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If you are under the effects of Alter Self and have copied a form that has natural weapons with Reach, do you also get the Reach, or just the natural weapon?

Separate but related, if you have a natural weapon (claw) with Reach, if you can hold a weapon with that claw, does the weapon also have reach?


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Gaining a weapon is gaining the damage type, dice, and reach.

You don't gain funky abilities on the weapon such as Ex or Su abilities associated with the weapon.

There is no clear answer on things like Archon's Light Rays:

Light Ray (Ex) A lantern archon can fire beams of light to damage foes. These light rays have a maximum range of 30 feet. This attack overcomes damage reduction of any type.

Most likley, you don't gain that natural weapon as it requires a special ability to function at all.

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