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I am glad to hear that Vic and co are working on it.

They have answered a few specific examples. The fact that they do not simply say that this applies across the board indicates to me that it does not. Their response to other queries is almost immediate but not so here.

You have to admit that a phrase like "Skills have bonuses, dice don't. So, roll your Dexterity die means "Use your Dexterity Skill, with bonuses" seem just wrong.

Unless you change it to :-

During Step 1 :- When a Power or Boon refers to a die including its skill as in Arcane die or Dexterity Die, this can be played during step 1 and means use the referred to skill,on your characters card, for that check, including its listed bonus and any bonus listed on the Power or Boon. You may only use a single Power or a Single Boon not both. The Check will be of the type referred to on the Power or Boon.

During Step 3 :- When a Power or Boon refers to a die without an accompanying skill then substitute this die for the one used in the named skill, providing that skill was selected in step 1. This must be played during step 3. One of each type of Boon or Power may be played by each character at the location.

If we change a check to one not listed on the Villain/Monster and it is undefeated your character will suffer damage of the type listed on the Monster/Villain Card and if present of a sub type listed on the Monster / villain and Location card.
For example when using Lightening Touch to use Arcane skill instead of Combat skill for a Combat Check and you fail you will still suffer Combat Damage.

I would like clarification on the following:-
Traits means Magic, Electricity, Force etc.

If the Monster/Villain is immune to any of the traits used in the check then it cannot be used (or would be ineffectual)


If the Monster/Villain is immune to all of the traits used in the check then it cannot be used (or would be ineffectual)


I think in #34 saying a die is a die is what misled me.

Clearly the phrase 'skill' die is often used to refer to check ability which includes the 'skill' and its bonus.
Consensus is saying:-

A die is a die when it is not prefixed by a skill.
A die prefixed by a skill is a skill check.

Ok So by extention your applying Sajan's Power to the Card.. I can see that. There are enough questions here and elsewhere to define :-

For a spell that says roll your X die means use the x skill instead of the normal skill for a Y check.

Similarly for other uses of the word die to differentiate it fromwhen doing x check with Y die and z bonus replace the d8 Y die with a d10 die.


I know thats how you read it mostman79 but I am still unclear , what do the others think as this is at odds with the earlier post by H4appy which you and Mike agreed with.

I respect all your views but we this is just a consensus , I can see a number of interpretations. I am totally on board with all the additions added traits to the base skill and follow on additions of powers and skills.

I am very literal and rules should be clear it says add Arcane die not Arcane check and I have seen other powers cards that use the word check or don't have check or die.

If Ezren uses Lightning touch does that mean his Combat check is :-
"roll Arcane die + 2d4"

(1d12 +2 and has Intelligence) + 2d4
How I wuld read this :-

1d12 +2d4 (and has intelligence)

As lightning Touch has magic,Arcane,Attack,Electricity I missed the obvious Arcane bit above.

His base would just be 1d6.

Its not an epiphany I need it is one clear interpretation and this is fundamental to the game so why have hasn't Vic chimed in , he seems very active everywhere else, which is cool.

This is something that arises on almost every encounter.

Hmm some days ago I thought we had nailed it a die is a die.

Mike agreed with you officially unofficial. Now when you use your Dexterity die instead of your strength die it becomes a dexterity check.

I thought it was a strength check but the Dex die substituted for the str die. Here dexterity is applied to strength (like a martial arts technique) but it is still strength based combat and uses the original strength bonus.

If it said change the combat check to a Dexterity check or even omitted the word die or check I would agree.

You seem to be backtracking fro your sleep on it statement. On BGG someone has already jumped on this to say a X Die = X check , after he was overruled in this thread.

I really wish Vic would jump in and clearly clarify this. with a set of simple statements.

If something changes a Die it doesn't happen in step 1 , if it changes the skill it does happen in step 1.

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My Base set and character add on arrived yesterday. From an online UK retailer, I have no local FLGS. The cost to ship the base game from the the US is prohibitive. However I have subscribed from adventure pack 2. I received Poog in the add on, but not Fire Sneeze. I would have subscribed to the character add on if it had been mentioned earlier that you didn't need to buy the base game. I will just have to fight my gamers OCD on this.

