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As for the classes of both characters, I've had in mind from the start that they'd be fluid and evolving for story reasons. I know some folks feel it should be the other way around, but I've always believed that the game mechanics are a device for simulating a character. You might not always get an exact fit, but with some house rules you can fudge

I have heard many of our group rules can at need be a framework to work within rather than written is stone

Another is "The rule of cool" (normally used in NON COMBAT situations) meaning if it sounds good and enhances the game go for it!

I have to also say that I find all the pathfinder author very responsible to answer player questions and you are top of the league in this in my opinion - keep up the good work!

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As far as I can work out he is at least 90 years old so was likely around at the time of the civil war

Where he was and who he supported ask Dave

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i have just started to play the council of thieves infernal syndrome

Research has got us the name of my big and fiery ( temporarily contained)

It was mentioned that if "snacks" on mortal souls it help restore his powers


I am just trying to come up with options!

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Hi All

I am looking for a response from all alignments in this case


big bad pit fiend has a cage of captives/sacrifices as perhaps the devil equivalent of popcorn

if he eats such twinkies/M&M etc he destroys their souls totally and further empowers himself

If the party were to kill the captives (so releasing them for pharasma's judgement) would this be considered an "evil act" or in the circumstances a merciful one as surely the continuation of a soul is paramount??

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For an encore by existing characters, I'll start with a vote for another appearance of Norret Gantier and Orlin Gantier (from the tales of Kevin Andrew Murphy: The Secret of the Rose and Glove, The Perfumer's Apprentice, and Thieves' Vinegar).

I must admit after Count Jeggere and Radovan

Norret Gantier and Orlin Gantier are my favourate characters!

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If you look in web fiction "inheritance" and "a knightly mission" should fill your criteria

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The order of the sewer hhmmm

must of been the guys Javin used Grease on in the sewers

very messy shall we say....

Funny but VERY messy VBG

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DaveMage wrote:
Pathfinder. I don't need another system.

Pathfinder without a doubt

best system I have ever played

And the response you get from pathfinder staff is excellent and very swift

I love the web fiction, the system and adventure paths cannot be matched

not that I am biased in any way

the only thing wrong they have the disadvantage of being born in a republic not a Monarchy VBG

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DrDeth wrote:

Rule 1 "No Evils"

Rule 2. No PvP" (includes stealing from the party)

Sit down the two players and talk with them like adults. Tell them these two new rules.

You can NOT solve issues like this IC, they must be solved OOC.

I'd have the sorc bring in a new PC.

I have to agree with the good doctor

I am playing in the "council of thieves" adventure path and I regularly b***h with a swashbuckler prostitute of Calistra we laugh all the way through the session then do "dear Diary" entries after it

but when it comes down to fighting we work together

if the player is that disruptive and will not listen to reason either get him to establish a new character... or show him the door