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Digital Download of Starfinder FLip-Tiles... Disappointing


Since the appearance of Covid-19, my Starfinder and DnD fixes have been digital. I have purchased (nearly) all of the paizo flip maps from the internet since playing Starfinder but since transitioning to the digital realm I thought I needed to get hold of some digital assets.

Fantasy digital assets are everywhere but Sci-fi assets are relatively hard to come by in any meaningful way. However, I remembered seeing a "pdf download" option on the paizo website, so I thought at the very least I could easily duplicate what I already had in print, digitally. And then I saw the Flip-Tiles:Space Station starter set, which would (should have) worked perfectly for my virtual table top. Unfortunately it appears these have been scanned in from the print versions to PDF? because the pixel density and size of the images is NOT the same, more than that every single tile has a digital watermark so when put together to make an interesting map, looks truly terrible with writing everywhere. The tiles themselves don't tessellate well, leaving seams and other inconsistencies. All in all not worth the money. Saying that, when I return to in-person play I will definitely buy the print edition as I believe they will still work adequately on the real table top.