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One of my players wanted me to pass on to Richard Pett her admiration for his creativity when it comes to treasure:

"Richard Pett’s adventures have always been very fun and scary and exciting, but the most enjoyable part for me is the vivid and creative descriptions of pieces of treasure that we find. Some of my favorites include:

-A rhinoceros horn drinking vessel depicting herons in flight (Jade Regent)
-An iron bracelet with silver filigree work depicting a moon eating an owl (Carrion Crown)
-A huge gilt-edge tureen depicting a dragon turtle set with a trio of diamonds (Shattered Star)
-A silver alter set with lotus flower decorations in a leather traveling case consisting of a candle stand, flower vase, and incense burner each depicting a crane standing on a turtle’s back (Jade Regent)
-Mummified hands with needles thrust through them which are actually fancy hatpins ending in tiny rubies (Carrion Crown)
-A magnificent mithral tray depicting a murder of crows around a dead tree featuring tiny little flakes of jet for the crow’s eyes (Shattered Star)

And so many instances of treasures inside treasures like;

-A glass jar containing a two-headed owlbear fetus that clutches a stone of good luck in one beak and a stone of weight in the other (Shattered Star)
-A small cork box containing a rolled-up scroll of heal tucked into a ring of protection +4 that doesn’t work for evil creatures and turns their finger a nasty shade of green (Shattered Star)

These treasures are so much fun that my PCs often end up keeping them rather than selling them. Who wouldn’t want to drink out of a massive silver tankard etched with rams attacking stirges?

Thank you for making our gaming more fun, Richard Pett!"

There you have it. I can't wait for his chapter of The Mummy's Mask and all of the amazing Egyptian-esque treasures he'll come up with.