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Vic Wertz wrote:
Brian E. Harris wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Brian E. Harris wrote:
Erich Michel wrote:
The Combat Pad, itself, is no longer available (as of 4/5/10)?
I don't know if they've set any dates yet, but it's apparently undergoing revision before more are produced.
You are correct! I don't have any dates, as this product is actually produced under a license, and in this case, the licensor is responsible for manufacturing. As soon as he tells us when it's arriving, we'll put up the new version.
Have you released the "changelog" yet?
When we put up the new version, you'll see the new design... it's just a facelift, not a radical change to the way things work.

Does it really need a facelift? I mean, as is, it's probably the most useful, and paper friendly, product in my set of DM tools.