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Weird, brilliant, fun Laundry adventures


Laundry adventures (Black Bag Jobs, for example) have been consistently good, but Unconventional Diplomacy sets the bar even higher. What sets these adventures on par with some of the best Delta Green episodes is the weird, brilliant ideas that the adventures are based on. HPL back from the dead? Magical goings-on at Burning Man? Babysitting two older agents who probably don't have anythng classified to say but you should record them just in case, and the subsequent can of worms this opens? The Laundry is building a very solid library of adventures that I am pleased to read, and my players are enjoying playing through.

Keep up the excellent work, Cubicle 7!

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Really, a joy to play


There's a lot of plot in this adventure. Not just fighting, but intrigue, interesting traps, and a clear sense of what happened. the clues to the traps are subtle, but can be figured out by clever players. Great use of play aids, and a well-balanced adventure that my players loved.