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Well, I'm (checks watch) eight years late, but the players had a GREAT time with this. Well written, interesting encounters, and a story that the players can uncover.

My hat is off to you, Mr Greer, for giving me the MacGuffin for the end of my campaign. After this, the players are going through the last three quarters of Return to the Tomb of Horrors, and then the last bit of Ari Manell's 4th edition Tomb of Horrors.

Yep, they're going to fight Acererak three times, each more powerful than the previous iteration.

Steve Greer wrote:

Cool. Happy to hear you liked it.
The name is mine, or as much as the term "castle perilous" can be called mine. Its actually a generic term referring to the numerous prisons adrift throughout the Negative Energy Plane. You can read a bit more about them in Manual of the Planes pg. 82. The term was first used in John DeChancie's Siege Perilous, fables of King Arthur. Google "castle perilous" some time and you'll find a whole lot of references to tales of King Arthur.
So, there you go.

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Not exactly Mummy's Mask, but I'm using Southlands as a resource for my cobbled-together Egyptian campaign.

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I'm running it right now, and it doesn't seem to require much adjustment.

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John 'Deathginger' Goodrich wrote:
Hm. Well, could you cancel the entire order for me?

By which I mean Dreamhounds and the Book of Ants. The rest got here just fine, and thank you.

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Hm. Well, could you cancel the entire order for me?

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Having defeated the Guardian, they of course loot the sarcophagus. They find the body, and are surprised to see it not attack. Under his head they find the sphere, read the poem, and look at the tracks. Chenk makes a survival roll, and realizes they're elephant tracks. Didn't they just loot an elephant from the Uzrivoy? Yes they did!

One elephant statue inserted, the wall melts away, and by golly there's another body... and a prismatic sphere. Hmmmmm. Spellcraft rolls are made.

Traj returns to town and puchases a number of scrolls, and resurrects a former party member, GarGax. When they return, the sphere falls. Holding their actions, except Draj who wants to negotiate with Tzolo, their wait for her to rise. And... nothing. And for quote a long time, nothing continues to happen. And that's when they realize that she's dead, and they loot. Most impior5antly, they find Tzolo's ledger, discovering the location of the Prison of Chelychia, spouse of the Dark Undying One, a former Pharaoh of Osirion whose malign influence is drawing Aucturn closer to Golarion, and will destroy the world if it isn't stopped.

Off they go in their skyship, Uzrivoy in tow, because Draj loves boats. Really, Draj just loves cool stuff that they find.

When they return to their house in Sothis, they are greeted by a courtier. Pharaoh wishes to see them immediately. So they clean up, and go to the Palace fo the Forthbringer.

When they arrive, Pharaoh clears his audience chamber, except for a few trusted guards.

"There is a pyramid in rollers bearing down on one of my favorite oases," Pharaoh says. "I will need you to do two thngs. One, I will need you to stop this timb from crushing the Well of Stars. It's lovely and I go there to reflect. Two, I will need you to be quite abotu this. I do not wish it to be well known that former god-kings of Osirion were mad enough to build pyramids on fifty-foot rollers. So please keep this expedition quiet."

Laundry next week as Draj's player won't be here, but after that, The Rolling Tomb from Dungeon #215.

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Bellona wrote:
How does that Escalation Die work?

The Escalation Die is an idea from 13th Age. On the second round of combat, the Die comes out. Every attack, damage and save roll that round, PC or NPC, adds 1. On the third round of combat, it gets turned to 2, and so on until it reaches six.

I love it because it makes combat quicker. I don't enjoy running combat, I'd rather do the character interactions.

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Perceiving the Uzrivoy, and lusting after it, because they love boats, the crew climbs onto the boat. Drajik, wearing the necklace, grabs the wheel, and is informed what Uzrivoy is and what it can do. Assuming that it is sentient, Drajik will it to the next location "TZOLO'S TOMB" he mentally commands it, eyes closed and concentrating real hard. "TAKE US TO TZOLO!" The rest of the crew brings him down before there is some sort of debilitating brain anneurysm.

