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Robert Brookes wrote:
If only there were freelancers who would do blog posts for a pat on the back and a handshake. I wonder where you could find those! ;)

using good old fashioned Anglo saxon - Boll**ks I really enjoyed the fiction

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Really enjoying this Josh!

would like the Hobbo's to mean what they are saying but have my doubts

and I somehow don't see Akina liking the name "Akina Hobgoblin friend"...

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Hi Guys

Have you considered producing pins showing for instance the holy symbols of the gods/ national flags etc

think on them like Gorbachov's peristroka lapel badges would love one of Iomedea!


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xeose4 wrote:
How open are you to comments, Evey Brett? I have a few, but I don't know what your level of interest in them is or if this is an appropriate place. I don't want to be mean, but I could see some of what I'd comment on as... being harsh or critical. I really want to be respectful though and if it's not something you're interested in at all, or would prefer another channel for I'd respect those wishes :)

If it sets your mind at rest xeose4 evey is very approachable and a pleasure to talk with

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Well Rob it seems your secrets out

Perhaps the good sisters should look to expand now?

If your looking for a (un)holy order to join search out " The sisters of perpetual indulgence"

But they do a lot of work for HIV charities

And before I get the comments ..... I'm not a member!!!!

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Excellent again evey

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Enjoying this evey

Can't wait for the next instalment!

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Javin Swifthand wrote:

It does seem the convention that dwarves are based on those people "north of the wall" after all If Emperor Hadrian decided to build a wall to stop them coming south to sell Haggis who am I to argue?


I also forgot to Mention the BAGPIPES! a cat going through the mangle sounds more musical!

As the comment about invading Poland may I point out the role the Polish winged lancers played in the siege of Vienna and perhaps more importantly polish decoders managed to sent an Enigma Machine secretly to Bletchley Park and Help establish Ultra which I believe is said to have shortened the war by two Years


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Helikon wrote:
Well we do have a few dwarves here. Our main national saga is about a chap who learns smithing from a dwarf.

(key sound music "Ride of the Valkyries" or my favourate "Entry of the gods to Valhalla")

This wouldn't have something to do with a ugly dwarf who steals gold and legs it to his cave pursued by three "mildly upset" woman would it?

The words Richard Wagner, horned helmets and "the fat lady sings" come immediately to mind vbg

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It does seem the convention that dwarves are based on those people "north of the wall" after all If Emperor Hadrian decided to build a wall to stop them coming south to sell Haggis who am I to argue?

perhaps though considering dwarves have an association with runes perhaps their roots should perhaps be more Norwegian/Danish (Viking??)

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i always meant to ask you

Do the cats and "she who must be obeyed " ( your sainted wife) allow you to actually PLAY Pathfinder ? Vbg

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As for the classes of both characters, I've had in mind from the start that they'd be fluid and evolving for story reasons. I know some folks feel it should be the other way around, but I've always believed that the game mechanics are a device for simulating a character. You might not always get an exact fit, but with some house rules you can fudge

I have heard many of our group rules can at need be a framework to work within rather than written is stone

Another is "The rule of cool" (normally used in NON COMBAT situations) meaning if it sounds good and enhances the game go for it!

I have to also say that I find all the pathfinder author very responsible to answer player questions and you are top of the league in this in my opinion - keep up the good work!

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The Wiki mentions Count Jeggare as level 6 wizard and Radovan as a rogue 5/monk 2


IN the last book chronilogically it seems with the help of Jelana (a thuvian sorceress )
He has begun to realise that he is in actual fact a sorcerer himself

So perhaps it now means "Bye riffle scrolls take centre stage Count Jeggare's mind library" which I think I can say is NOT a weapon to the trifled with

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Dave Gross wrote:
If only I could correct typos on that last post. This is what comes of cats making themselves at home on the desk.

A friend of mine recently bought a new laptop with a touch sensitive screen

Her cat had great fun with it when the cat found out she could play with the icons on the main screen!

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Go to pathfinder modules and choose. The third option!


There are several scenarios there and you don't have to pay a penny/ cent for them!!!!

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Radovan takes him to a bordello?

Well temples of Calistra are well Everywhere....

And their "comfort woman" if someone was uncharitable they could be said to certainly "soothe your fevered brow" for the correct remuneration (negotiable)

Javin happens to have to work with a "comfort man"

He has the morals of a alley cat and will basically have sex with anyone (or anything)

Javin personally believes the character is question boasts to much about his conquests the "equipment" he uses to ply his trade requires a microscope and tweezers to be seen
And in all likelihood he has to pay his customers to "attend their needs" ;-)

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Enjoyed it as well

Will we see patchman image with the next chapter

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I assume that due to his noble birth he didn't serve as a simple soldier but as a minor officer (if not a major officer)

As l understand it House Jeggere is one of the most important houses within the Empire so it is likely he may have held a higher position. After all he was trained by one of the most famous swords masters and military training is standard for the noble classes (A lot of the British army officers that are trained in sandhurst goes to public schools for instance)

Also House Jeggare l am sure would use its influence at need and failing that there is always bribery

Of note during the revolutionary wars it was possible to "buy" commissions so that is why sometimes you had utter idiots in charge

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As far as I can work out he is at least 90 years old so was likely around at the time of the civil war

Where he was and who he supported ask Dave

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Why not just adapt the council of thieves adventure path - it has all the elements you listed and then some!

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Looking forward to also hopefully seeing what the patchman looks like and finding out exactly what's going on as we

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i have just started to play the council of thieves infernal syndrome

Research has got us the name of my big and fiery ( temporarily contained)

It was mentioned that if "snacks" on mortal souls it help restore his powers


I am just trying to come up with options!

