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Hubaris wrote:

Kobold Press had that IIRC in New Paths Compendium Third Party

Basically Improved Trip / Disarm / Sunder / Two-Weapon Fighting / ETC became the Greater ones for Free when you hit the prerequisites.

That's exactly what I was thinking of! Thank you very much, I'm glad I'm not crazy. :)

Have you ever remembered something you read in one of the books and thought, "Hey, where the hell did I read that?" Then you go rifling through book after book, not finding what you half-remembered until you start to think perhaps you made the whole thing up? That's what I'm going through right now with Feat Chains. I could swear there were alternate rules somewhere giving the option of certain feats improving along with the character, like Power Attack advancing to Improved Power Attack without having to take on a new feat. Does anyone know what book that was in, or am I indeed making things up in my head?

Blue_Drake wrote:

My only complaint with Paizo is the quality. I love the content, I love the Pathfinder system and I really love the friendly nature of the company. However, I think the quality of the books is not up to par with other RPG books I've bought in the past.

I don't feel that, as the consumer, I should be responsible for re-gluing or rebinding the books. I own a copy of all the hard covers up to the present, but I have stayed away from the soft covers because of quality concerns.

It is nice that you can buy the pdfs online, but I really like a hard copy I can thumb through, and printing it myself is not a cost-effective option by the time you figure in the cost of printing supplies as well as the time and effort to print and bind it, it simply isn't worth it, in my opinion.

Please raise the quality of the binding materials/adhesive being used. I would love to spend more money on Paizo goodies, but for now I am reluctant to do so. Making it right with a replacement after the fact is decent, but it would be far better to get it right the first time.

I can't say it any better than this. I do buy the soft covers, and every single one of them I've bought over the past year fall to pieces almost immediately. Love the content, but Paizo can do better. This was never a problem with the early adventure paths. What happened?

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One of my players wanted me to pass on to Richard Pett her admiration for his creativity when it comes to treasure:

"Richard Pett’s adventures have always been very fun and scary and exciting, but the most enjoyable part for me is the vivid and creative descriptions of pieces of treasure that we find. Some of my favorites include:

-A rhinoceros horn drinking vessel depicting herons in flight (Jade Regent)
-An iron bracelet with silver filigree work depicting a moon eating an owl (Carrion Crown)
-A huge gilt-edge tureen depicting a dragon turtle set with a trio of diamonds (Shattered Star)
-A silver alter set with lotus flower decorations in a leather traveling case consisting of a candle stand, flower vase, and incense burner each depicting a crane standing on a turtle’s back (Jade Regent)
-Mummified hands with needles thrust through them which are actually fancy hatpins ending in tiny rubies (Carrion Crown)
-A magnificent mithral tray depicting a murder of crows around a dead tree featuring tiny little flakes of jet for the crow’s eyes (Shattered Star)

And so many instances of treasures inside treasures like;

-A glass jar containing a two-headed owlbear fetus that clutches a stone of good luck in one beak and a stone of weight in the other (Shattered Star)
-A small cork box containing a rolled-up scroll of heal tucked into a ring of protection +4 that doesn’t work for evil creatures and turns their finger a nasty shade of green (Shattered Star)

These treasures are so much fun that my PCs often end up keeping them rather than selling them. Who wouldn’t want to drink out of a massive silver tankard etched with rams attacking stirges?

Thank you for making our gaming more fun, Richard Pett!"

There you have it. I can't wait for his chapter of The Mummy's Mask and all of the amazing Egyptian-esque treasures he'll come up with.

The Beta has been wonderful and we're looking forward to purchasing the hardcover. This is the game we've been wanting to play. Thanks so much for all the terrific Pathfinder material.

Harker Wade wrote:

I know it doesn't start till August but will the Pathfinder series ship on the same date (ie. the 16th of every month) each month and will we then all be charged on the same day each month? This may seem silly but I get paid twice a month and set date for the billing really helps, I'm just worried that it'll fall right before a payday. And those last few days between paydays are always tight...

Harker and I live in the same world it seems. If I can't count on a specific billing date each month a 'surprise' $18 coming out of my account could get me into some trouble. There's nothing like the feeling of handing over the old debit card at the register and being told it's been declined. If I can plan in advance I can avoid that lovely sinking feeling. And yeah, sometimes some of us do live that close to the edge money-wise. Welcome to the service economy.

"It's also going to contain a lot more content than a single issue of Dungeon."

Dungeon carries three adventures per issue. As glad as I am that there's going to be another adventure path starting as soon as Savage Tide ends, is Rise of the Runelords the ONLY adventure Pathfinder is going to offer? Is more content going to translate into more adventures? If not, it's going to be hard to justify spending twice the amount for a third of the actual content I've come to count on.

I also can't help but wonder if Paizo will compile Pathfinder adventure paths after the fact in the same way they did with Shackled City. If they do, where's the benefit of spending a couple of hundred over the course of a year if I can wait and buy the main draw for sixty?

I'm not a Dragon reader, but Dungeon has been the best resource for my game I could have ever asked for. Will Pathfinder give me twice the adventure content, or will it only be one adventure with twice the baggage?