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30 posts. Alias of Meetch.

Full Name

Jessica Archer






5'6" 110 pounds


Early 30s

About Jessica Archer_

Age - 30
110 lbs.
Description: Above average height, slim with blonde flowing hair and green eyes, Jessica is conventionally attractive but not exceptionally so. She's particular about her appearance, usually well dressed in an expensive skirt suit, high heels with a designer hand bag and natural but practical makeup.

Nature: Director
Demeanour: Judge

Attributes: 7 – 5 – 3

Physical (3): Strength 1 - Dexterity 4 - Stamina 2

Social (7) Charisma 3 - Manipulation 4 - Appearance 3

Mental (5) Perception 2 - Intelligence 3 - Wits 4

Abilities: 11 – 7 – 4

Talents (13) - Athletics 1, Empathy 3, Expression 3, Intimidation 4, Leadership 5, Subterfuge 5

Skills (5) - Drive 1, Etiquette 1, Firearms 1, Performance 2

Knowledge (7) - Academics 1, Computer 1, Finance 1, Politics 2, Law 3, Occult 1

Backgrounds: 5

Resources 4, Contacts 2, Influence 2

Virtues: 7

Conscience 3
Self Control 4
Courage 4

Willpower: 7 (Equal to Courage)
Humanity: 6 (Equal to Conscience + Self-Control)

Clan Disciplines: Dominate 3, Fortitude 1, Presence 0

Starting Freebies: 15 + up to 7 in flaws

Merits: Enchanting Voice (2), Eidetic Memory (2)
Flaws: Addiction (Cocaine 3), Phobia (Heights 2), Short Fuse (2)

Freebies (21) (1 dot in Dexterity and Wits = 10)
3 = 3 Willpower, 1 Self Control =2, 3 Intimidate = 6

Embrace Freebies 15: 1 dot in manipulation=5, 2 dots in leadship, 2 dots in Subterfuge, 1 dot in Intimidation=10)

Freebie Point Costs

Attribute – 5 per dot
Ability – 2 per dot
Secondary Ability – 1 per dot
Background – 1 per dot
Virtue – 2 per dot
Humanity – 2 per dot
Willpower – 1 per dot


Jessica grew up in Austin. Her dad worked in the Oil and Gas industry and her mom was a home maker. She had a happy childhood, did well in school, was well liked and popular. An absolutely vanilla white American dream. Daddy's little girl, he spent most of his free time with her. He taught her how to shoot, to drive and she did all she could to earn his praise and approval.

As a teenager her near obsessive need for order became more pronounced. Rarely satisfied, she always wanted more, she used her intelligence to get what she wanted but never shied away from leaning on her looks and charm to get her way. When someone didn't fall for those she didn't hesitate to play dirty. She played the part of the cheerleader not because she enjoyed it but because of the access it gave her. Where she truly shined was debate.

After high school she went to college, graduating as a lawyer and passing the Texas bar she went to work for a law firm. The Obama era policies hit the oil and gas industry with the push for renewable energy and her dad eventually lost his job. Like most American families with little in savings and a mortgage and other payments, things looked bleak for her family. Unable to see her father's plight she switched jobs, becoming a lobbyist for the Oil and Gas industry.