It is a real shame , I doubt if anyone on here will be surprised that missing a card causes such a weird sense of incompleteness or broken game. I even know perfectly functional humans that wont buy a game if they cant buy every component (at a reasonable cost). I think the whole trading/collectible card/expansion game industry has programmed customers from an early age and now promos we can't even obtain even if we are loyal customers.

I realise that I have no reasonable way of obtaining Fire Sneeze so I will try and put the feeling of disappointment aside. It has cast a shadow for now, so I can understand why others are pushing. Publishers must realise the impact, as that is why they use them to entice customers but it is a double edge sword they wield, when it is so difficult to obtain them. As a co-op game its not a real issue. To be honest I would much rather settle for updated cards or at last digital versions of the text areas to print and place over the original.

Vic thanks for the prompt reply. I should have paid a bit more attention to your introduction to the FAQ.

By keywords I am including keys phrases.

So if your intent is to change the type of check then the wording would be ....change a x check to a Y check. This can be expanded in the Rule Glossary Change Check means that you carry out the new check instead of the original in step 1 of a Combat ... etc

Other phrases such as adding a trait could have an entry that clarifies this does not not change the skill check used . The same for die ....

If you have already printed a large stock of the adventure packs then this is probably not much use and any inconsistent wording can be picked up by your card FAQ's.

I must admit I did not have any real issues until I started reading the forum posts. I have read your updated FAQ and it only seems to be a few cards that have any real issues.

I have had a fair amount of experience proofing rules for Games companies and even running FAQ threads , so I should have stuck to my initial view and not been caught up in some of the debates. I have never played a true RPG , the nearest I have come is to campaigns for mini based sci-fi and fantasy boardames. I always like the idea but the whole games master approach put me off.

Vic it is great that you are being responsive and updating the FAQ.

My copy is winging its way and I am concerned about the volume of entries in the FAQ.

Some of it is clarifications and some of it is errata both are important it would help if you clearly listed the errata first followed by the clarification. I and i am sure many others use the clarification to make things clearer and don't need to keep referring to it. Errata on the other hand is useful to look up before plying. It sometimes helps to also list the cards with errata.

It may be an idea to respond to the what is a die :- thread in the Faq.

I always read a die is a die, so the answers here fit my "world" but others are still arguing about it on BGG. Some seem to look to the spirit of the rules (mainly miniature gamers (I don't mean height challenged) and rpg gamers) others tend to get a bit codified rule hungry and the latter are having a bit of a feeding frenzy at the moment.

Will the Digital Rulebook be updated ?

Will a second edition be Published ?

Will you be issuing updated cards ? if yes with an expansion or seperately?

and finally define a set of keywords for cards related to their underling use/mechanisms and stick to it.

I am still looking forward to playing and I have prepared my game group, however I may need to hide the FAQ and just create an errata sheet for the cards I have.

Unfortunately I already have the character add on winging its way as I purchased it with the base game.

So it looks like they are out of reach,

Where does this leave your overseas supporters.

I have just ordered the base game and characters from a UK on-line retailer. To order this via subscription would be prohibitive because of postage and customs handling charges.This is not the the case for expansions.

Why not allow subscriptions through country based distributor/ retailers.

I know DVG have set up a pre-order system through a number of UK and European outlets.

I have subscribed from the adventure pack2 but will probably have to switch it off if their are any shipments of >$30 (inc P&P) as this will add at least %20 + $12-15.

Will the earlier promos be added to my first sub.

Is there anyway your UK based (and overseas) supporters can obtain earlier (August) promos.

Can someone official please clarify this fundamental game process as this thread is bouncing from die to bonus every which way.

I read it differently you select the skill which selects a die and any bonus. If you replace the die you still have the bonus. Why imply replace the die + bonus when it only instructs to change the die?

As the character progresses his bonus will probably increase (as noted previously) it make no sense that a power would reduce this experience.

In Summary the first step defines skill die + skill bonus , which may be modified in this step or additional steps by switching or adding other die or dice and by adding an additional bonus.

When a card or power adds a bonus you do not discard the base or any other die so why discard the bonus when you change a die.