They discover the sarcophagus in the hold, and poor Majalor doesn't make it to the third round of combat. There's a bit of searching, and Drajik discovers another sarcophagus under the water. Well, they're not all that excited about it, so Atalaya opens it with her withcy goblin hair, which is hilariously about as strong as Chenk. She pickes out the wax, opens it, and... nothing. Drajik dives down to see what's what and immediately loses some ten points of constitution. Always interested in poisons of all sorts, they bottle some of it (and place it in their poition stash, which I always thought was a bad idea) for later. Drajik drinks a potion of cure poison and rolls well.

Searching the room, they discover the cour niches that accept the four stones, and the wall slides slowly down to reveal another sarcophagus.

They light the braziers and get rid of the insects, and then Chenk hammers the top of the sarcophagus (he's still snippy about having to roll strength several sarcophagi ago). He is ejected from the room by the wall of force, and Tzolo's Guardian glares at them, not breathing, not moving.

Not individuals to be stobbed, or even put off by a wall of force, they manage to dispel it. And immediately regret it.

The Guardian as as close to a TPK as I have yet come. Chenk was in the lead, and turned to stone on rounds one, three, and five, with Atalaya casting dispel magic and Marthius hitting him with dispel magic arrows. Still, he was an effective hitter, doing the majority of the damage. Drajik came in second, but was turned to stone on round three, and Marithius and Atalaya decided it was best to concentrate on keeping Chenk in the action. it looks like it's going to all go down in round six (the longest combat I have yet had in this campaign, the Escalation Die has never before gone to five).

That was a Boss Combat I liked. The players were sweating, and actually considering retreat. But they got it done, and rested, because those that had been touched in combat were pretty low on hit points.

Next week, they'll discover Tzolo's not there, and Pharaoh's favorite oasis is in danger of being crushed by a crazy pyaramid tomb on rollers.

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We started with a Saint Patrick's Day meal, and a toast to Sir Terry Pratchett.

Tzila sat up, and immediately cast anti-life shell. Which prevented Trajik from immediately attacking, but does nothing against Chenk, who has a maul. Chenk does some damage, but not enough to disrupt her. She casts Horrid Wilting, and the party abruptly knows this will be a serious fight. Chenk goes into a rage, gaining hit points, and Atalaya starts with her best heal spells. Trajik and Marithius plink away with their bows.

Chenk, unable to take her down quickly, makes his save (thanks to the escalation die) and does not take the full 160 from destruction, so he's not he's not *quite* dead, but he can see it if she gets something else heavy off in the next round.

Luckily, Marithius crits, and she's down.

They search the room, and are stunned by the gems found in the coffin. LOOK AT ALL THEM GEMS! They're going to be ever so disappointed to find out they're illusory.

On the way out, they discover the screw hole that they can screw the red tusk into, and they enter the room with the rug and the sarcophagus. They screw around with the sarcophagus, like they do. When the wall starts moving in, Traj makes a fast check of every wall other than the moving one for secret doors. Unable to find one, he does notice the trap door. So it is moved and carried that they will climb down the trapdoor, and wait for the wall to recede. The biggest problem is Chenk, who is able to hover on Atilaya'a broom. Not a bad solution.

The wall recedes, and they discover the secret door. Few!

They travel down the corridor, and there before them is the boat, the pools, and the large faces. And there we ended. It'll be two weeks before the whole band is together again, but I'm sending the Laundry team to Africa, so there'll be plenty of things to do.

Thanks for reading.

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No one has left for the guard, but for the last two weeks running, and next week as well, we won't all be able to get together, and no one wants to fight the Big Scary with the tram down one person. So we're playing Laundry Files.

We will return. Soon.

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Keep thenm together. I'll check in again if I haven't received anything in a month.

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On January 10, I ordered Dreamhounds of Paris and The Book of Ants. It's still pending. I'd like to think the books are so fabulously popular that you can't keep it in stock, but I'm a little worried because it's been over a month. Given that Dreamhounds is currently in stock, it seems likely the Book of Ants is the problem. I was hoping you could give me some sort of update, just to know the order isn't lost in the system.

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They moved from the waves of elementals to the Great Mausoleum. As expected, they started looking through everything when they all heard an odd rustling sound in the north-east corner of the room. Weapons out, arms ready, and they are not dissappointed. A veritable army of the dead rise, dusty fingers clutching, dessicated arms reaching! They attack, and have no impact. Chenk wonders if they are illusory, and passes the test. The rest of the party doesn't!

