understanding of my capabilities.

email: jonathan@dndworlds.com
"In loving memory of Matthew, Of whom I am most proud."
Rest in peace, my son 1983-2008
I will always love you. Dad