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If you are under the effects of Alter Self and have copied a form that has natural weapons with Reach, do you also get the Reach, or just the natural weapon?

Separate but related, if you have a natural weapon (claw) with Reach, if you can hold a weapon with that claw, does the weapon also have reach?


So, the ACG playtest is done. In closing dev comments, some of the classes had "these changes are planned as we finalize the book" notes.

The Additional Resources list states, "players using these playtest options are expected to frequently monitor the Pathfinder Society messageboards for changes while playing these classes during the playtest."

(Edit: I'm pretty sure the playtest messageboards was meant, not the PFS messageboards, since the playtest wasn't being discussed on the PFS boards)

Do we apply the planned changes to ACG playtest PFS characters? The earlier Arcanist revision was pretty clearly labeled as "this is the official new rule", but in contrast some of the closing changes were kinda vague general statements rather than actual rules mechanics.


Something that's been on my mind for a while.


We get loot from playing PFS adventures, listed nice and neat on chronicle sheets.

However, much of the time the loot listing is kinda pointless. Many of the listed items seem to be stuff that is "always available". Even more of the time, at least at higher levels many items you might see on a chronicle sheet are ALREADY unlocked for purchase by dint of faction fame ratings.

So quite a lot of the time, much of the loot listings are quite literally a waste of ink.

I'm not even going to get into the issue of seeing +1 loot in tier 10-11.

I wonder, perhaps for future seasons, could the chronicle sheet loot lists be made more useful? Just brainstorming, maybe something like a 5 or 10 percent discount on listed loot, as opposed to just buying it from factions?

Anyone have other ideas along these lines?


Had a bizarre thought when poking about in the SRD.

Could a gunslinger/alchemist with two extra arms, in fact, dual wield a pair of muskets?