Luckily, on the second save, the rest of the party passes and are not pulled apart and dragged down to the Duat. They watch the show, and eventually find the secret door that allows them to pass to the next room.

They see the pool, the mud pits, and find the ladle. Well, they can read, and they make the connection. They pour water on the central mud pit. They fight the golem. They pour water on the westernmost pit. They fight the golem. They're ready for the one on the westernmost golem, and as soon as it appears, they attack. Rolling lowest on initiative, it doesn't get a chance to do anything before they kill it.

Marithius, for reasons no one else in the party can figure out, pours water on the center mud pool again, summoning the pig-headed golem. Then they all remember the poems they got, and proceed to read them and talk about them, leaving Chenk to deal with the golem. He does, and when he is done, Marithius gets a smack from Chenk's hammer. They again summon the hippo-headed golem, and don't attack it this time. It opens the door.

They move on to the Chamber of the Colossus, and are suitibly impressed with the elephant-headed statue. They remove the red tusk, then find the clue in the head of the tiger statue. They discover the keys in the elephant's stomach, and press the proper sequence, and open the trap door. Then they decide to take off the other tusk. And beat a rapid retreat into the passage they have discovered, red tusk in tow, ahead of the cloudkill.

And so they come to the chamber of Tzila. Trajik knows better than to touch the statues, but Chenk doesn't. He acquires the curse, but Atalaya removes it. Then, it's time for the sarcophagus. And they have never seen a sarcophagus they haven't wanted to open. Chenk takes a bit of time with the DC 30 strength check, but he eventually does so. He and Marithius catch the symbol of pain, Trajik hides, and the inhabitant of the sarcophagus stands up and tells that that the enemies of Tzolo are going to die.

Combat starts next session.

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Literally the same text in a different font. Because that's easy to do.

Yoink away.

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Bellona wrote:

Fun reading - I'm saving this module for one of my groups when it's a good fit level- and story-wise.

Your version of the clues looks good! Do you plan to do all the clues like that?

It is a wonderful adventure. Very creative, as well as being thematically cohesive.

I've already put together the first set of handouts and the third. I usually work up a set for any of the adventures with riddle handouts. There's a lot in Crypt of the Devil Lich, for example.

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A slow re-introduction after close to a year away. Everyone had to remember what their characters could do, what they were built to do.

But they moved into the cells, opening every one until they found the one without a back. Down they went. Wall of force? Chenk took a looooong time to knock it down. After they did som they discovered the odd glass wall, and, because they're adventurers, smashed it. Oh the water. With some effort they found the drain plug, and pulled it.

They were of course wary of the mummified remaina on the altar surrounded by water. But they water couldn't hurt them, right? Chenk stepped in the water surrounding Calistus' body, and there were abruptly four water elementals. Fighting happened, and then they went to investigate the body. Just about as they pulled the coins off Calistus's eyes, the water elementals started to reappear. Chenk and Marithius engaged, and Ataoaya and Trajik grabbed the tbe, disarmed the trap, and got the clue. Reading the clue, and briefly free of water elementals, Marithius tried to run a lap around the pool, but ran into water elementals along the way. Ducking and weaving, he was irritated that he could not find the portal promised in the poem. Exeunt all, west, towards the Great Mausoleum.

If anyone is interested in my versions of the poems (I love noodling with fonts and a little graphic design), I've got a sheeet of clues 4 through 8 here.

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Tomorrow, Team Sutekh gets back in the saddle after a year, assuming none of the players are completely buried under the snow. Going through my campaign notes, I remembered this thread.

Inspired by Smarnil le couard, I picked up some Dungeon magazines for 4th edition. Before they go to Crypt of the Devil Lich, they will be encountering The Rolling Tomb from Dungeon #215. 4th ed, but easily convertable. Because who doesn't love a gigantic pyramid on wheels? I'll probably replace the dragon mastermind with the Colossus Sphinx from Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, because a friend painted the most gorgeous Warhammer Necrosphinx for me, and it would be a shame not to use it.

Now, do I remember how the system works?

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Smarnil le couard wrote:

Welcome back !

