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Druid- Swarm Monger druid: I have enjoyed this immensely, though at the same time its breakable with a little effort. But I love the alternate take on the druid, and insects has generally been a neglected focus.

Rogue- Eldrich Scoundrel: simply love adding magic to the class. It opens up SO MUCH, though I wish they would have been able to continue wearing armor.

Cleric- Cloistered Cleric. Everyone wants a cleric that is less "beatstick" and actually has some skills, but the sacrifice for gaining it was too much in its current incarnation. Would love to see it in an improved version.

Paladin-Grey Paladin: Another thematic idea gone poor mechanically. Love the idea of a less strict/morally grey paladin ( the code causes SO many issues, and is a leftover balance point from 2e, that is more hindrance than balance now)

Bard-Archeologist: This biggest draw of this archetype is its efficiency. Since you can only have one song, you generally only NEED one song, but you are given more than you ever use. THis archetype fit flavor and fluff to mechanics, providing a single all around useful benefit to yourself. Would like to see it have later improvements where it provides a smaller benefit to the group, though.

I love the concept of this archetype. Im just tring to up its damage potential. I discovered VMC Magus! This seems to synergize exceptionally well with the archetype. Maybe even add in vital strike at later levels. Which Arcana (other than Broad Study, which is a must) would you recommend?

Right now I am running a Tiefling Inquisitor of Calistria with the Heresy Inquisition, and I took the traits Student of Philosophy to add Diplomacy to key off INT, and Trap Finder to be the disarmer. This is for a pathfinder update of Savage Tides ( Conversion does a similar thing, but I prefer the Heresy abilities )

Can anyone think of some interesting and viable combat builds (skills are not an issue with a 6+INT class that is an INT caster).

My first level feat was Wasp Familiar, just because I REALLY like having a familiar at my disposal. Especially on a highly skilled character.

I didnt check it until AFTER. Didnt even go and find the PDF until after. He still insists its what is written in the book. And yes, metagaming in the sense of knowing what we should or should not be facing.

So, unless a developer can chime in and say "yes, early printings had this in them" or such and such, I can safely assume the general consensus is "He made that up and is trying to kill you"

Its not metagaming. Its the fact that it was still standing after it had been dealt an obscene amount of damage, and was killing me, and the GM insisted that it was a CR 8 in the book and that he was running it as the book says its to be run.. an 8th level ungol pa isnt the issue.. a 200 hp regenerating creature with DR thats impossible to overcome ( its normally immune to piercing and bludgeoning, but he said it also had DR against slashing ) seems a BIT out of line to take on , much less at the same time as a 8th level wizard. Ive GM'ed many years, and hearing "over 200 HP and regeneration" SCREAMS that something is not right when its 4 6th level players... underwater..

We just finished this book, and Im having some suspicions that I would like some information about ( seeing as we play over roll20, I cant verify myself ).

Background: We quit playing Giantslayer due to massive player deaths, over and over again. SO we started Hell's Rebels..

After we finished the book, I went back and looked, and some of the things the GM said the HARDCOPY lists are not in the pdf. Particularly in this book is the GLobster. My GM states the hardcopy book states it has over 200hp, regeneration, DR to slashing, etc.. and the pdf states HP is closer to 70 hp with none of those massive things. (Also he says the book lists ungol-pa as 8th level, and his wand of lightning bolt as being a CL 8)

THe same thing in giantslayer with a few key encounters (the cursed dwarf , the advanced Riftdrakes, the Barbarian giant in book 3, the blind oracle at the end of book 3 - all had abilities NOT listed in the PDF that my GM states are listed in the books.

Are the hardcopy books different than the pdf, or is my GM just deliberately increasing the encounter difficulty and killing us off?