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I posted about this back on 3/2, but no one has responded.

I added four items to my sidecart back at the end of January and asked them for them to be shipped with my February subscriptions.

Instead, late in February, you guys shipped all my items separately, and for some reason decided to ship my Gods & Magic book by 1-day priority shipping, which cost $45.

So, for the four items, you charged me $60 in shipping. I wanted these to ship with my subscription at the normal, cheaper rate.

I get it that someone on your end made a mistake, but you need to fix this and not just ignore me. :-)


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What the heck happened with this order?

I ordered the Gods & Magic book plus two map packs.

I placed the order more than a month ago, and put it in my sidecart to have it shipped with my subscriptions, which are apparently running late this month?

Then, suddenly last week, you shipped just this one book to me separate of my other stuff. You shipped it ONE DAY PRIORITY mail and charged me $45.48 for shipping!

What the heck is going on? You did not have my permission to ship this at that rate. $45 for a single book is INSANE.

Can you please tell me what happened and fix this?


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Okay, I downloaded Update 1.3, and I guess I'm just dense, because I can't figure out what this means:

"Q: Is my spell roll the attack roll for my spells?

A: No, your attack roll for spells uses the same proficiency
modifier (as per page 197), but you still use your Strength
or Dexterity modifier to aim it, unlike your spell rolls, which
apply to all other rolls with your spells, such as when casting
Black Tentacles."

So, can someone tell me which spells a wizard would use Strength to "aim?" The ones where he or she throws something? And Dex when he or she fires a missile of some kind with a spell? And then Int for everything else?

I don't get it. I feel like the designers of this game cannot bear to write rules that are easily understood.

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I must be dense; I don't understand the headline. Is that a movie quote?

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So, the paladin in my campaign cast "Knight's Calling" on a wyvern the other night, and the wyvern failed its save. The spell description says that the "target moves its speed toward you, avoiding any other dangers along its path (including any movement that would provoke attacks of opportunity)."

In this particular situation, it was not possible for the wyvern to move toward the paladin without provoking multiple attacks of opportunity.

I was not sure how to handle this. If the creature is not able to move without provoking attacks of opportunity, does it simply remain where it is? Move as far as it can without provoking the first attack of opportunity?