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Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Lost Omens, Maps, Rulebook Subscriber. **** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West 3,304 posts (4,203 including aliases). 4 reviews. 6 lists. 4 wishlists. 46 Organized Play characters. 13 aliases.

Organized Play Characters

Grand Lodge Stumpy Mkall

M Dwarf Gunslinger 3 (0 posts)
Rogeif Yharloc
Liberty's Edge Brother Brian

M Human (Ulfen) Monk 1 (3 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Grand Lodge Assimeon

M Human (Varissian) Magus 1 (0 posts)
Arclord of Nex
Grand Lodge Arvon

Male Human (Vudrani) Bard (0 posts)
Daji the Fox
The Exchange Renardo

M Kitsune Rogue (Trickster) (2 posts)

Liberty's Edge KoKo Nan

M Human Barbarian (1 post)

The Exchange Gil Robinson

M Half-Elf Ranger (0 posts)

The Exchange Eliastra

F Human Witch (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Nebulous Blob #9
(0 posts)

Silver Crusade Anjelika

Aasimar Warpriest (0 posts)

Scarab Sages Janebras

Ifrit Oracle (0 posts)

Dark Archive Namoren.12

M Tiefling Brawler (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Nebulous Blob #13
(0 posts)

The Exchange Thagrak

B Half-Orc Barbarian (0 posts)

Dark Archive Larino

M Human Rogue (0 posts)

Grand Lodge 36747 Core 16
(0 posts)

Sovereign Court Darusi

M Human Sorcerer (0 posts)

Grand Lodge JohnF Character 18
(0 posts)

Grand Lodge JohnF Character 19
(0 posts)
Churgri of Vapula
Grand Lodge Kayvan

Male Kobold Bard (Dragon Herald) - AC 18, 10 HP (30 posts)

Rogue Rogue Deck - Lesath

Unlocked Rogue Unlocked Rogue Deck - Jirelle

Cleric Cleric Deck - Kyra

Fighter Fighter Deck - Flenta

Ranger Ranger Deck - Harsk

Sorcerer Sorcerer Deck - Seoni

Fighter Fighter Deck - Valeros

Barbarian Barbarian Deck - Ostog

Paladin Paladin Deck - Seelah

Warpriest Warpriest Deck - Oloch

Goblins Fight! Goblins Fight! Deck - Ranzak

Hunter Hunter Deck - Adowyn

Pathfinder Tales Pathfinder Tales Deck - Varian

Goblins Fight! Goblins Fight! Deck - Nok-Nok

Rogue Rogue Deck - Jirelle (Unlocked by 0-1)

Goblins Fight! Goblins Fight! Deck - Ranzak

Ultimate Equipment Ultimate Equipment Deck - Quinn

Ultimate Wilderness Ultimate Wilderness Deck - Zova

Ultimate Intrigue Ultimate Intrigue Deck - Aric/The Red Raven

Paladin Paladin Deck - Koren

Goblins Burn! Goblins Burn! Deck - Siathorn

Warpriest Warpriest Deck - Hakon

Alchemist Alchemist Deck - Fumbus

Grand Archive Brad the Kobold Bard
(0 posts)

Horizon Hunters Silverblade the Sneaky
(0 posts)
Churgri of Vapula
Vigilant Seal Rocky the Rover

Male Kobold Sorcerer 1 (0 posts)


Annoying Nitpicker
(9 posts)
Fur and Feathers
(1 post)
JohnF-1003 CD Kyra

Tier 3.3 // 2 die bumps (114 posts)
Ostog the Unslain
JohnF-1008 Ostog
(84 posts)
Goblin Pirate
JohnF-1011 Ranzak
(195 posts)
Goblin Pirate
JohnF-1016 Ranzak

Goblin Pirate Deck Handler (93 posts)
JohnF-1017 Quinn

Human Investigator Deck Handler Looking for: (Most level 6 upgrades, especially Items) (339 posts)

Goblin Alchemist Deck Handler (12 posts)
Sczarni Mister Fox
(1 post)
Mr. Rubber Ducky
(1 post)
The Real Rabbit Prince
(0 posts)
Squealy Nord
Squealy Nord
(10 posts)
Shadow Lodge Stumpy M'Kall
(4 posts)