And thanks for the impressive list of dungeon crawls.

It seems you didn't pick a lot of Dungeon magazine ones. Of course, there are conversion issues, but I remember some of them which could be of interest (one where the traps were all made from common magical items used in devious ways, etc.). I will pick up my old lists and get back with some names later, just FYI.

I read tomb-related dungeon crawls for fun. A fair amount of this list is me picking adventures out of my library. I never knew what was going to be in a Dungeon magazine, so, with the exception of Mud Sorcerer's Tomb, I never bothered to pick them up.

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Smarnil le couard wrote:

Yoho, anybody's home ?

Guess Real Life (tm) got in the way... Best wishes,

It did. One of the players injured herself, and another went off to Basic Training. We are planning on picking the campaign up again in November. Until then, we re playing Cubicle 7's Laundry Files, which has made for a nice change of pace, and allows the players to drop in and out of the campaign more than a dungeon crawl based game does.

In answer to your question, the previous adventures have been (mostly in order):

Hive of Villany: Dungeon Crawl Classics 29
Malice of the Medeusa: Dungeon Crawl Classics 45
Pharaoh: I3, 1st ed
The Rebel's Ransom: Pathfinder Society 02-03
Tomb of the Blind God: Dungeon Crawl Classics C9
The Scorpion Queen: In Search of Adventure, Goodman Games
Imprisoned with the Pharaohs: J1 Paizo
The Pact Stone Pyramid: J3 Paizo
Wrath of the Accursed: Pathfinder Society 2-20
The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb: Pathfinder Society 3-12
Caves of the Crawling Lord Dungeon Crawl Classics 37
Tomb of Horrors: (3rd ed version)
Dread Crypt of Srihoz: Dungeon Crawl Classics 25
Lost Tomb of Kruk-Ma-Kali: Kingdoms of Kalamar
The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb: Dungeon Magazine

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So. Chenk has hammered down the door, and they investigate the room off the side of the long hall with pllars. They open the chest and go through it. They link the tools and the book to the automoton. Drajik wants Chenk to just drag the automoton around the dungeon with them, but Chenk vetoes this.

After a little bit of map-viewing, they discover that there are two places they have not gone: the two corridors that go to the North. One with stairs in the North West, and the other off the double-pool room. They're about to head down the stairs when something blows up Drajik's shorts, and he decides that they want to go to the room.

Unusually, Chenk decides he's going first. Usually it's Drajik, who has all the trap sense. Chenk steps into the northernomst room, there's a clunk and a whirr, and the party is treated to the gory display of Chenk being chopped up by blades.

The party's faces fall. Drajik goes to pick a chunk of Chenk, and there's that clunk and whirr again, and there's suddenly little bits of Kobold all over the floor.

And they buy it. There's unhappy noises and Atalaya decides to try to get some chunks of former PC with a ten foot pole, but she's either being very clumsy, or the pieces aren't there (I'm not one to torture my players for more than a minute). Despite this, Marithius and Atalaya are very much not interested in going into the room. The blades might hurt. So they break the cardinal rule and head down the stairs to the northwest see if there's a less apparently-painful way to get to where Chenk and Drajik are. If the're anywhere.

Chenk and Drajik mave meanwhile discovered Ulzadaa. Chenk manages a round-one 90-point crit, and that's the end of her unhappy existence. There's a little bit of picking through her stuff (Drajik won't throw out anything, and even kept her rags), when Marithius and Atalaya come up from the South. Everyone's happy that nobody's dead.

They find the secret door to the wes, and rather than continue to the room of doors ("I smell a prison!") they go take a look at the room with the sarcophagus. They love sarcophagi.

Drajik discovers the trap, and disarms as much as he can. And then they approach the sarcophagus.

I suppose I could have ruled that the illusion was disarmed, but this seemes like a moment for some Evil GM Fun. They open the sarcophagus, and Chenk reaches in to mess with the dessicated body.

The illusion grabs him. He tries to pull away, and cannot. The head of the mummy comes up, the eyes glow, and it begins to chant something magical.

The party then pours everything they can into the illusion. Chenk swings one-handed, Atalaya casts, Drajik slashes, and Marithius fires arrows.

