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I had a blast


I recently played through this module and had a blast because:

1. The setting, locations, and NPCs were evocative and drew me in. (Kudos to my gm, too, on that count.)
2. The harrow cards were incorporated nicely, and were a fun, engaging element at the table.
3. The encounters were creative and immersive, and they allowed for some good roleplaying and non-combat solutions.

Well done!

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I'm very satisfied with the quality of this product. It delivers just what it promises—foes for fledgling heroes—and goes beyond that in the degree to which each NPC is interesting and engaging.

Every one of the 12 unique villains it contains includes a well-written and creative background—the characters really come to life. Each NPC includes a goal and plot section, which makes it easy to drop any one of them into your campaign with minimal effort. And, since they each include a tactics section, they're easy to run once combat starts, too.

The background profile in soft blue on the cover is very attractive, and the style of the interior art is great. Those of you that favor an old-school style will particularly like the character drawings.

The layout is slick, and understated, and nothing jumps out me as difficult to find or read (the NPCs appear in the order of their CR). One benefit of the slick layout is that each page looks good when printed—without consuming a lot of ink.

The attention to detail is quite good throughout. After reading through the whole PDF, I only noticed only one minor error in a statblock (an omitted line entry), and that's not enough for it to lose a star.

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Easy to Run and Fun


I recently ran this for a group of 4 players (LVL 1, lower tier), and found it easy to run. It was only my second time running a PFS scenario, and I had no issues or troubles as a gm. Having the creatures in the back of the scenario is a nice touch. The players seemed to be engaged by the plot and setting, and I heard no complaints.

I knocked one star off the rating for a couple reasons:

1) There were some typos here and there, and one of the monsters was missing from the back pages, but the experience wasn't really harmed by that too much.

2) For my own taste (even though I was gm'ing, not playing), the encounters were a little too easy.