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Full Name

Javin Swifthand




7th level Magus







Special Abilities

spell combat, spell strike


lawful neutral




Westcrown Cheliax


Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin



Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 9
Charisma 10

About Javin Swifthand

Javin Swifthand was born 124 years ago (by the human reckoning) in the Elven realm of Kyonin and is a native of the City of Ladara
(The city of Mists)
His father is Vaylen Kerym a captain of the guard currently based at the city of Greengold the (only official entry point into the kingdom
for non elves)
His Mother the mage Tel’Laran who also works in Ladara and helps maintain the illusions that protect the city
At the hour of his birth it was said a fiery comet crossed the sky trailing silver fire to what portent none could say
As he grew it was soon recognised he was a member of a select band – A Magus. (Magical Aptitude feat)
On the 20th anniversary of his birth his father presented him with a short sword and leather Jupon. His mother gave him his first spell book and taught him his first cantrip (Read Magic)
(the two traits for Javin namely “warrior of old” and “Focused mind”)

The next few years were hard. For three month he would study Ars Magica and then for three months the art of steel. But all being
said and done he enjoyed the education he received indeed he began to look on this education more as a calling – and he is good at it.
His parents due to their different duties became somewhat estranged and whilst their son is still loved he now spends much of his
time between the properties of his family. His training regime in many respects has only widened the rift between his sires
On reaching 120 years (four years ago) by the human reckoning he was sent on a trading mission to Absalom. This was to become
the start of “The wandering time” a stage which all true Magus undergo where they feel the compulsion to explore the world, increase
their knowledge and set their focus for the time to come - This time of wandering enabled Javin to increase his understanding of the
world of Golarion its people and politics
Using the holy city as a base in the last four years he has travelled the inner sea with steel or sorcery at times paying for his passage.
Deliberately he has not got himself involved in the machinations of humans indeed at times their petty concerns puzzle him. During this time he found the Goddess Sarenrea but was no means a devout follower
More recently however (considering the situation in Westcrown) he is being increasing be drawn to serve Iomedae