On round two, Marithius rolls a one, so he rerolls to see if he has hit Chenk. And a 20 comes up. The crit is confirmed, and results in about 50 points of damage to Chenk. Meanwhile, an icy blue mist is coming out of the mummy's mouth as it chants terrible, and presumably magical words, and the light in its eyes is changing from green to red. It hasn't actually done any damage or attacked yet, but the party continues to pour whatever it can into the sarcophagus.

Four rounds later, Drajik's player notices that the Escalation Die is not out. Wondering if they have harmed the mummy at all, Drajik sleight-of-hands a Swan Boat Feather Token into the mouth, and then activates it.

The party is knocked back, and the illusin wrecked. They pick themselves up, and Chenk's got blood in his eyes. Marithius uses vanish, and we end the session with a little bit of party conflict. I suspect we'll start the next session with some, too.

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Smarnil le couard wrote:

Oh, goody !

I loved Mud Sorcerer's tomb at first read, so please make my coming days and write on.

** spoiler omitted **

The Nine Evil Objects are from Gary Gygax's Necropolis, which will be the climax of the campaign (after they hit the Crypt of the Devil Lich). I don't think I'll actually be using them, but we'll have to see what happens.

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The Session Where A Lot of Saving Throws Were Made

We took a week off because one of us was sick. And then got back into it last night.

They looted the various bodies in the Room of Coffins, and have recovered the stones with the four Mud Sorcerer's Glyphs on them, and unwrapped one of the mummies and found the Hint.

They also expressed an appreciation for the short riddles and hinmts they've been given. After the Tomb of Horrors and a few other adventures that give a whole poem, but these bite-sized hitns seem more their speed. We'll see if they can apply them at the appropriate times.

They proceeded down to see the face to the East. On detecting the flow of air, they found the trap in the left ear and disabled it--and never checked the right ear.

So they came to the room with the pillar. They don't trust empty rooms so the majority of the party stayed out while Drajik checked for traps and hints and riddles. He found the keyhole, carefully disarmed the lock, and picked it. And was a bit surprised by the explosion, but forgot the pain as soon as she saw the pillar contaned a sarcophagus. They love openning sarcophogi, and this isn't the first one to have a painting on it. Kind of prepared for another mummy, they opened it, and took the pendant. They haven't tried it on yet.

From there, they moved on to the hallway of pillars. They looked West and they looked East, and the rug that radiated necromancy caught their attention first. And then Drajik, as the usual point man, touched it. And vanished. Some hasty debate was made, and magic applied, and Drai was hauled out of the carpet.

Undaunted, Drajik looked at the altar. And after pocketing the candelabra and candles, picked up the onyx box. Traps disarmed, he opened it and listened to the snake. The first answer was that it was there to answer questions. The second answer was that Tzolo's resting place was directly South of them. The third answer was that they would have to collect Nine Evil Objects in order to defeat or control Aucturn themselves. And then it bit him. And a saving throw was made.

Marithius, hearing Drajik repeat that Tzolo's resting place is to the South, searched for secret doors on the South wall... and finds one. He's only a little put out when the passage curves around East, then North, then West. But they follow the passage.

In the room with the two pools, several of them took the moment to examine the fist, including Chenk, who wanted to catch one. All saved were made, and Chenk was quite dissappointed to find that the fish were illusiary. Atalaya pulled the coins out of the Western pool, and was rewarded with the copper key.

They located the secret door in the Western face, and found the hallway beyond. the discovered the secret door to the south, and were more intrigued by the multi-columned hall where they had lost their jade mantis. They were cautious, not actually going into the hall, remembering having some trouble with a coluned hall in the Tomb of Horrors. But eventually one or two are brave enough to

Sensins an opportunity, Ctenixil drops a Wall of Force over the door, isolating Atalaya in the room. Ctenixil rolls badly on initiative, and Atalaya manages to drop the Wall of Force in the first round. Although the naga gets some licks in, Chenk wrecks spell casters.

Dissappointed by the lack of treasure on the naga, they move down to a door they didn't previously pay attention to, 10C. Although it's arcane locked, Chenk doesn't have a lot of difficulty hammering it down.

And there they stand until next week. They're having fun, so thank you for an interesting and complex adventure.