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Does Pathfinder have an elven dictionary as such?

I would sometimes like to be able to swear at party members in Elvish and a Elvish script would be great for me visually....

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Hi All

I am looking for a response from all alignments in this case


big bad pit fiend has a cage of captives/sacrifices as perhaps the devil equivalent of popcorn

if he eats such twinkies/M&M etc he destroys their souls totally and further empowers himself

If the party were to kill the captives (so releasing them for pharasma's judgement) would this be considered an "evil act" or in the circumstances a merciful one as surely the continuation of a soul is paramount??

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For an encore by existing characters, I'll start with a vote for another appearance of Norret Gantier and Orlin Gantier (from the tales of Kevin Andrew Murphy: The Secret of the Rose and Glove, The Perfumer's Apprentice, and Thieves' Vinegar).

I must admit after Count Jeggere and Radovan

Norret Gantier and Orlin Gantier are my favourate characters!

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There is a chance for that although there is fallout if they are not careful.

I don't want to know as l am.a player not the GM!!!

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There is also talk about killing the mayor for his part in it as well

well considering my group has just started the next part of this path I think I can say the Mayor has his own problems....

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and since on the day in question I was having a close and intimate relationship with the plumbing... (the runs) I don't think protesting from about 10 miles away counts

I live in South London the game was in North London!

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Thanks GreyWolfLord

Luckily I don't think our GM is THAT evil

Mind you on second thoughts...

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Thanks Dien!

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I should have said HIS blood btw

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Question if iMay?

At present our group have just started the infernal syndrome on the council of thieves adventure path

Unfortunately due to illness l was unable to attend yesterday

At one point it was required that the party sign an infernal contract

One of the players (which whom l have friendly rivalry) therefore decided ( to wind me up) and signed my name on this document

Needless to say the contract had to be signed in blood

So the question is

As l did not sign it I presume the contract is not binding

ALSO as my "dear Friend" signed contract is he doubly in hock to hell

Please say yes it would be lovely to see him toasting on a pitchfork

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Rob McCreary wrote:
There's also the City Map Folio, which contains maps of the six cities detailed in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Cities of Golarion: Cassomir, Corentyn, Ilizmagorti, Nisroch, Vigil, and Whitethrone.

thanks for that Rob will check it out!

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Thanks for that Adam
if I may I would suggest thought be given to perhaps having an adventure path set up there after all isn't Absalom the city at the centre of the world?

I think such a structure could be used Rgorian

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If you look in web fiction "inheritance" and "a knightly mission" should fill your criteria

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At the moment I have the pleasure of playing the council of of thieves adventure path

The map of Westcrown is very good so my question is

Are there any plans to produce a gazetteer of city maps ? It would be great to see Iadara, Absalom and lsarn bought to life!

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Whips chains what's there not to like.... Vbg

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Well it is great to see "The Good Guys" not making valued judgements and turning the other cheek

After all serving the God of torture can't be ALL bad

At least it will nice and warm though there may be issues with the plumbing, food hygiene standards and healthcare....

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but the greatest shame for said Gobbo was....

that he did not have the linage to be.... ENGLISH VBG

and Tolkien would be turning in his grave...

Did I mention BTW Tolkiens ENGLISH...

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by the sounds of it Dylan it will be "On the Job training" with all the risks that entails

mind you her references ( from the party she is with ) I think might weight in the balance

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just read any of the Deryni chronicles by Katherine Kurtz
the fight in the cathedral is a classic

best I have ever read!!!

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J-Spee Lovecraft wrote:
I was looking at the cannibalism subdomain and the granted power "Consume the Enemy" and I was wondering, can you cast Magic Fang on yourself to beef up your chompers? If you met the prereqs, could you take Imp. Natural Attack for your bite? Also, if this ability were used by a Large creature, would the damage be higher? HALP!

I think in this case you need to get the help of a shrink....

or be the recipient of a either a lethal physical or Magical attack

after all if you are subject to a fireball the only decision to make is whether you like your meat rare, medium or well done...

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please tell me more

to my shame Hungarian history is not my strong point

if it was Byzantine that's another matter....

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Also Polish code breakers managed to capture an enigma machine and get it to Britain so helping Bletchley Park break the German codes and likely shortened the war by between 1-2 years

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Orthos wrote:

Err... I'm pretty sure most Irish people speak Irish primarily, and most Portuguese speak Portuguese, at least. I have no doubt many of them know English and Spanish, respectively, but I'm still pretty sure they have their own languages.

I'm not quite as familiar with the others on your list but I'm fairly sure their situation is similar.

... unless your whole post was sarcasm, in which case it's too early in the morning for my sensor to be active...

Technically Gaelic is the official language of the Republic of Ireland but English prevails most of the time!

and of course there are the countries of Avalon (right next to Camelot) the land of Nod and I am reliably informed some Americans believe in the Easter Bunny

Of Note Hungary fought for a couple of century's against the Ottomans (but were eventually conquered) and the Winged lancers of Poland were instrumental in breaking the siege of Vienna

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You mean DAME Mara, Knight of Last Wall! ^_^

I must admit I would like to hear more of this tale and see how Dame Mara and Adarrius deal with the Molthuni

Dylan WRITE A BOOK I am sure Pathfinder would happily give you such a commision

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well I have to say I was right she was found out!

and I suppose it shows how effective "On the job training" can be

with nobility thrown in as part of the employee bonus scheme as well!

win win situation

very well done Dylan the fight was excellent

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Don't let fear of discovery be confused with more baser instincts...