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Introduce your characters here when you’re ready!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sleepy Hollow

Intrepid monster hunters tackling a new baddie each week. That’s the tone of this PbtA monster mash by Evil Hat Games.

Playbooks and reference.

Looking for 4-5 players, posting at least five times per week. Two slots are already taken, the rest are first come first serve.

Post if you’re interested and list your top three playbooks in order of preference.

I’ll close recruitment on Friday morning or when we have five players, whichever comes first.

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Let's pick our playset here.

A playset determines what sort of game we're playing. Do we want to play a game where we're the idle rich at a party in a penthouse? The passengers and crew of an airplane? Small time thugs in the suburbs?

Go to the playsets page and pick one to nominate. We'll vote once everyone has nominated one.

Fiasco, a GM-less game of people with big ambition and poor impulse control.

First, we pick a playset (New York in the 70's! Zoo employees! 1700s London!) and then build out our relationships, needs, and locations. Then we take turns creating scenes and working our way toward the inevitable messy end.

Anyone interested? We need four or five people to play.

Keira has a mission for you if you want it. Something they’ve been saving up for your particular talents.

Or you can pick a region of Spire and I can feed you a few hooks.

We'll use this space to fill out characters and get started!

Before I drop $20 on a new game, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in The Spire, a brand new game from Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. Players are Drow freedom fighters battling against their High Elf oppressors. It seems like a less morally abhorrent Blades in the Dark. Highly story-based, with a dice mechanic largely existing to determine how badly things go for you.

I’m looking for three or four players who can post daily.

Any takers?

Edit: here is more information about the game.

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Here’s the character sheets. Rename a tab with your character and fill it out!

I’m going to steal liberally from DM Raven’s excellent recruitment thread from earlier this year.

System: Blades in the Dark
Seeking: 4-5 players of any playbooks
Posting Rate: 1/day - Blades requires a lots of back and forth. I would like players who are okay with the game being moved along if they cannot post during a 24 hour period. If you’re going to be out for more than 24 hours, shoot me a quick message.

Blades in the Dark is a heavily modified PbtA gloom-punk crime game. You play as a group of scoundrels in a Victorian-esque haunted city that runs on the electrifed blood of demon whales. The sun exploded and the moon is closer than ever. Think the Gentleman Bastards books or games like Thief and Dishonored.

You don’t need the book to play, here is a link to the downloads page including rules reference and playbooks.

The basic mechanics are pretty simple and I’ll step you through the more crunchy downtime segments where you expand your criminal empire and make enemies of other factions.

When signing up, pick your character type (what kind of criminal you are specifically) and your ranked choice for crew type (what kind of criminals you are collectively). Your crew choice will guide what kind of crimes you do, but isn’t a hard limit. Smugglers may occasionally kill someone, but Assassins do it professionally.

Once recruitment is settled, I’ll open discussion for you to mutually create your crew and lair, then I’ll drop you in media res into your first heist. The flashback rules (which I’ll explain in detail when we get there) allow your characters to plan carefully for crimes without players having to plan anything.

Let me know if you have any questions, and let’s dive in.

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Welcome, everyone. Introduce your characters, including their trope. Answer your trope-specific questions here and list one rumor you’ve heard about the town.

The crunch of leaves under your bike tires, the smells of cinnamon and hearty soups wafting from kitchen doors, light jackets you keep leaving behind at school. Halloween is over and fall is in full swing. If homework is all done, you’re allowed to play outside until the street lights come on (which is happening earlier and earlier every night.) On the edge of town, vast and brightly colored tents popped up seemingly over night, fliers for “The Carnival of Eartly Delights” pasted on every wall and telephone pole in town. Your parents are too busy to take you, but the calliope is practically irresistible. Will tonight be the night you and your friends slip out and visit the circus?

Let’s not pull punches: Kids on Bikes is Stranger Things the RPG. Coming soon to Kickstarter, the developers graciously offer a free ashcan preview.

There are pregenerated characters in the PDF. First come, first served for Tropes. Limit of five players.