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Full Name

Qui-gon Jesse




Insurance Underwriter 5/Kung Fu Student 6/Gaming Enthusiast ELEVENTY BILLION




Medium, striving to be...less medium?



Special Abilities

Animal Style Kung Fu, Power Word "Discuss Coverage Conditions of Your Policy" casts SLEEP on all creatures able to hear in the area. This is a sonic, mind-effecting boredom effect


Neutral Good


The fat one...which one is...BUDDHA, yeah that's him!


Philly Area


English, French, Common (and when angry, VERY common)


Insurance Underwriter/Professional Daydreamer

Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom -2
Charisma 15

About Jesse Benner

When my brother and our neighbor first opened "The Red Box" I was worried because it was for ages 9 and up, and I was 8. I was worried "the game police" would tell me I couldn't play.
24 years and 3 editions later, I'm still a die hard fan and dedicated gamer. I play and run sessions, and like to introduce new people to a game that they never knew they'd enjoy so much.
I love 3.5 and think it's the right blend of complexity and freedom. I don't like 4E because I think it's a dumbing down of the game to the level of making everything a Magic Card, at the expense of the more customizable and character driven aspects of the game which has always been what I have loved best.
As I've gotten deeper into RPG Superstar 2010 and have gotten to know even more people I'm really coming to enjoy the whole community of both the people and the game/world of Pathfinder, and hope to make contacts to allow me to game with people in my area.