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"Well? What are you all standing around for? Go!"

Jair Whisper wrote:
@GM I have -4 to all my skills based on Int, Cha or Wis... the +2 comes from my heroism casts earlier except if it was more than 80mn ago.

My bad. For some reason I thought you only had a -2.

"Well, I am not one to gossip about my colleagues you understand but Leventi’s minions did recently transported a wayward imp attached to one of his contract bound souls to Eiseth's palace, Widow's Cry. Anyone unable to handle an imp should not be allowed to contract for mortal souls in my opinion, but then I just work here. The imp was, I believe, called Tholvinis, and was attached to one Gellius Thrune." she says blithely.

Eiseth / Widow's Cry knowledge (planes or religion) DC 17:

Chandu wrote:
hmm, I see...

"Competently done for mortals. You might just find a place here."

Shrec the Powerful wrote:
Shrec doesn't wish to sell his soul. Sounds tempting, but I would only ever sell my soul if a spell was cast on me to prevent me from dying of old age and possibly disease as a bonus. Cause I am confident of my abilities to take care of myself to prevent disease and obesity and I'm confident in my abilities to prevent dying of an accident, and me dying of combat will never happen as I'm too awesome. Though when the sun blows up and goes supernova, I would die, along with everyone here on Glorian.

"Have you considered lichdom? It's quite a popular method of eking out a few dozen extra centuries, on some planes."

"Well then. Have a look at this." Jarluxis steps aside to allow Chandu access to the scroll she is working on.

Heads up. Timing-wise, I'm still using everyone's first Diplomacy roll above--which all take minutes of time to complete.

Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
I'm not sure how this mechanical adjustment would work for me if I'm using a pregen? I was originally planning to hold the chronicle until the appropriate level, but I don't mind applying it and all of its scary consequences earlier?

The chronicle gets reported to whichever of your characters you tell me it applies too, that it possibly can, as well as any ramifications. I can tell you all this: everyone who sells their passion or even there soul is not considered to have a "undealt with condition" in the the Pathfinder Society sense of the term (i.e. your characters are not considered 'dead' if you don't deal with it by the end). It is like Jarluxis says you can sell your soul and Hell won't collect until you are dead so you are hardly loosing anything. ;) That said, I'm not sure how it would work if you sold every bit of your pre-gen that possibly could and came out of the deal with a 1st level character kitted out in +2 weapons and hell-forged armor, and three wishes (as well as 500 gp). I'm guessing you would not be allowed your boons if they exceed your Fame's points purchase limit. Still it would be funny to see.


Jair Whisper wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

In which case please enjoy you brand new belt of mighty constitution +2! the book snaps shut and its Hannibal Lecter-like muzzle shuts over it with Jair's bloody signature inside. A friendly-looking Hamatula devil wanders by and puts the book back up on a shelf.
Ramifications to Jair wrote:
You lost your ability to hope or aspire toward unlikely outcomes. A natural 20 no longer represents an automatic success for your attack rolls, saving throws, stabilization rolls, and other such checks. You cannot use any ability to reroll a natural 1 rolled on any d20 check.


Jair Whisper wrote:

Why bother. We have no hope to finish our mission in time. Better stops now and takes advantage to our time here and explore the area to our own benefits.

She says before turning to the devil, smiling.

My dear, please. I’m sure you will accept our word for it. No need of a contract! And our time is quite valuable too, even more with this hopeless mission!

sense motive: 1d20 + 26 ⇒ (13) + 26 = 39 Who's bluffing? It's not like that could possibly help. Just accept it, Jair.

"Are you all still here?" says the devil not looking up from her papers. She pauses and puts her stylus down.

"Wait. Perhaps there is something you can do for me. Are any of you mortals trained in contract law?"

This would involve being able to make Linguistics or Profession [barrister, or merchant] checks.

Lasaraleen wrote:
Well, I can assure you, I will not be selling my soul for any information you may have....since I only have one.

"True. That's in part what gives the their value. However as they are generally only collectable upon death, you are not really losing anything today. In fact, some mortals can go for centuries before relinquishing their souls. If you would rather sell your soul than your passion I have the papers here somewhere."

Without any more comments she returns to her writing.

"Now I just need a more formal verb for 'gut.'"

Chandu wrote:
Chandu also slides in with a comment, Surely the opportunity to stymie a rival and theeby advance onself is a significant reward in and of itself...

Bluff: 1d20 + 26 ⇒ (17) + 26 = 43

"Really? I think you put too much importance on this-- what did you say the name was again? Do not bother me again unless you are prepared to make a deal. I am a very busy individual." She sets back to work.

A halo of golden light outlines Lasaraleen as she steps forward.

Lasaraleen wrote:

Jarluxis, in order to save your time, and if we may dare ask, what is typical to offer in this city for the information such as we seek.

-2 if planar effects apply...

It does.

"This being Hell, souls are traditional...." she replies and lets the offer sink in. "However fervor such as yours is a rare enough commodity. I could spare you a few moments of my rather expensive time for your passion. I think I even have the paperwork here somewhere." She looks around her desk.

How this works Lasaraleen (or anyone else who wants to) can sell her passions to the contract devil in exchange for her aid. You could sell you soul if you wanted to as well but that would probably be a terrible exchange. Selling your passion (or your soul) would have mechanical consequences for PC.

Irritably Jarluxis rubs the bridge of her nose with her free hand and looks up at Chandu. This devil is more human-scaled and the furniture in the room reflects this, nevertheless it seems like she is looking down upon the half-elf. "Really? And you think that my time is worth less than some lowly osyluth’s. Time is souls, and I do not work for free. If you have nothing to offer then I do not have time for you."

Shortly, after finding one of the cell-like elevators and a diabolic operator.

The party finds a scriptorium, amid the hundreds of others in which they find a devilish woman with unnaturally pink skin, and blood-colored robes. The woman stands pondering over long scroll on the table before her tapping her barbed black stylus against her lips. A small ink pot full of blood with sits nearby. From the woman's back sprout a number of long curling horns strung with more scrolls like a strange sort of coat rack.

"...'blood-letting'? No, 'exsanguination'. Yes, 'exsanguination'! Perfect!" she adds the word to the scroll and then continues writing.

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