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Mike Shel wrote:
John Goodrich wrote:
Mike Shel wrote:
John Goodrich wrote:
I'm just completing a year-long Osirion-themed campaign, and *now* thos comes out. My timing is awesome. They're currently in the Mud Socerer's Tomb...

Do tell...

; )

When we get somewhere, I promise to tell you as much about it as you please.

Thanks for the awesome adventure. I was referred to it specifically, when I was asking for very good toms and crypt adventures. having read it a time or two, I can see why. I enjoy the style, and it's nicely adaptable to Pathfinder and Osirion.

You're welcome, and thanks! I'd love to hear as much about your sessions as you'd like to tell.

And speaking of tomb adventures...

Looks excellent. I have preordered.

Here's my thread on the Mud Sorcerer's Tomb. Enjoy.

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Mike Shel said that he'd be interested in reading a journal of someone in his adventure. I like the adventure a great deal, and he seems like an excellent chap, so I'm obliging.

Apologies, I've never done one of these before. If there's something the reader want, or you're interested in specifically, let me know and I'll try to accomodate you.

The characters:

Drajik: a trapmaster Kobold. Hyperactive, inquisitive, and socially inept, Drajik is nevertheless the mouthpiece of the group.

Chenk: a Vrox barbarian. Six arms, twelve feet of stonefaced, undead-and magic-smashing irritation.

Atalaya: A former human witch who was transformed in a goblin last adventure, and seems to enjoy the benefits of her new size. Atalaya is mostly support, although she does lob the occasional fireball.

Marithius: a half-elf bard /ranger. Charismatic and good-looking, he tends to stand more in the background of the group and fire arrows. Unless the encounter is with something female and shapely, in which case he's first in line.

The campaign: Team Sutekh

Set entirely in Osirion, although it’s a little different from standard Osirion (although I see the coming Adventure Path includes the old gods. I’m pleased about this). The temples to the old gods sponsor teams, usually condemned criminals, to do their dirty work. This team works for the Temple of Sutekh (Set), more in his incarnation as the Lord of Storms and Pharaoh’s military might than as the Robert Howard style God of Evil and Snakes.

I also play without alignment. If anyone’s interested in why or how that works, I’ll discuss it and my reasons for doing so later.

The party has been tasked with finding the architect who created the tomb of the Dark Undying One, a monstrous long-dead pharaoh who has recently awoken and is luring the planet Aucturn closer to Golarion. If they do not stop him, well, the impact of Aucturn will destroy all of Golarion. The architect is Tzolo, and thus they have come to the Tomb of the Mud Sorcerer (from Dungeon #138).

This thread assumes that you know something about the Tomb of the Mud Sorcerer, and will contain spoilers.

At first, the party was a little stymied by the door puzzle. They took some interesting tactics, and ultimately, Marithius put his hand on the ELOMCWE, since he’s the character the party considers the most foolish. On realizing that the individual letters could be depressed, he figured out that the letters can spell out ‘welcome.’ And so, they got in.

They were confronted with the long hall with three pools. Being experienced tomb raiders, Atalaya immediately levitated the bones out of the pools, so that Chenk can smash them all into talcum powder without getting wet. I can’t say I blamed them. They’ve had some bad experiences with bones.

Now, everybody in the party knows that Trajik is, with good reason, very confident in his ability to discover traps, but also that he can’t resist fiddling with anything that doesn’t turn out to be a trap. Once Chenk was done mashing the bones, they party approached the large bell at the other end of the hall. Rather than wait for Trajik to do something stupid, Chenk smashed one of the wooden support beams. Luckily, the bell rang when it struck the ground (and bounced), and the water drained out of the pool. One Search check later, and the black key is levitated into the waiting hands of Atalaya.

From there, they walked into the chamber of the Crying Eyes. Trajik didn’t have any acid-resistant gloves, so he was forced to search the walls with an ever-shortening stick, thus a -5 to search checks. So it took him little time, but he did locate the secret door leading to the chamber of alcoves.

When I set up the party, they knew they were going to be raiding tombs. They have a lot of undead-bane gear, as well as golem-bane and adamantium equipment. And they've been in Osirion for some time, so they recognized the statues in the three corners of the room as Bastet, Anubis, and Ra. Chenk likes to do things to statues, so he turned the central statue with the protruding arm, and discovered that it allowed him to open the door the statue is pointing at.

