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So in-between sessions, I've been providing my players with the short spooky stories on the insides of the AP covers. Lately they were making fun of the Vampire Pumpkins story (module 3) saying Paizo can't just combine a spooky word with something else like "zombie scooter" and pretend it's real.

So I wrote a Zombie Scooter story:

Andre Roy wrote:
It's out now!!! ;)


GM Lamplighter wrote:
If you're going to play this, DON'T read it first. I've played in games where I had read or run things beforehand, and you can keep things separate in most cases - but not this one. Don't ruin it for yourself.

Yeah that's a given, it's not good to ruin the surprises an AP can have. I never read any modules until after I finish playing in them.

Anyone finish their level 1 character (sans campaign trait) for Strange Aeons yet? If so, post and share them here

Kenji Sakurai, kitsune slayer (pureblade)


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Captain Battletoad wrote:
If the player's guide isn't out by the end of the day today, then my PCs in SA will all receive 2 sanity damage each per day that it gets delayed. Your move, Paizo.

>is playing in Battletoad's group

We haven't even started the game, and I already have 2 madnesses. ADAM DAIGLE, HELP

Adam Daigle wrote:
So, since I'm finishing this and getting it into the production cycle soon... aside from advice on how to play an evil character and be cohesive as a group and the usual character creation advice and setting background that we normally include in Adventure Path Player's Guides, what else do y'all think this guide needs? What's one thing that you'd expect to see in this one?

Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, a small section on Black Hat Necromancy (creating and controlling new undead) would be good. Such a thing would be a red flag in most other adventure paths, so I'm sure quite a few people are excited to play that kind of character in this campaign.

Also something about black market items, which the PCs in this case would be much more open to using here.

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you're my hero, James

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There was a blog post some months ago that detailed features of The Hellfire Compact. In that post, we were promised statblocks for puppies.


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Page 149—In the mask of stony demeanor spell, change
“Price 500 gp” to “Price 8,000 gp” and “Cost 250 gp” to
“Cost 4,000 gp”

RIP most broken item