In the dirt-floored room they found the coffin, and the note. Atalaya’s player tends to keep the various handouts from the campaign, and she’s got quite the portfolio at this point. Nobosy was really small enough to get up the western Wall Face’s nose, so they sent a magical mantis they got from a pyramid several adventures ago, and scried on it. I’d forgotten what spells do not work in Tzolo’s tomb. But I’ve got a week to figure out how to fix it. The scrying came to an abrupt halt as a mysterious something in the pillared hall smashed the jade mantis. Trajik is sad because he liked his jade scorpion.

With nowhere else left, they went North. Knowing what coffins contain, they were about ready to leave the mummies alone, but when I mentioned they the gems they mummies held looked like they were worth 10,000 gold, they took up fighting positions, and picked them up. Two rounds of combat later (I use the 13th Age Escalation Die to speed combat), they had smashed a pair of hill giant mummies. Chenk, as their largest target, was impressed with their hitting power.

And that’s where session one ended. More to come!

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Mike Shel wrote:
John Goodrich wrote:
I'm just completing a year-long Osirion-themed campaign, and *now* thos comes out. My timing is awesome. They're currently in the Mud Socerer's Tomb...

Do tell...

; )

When we get somewhere, I promise to tell you as much about it as you please.

Thanks for the awesome adventure. I was referred to it specifically, when I was asking for very good toms and crypt adventures. having read it a time or two, I can see why. I enjoy the style, and it's nicely adaptable to Pathfinder and Osirion.

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Mikaze wrote:

It kind of finally sold out on the Paizo store, but if you can find a copy of Hamunaptra anywhere I wholeheartedly recommend it. It was made for 3.5 and is easy to carry over to PF. It has a LOT of material to further flesh out Osirion for your games, such as Egyptian-themed takes on most of the core races(along with a new "noble gnoll"/Anubis-like race).

It's probably the best Ancient Egypt-themed game resource out there.

(want an Osirion AP oh so much)

And then we got one!

I really enjoyed Hamunaptra, thank you for suggesting it. A bit different from the standard Osirion, but the Great Sphinxes were a blast to play around with.

Now if we could convince Wizards to re-release Desert of Desolation.

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I'm just completing a year-long Osirion-themed campaign, and *now* thos comes out. My timing is awesome. They're currently in the Mud Socerer's Tomb, and will be ending with Gygax's Nercropolis. Overall, it's been fun, and my Osirion is a bit different from the Osirion that's coming together in Mummy's Mask.

Still, it'll be great to have a full adventure path (oh, and three Pathfinder Society Scenarios set in Osirion just came up!). The adventure paths fill out the background of Golarion nicely, and I'm really looking forward to the art.

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Love the Osirion location. I've long wanted to put an extended campaign in an Egyptian setting, and now I've got a good place to start from.

So, what other adventures/sourcebooks are Egyptian style? Necromancer Games' Necropolis, I-6 Pyramid, certainly. Entombed with the Pharaohs and Pact Stone Pyramid yes, but what else? Any edition, any game system, what adventures happen in the desert, in the shadow of a pyramid?

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MAS-tur. It's fairly easy to pronounce.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Trust me. We'd love to do a hardcover Age of Worms. But the simple fact is that we cant until Wizards of the Coast approves the project. Which, at this point, they have not. Once it's approved, it'll take close to a year to get it out on shelves (we might be able to pull it of in 9 months... MAYBE).

I suppose this is a silly question, but is there anything that we, the people who REALLY want to see the Age of Worms hardcover, can do to nudge Wizards?

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I ran a successful and popular CoC campaign for four years. Nobody's character survived from beginning to end.

the key was not seeing a PC death as a defeat. My players laughed PC deaths off, and the 'older' PCs would often engage in tale-telling matches in which they tried to gross-out later PCs (and players) with gruesome death stories.

It's all a matter of approach.

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Goth Guru wrote:
Death Catapillars are too big unless there is another Giants line.

I now want to buy this book more than ever.

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Personally, I would love to buy this adventure path as a book. And I generally don't buy either Dungeon or Dragon.