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Full Name

Jared Thorne









Strength 9
Dexterity 15
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Jared Thorne

Low or non-optimized combat stats are intentional. The idea is direct confrontation is to be avoided. And more likely become more deadly as the game progresses. In the beginning, it's about understanding the situation.

In the short term, Jared will Craft items to assist with obfuscation and escape.

When he gains Craft Arms & Armor, he will begin creating his personal arsenal. Tailored to the Masked Persona. And mostly different items to assist in the safety and security of his Public Persona.

With the Impossible Bloodline, he can craft nearly anything (ignores 1 requirement, typical the spell).

Name: Jared Thorne
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Urban Divine Tracker Ranger 5 / Impossible Sorcerer 3 - Knife Master Rogue 2
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender and Age: Male, 27 years old
Languages: Common, Gnoll, Dwarven, Hallit, Lip-Reading, Orc, Varisian, Varisian Sign Language
Deity: Polytheistic (Desna, Milani, Shelyn)

Some Stats:
Initiative: +2, +4/+6 urban/industrial qtr
Senses: Perception +10, +12/+14 urban/industrial qtr

Speed: 30'

Max HP: 46 (10+6+6+10+9) + 5 fav class
AC: 18 Touch: 13 Flat: 16 (Armor +4, ABP deflect +1, attune +1, Dex +2)

CMD: 16 (14 Flat);

Fort: +6 Ref: +7 Will: +7 | ABP Resistance +1

Dagger +8, w/sneak (1d4-1+1+2d8) 19-20/x2 P/S
Dagger +8, w/sneak (1d4-1+1+2d8) 19-20/x2 P/S
Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +2d8
CMB: +6
BAB: +5

Traits and Feats:

Historian of the Red Revolution (campaign)
Magical Knack (magic)
Mark of Slavery (drawback)
Beast Bond (social)
Free - Power Attack, Deadly Aim, Combat Expertise, Agile Maneuvers, Point Blank Shot
Lvl 1 - Pass for Human
Lvl 1 - Fast Learner
Lvl 3 - Skill Focus (Bluff)
Lvl 3 - Accomplished Sneak Attacker
Lvl 5 - Cunning

Build Progression:

Half-Orc: Overlooked Mastermind (alt trait)

Gestalt 1: Pass for Human, Fast Learner*
Ranger 1 - 1st favored enemy (+4 vs human), track, DT favored weapon (starknife)
Rogue 1 - Finesse training, Deft Maneuvers, KM sneak stab +1d8/1d4, KM hidden blade

Gestalt 2:
Ranger 2 - Combat style feat (Deceptive - Ranged Feint)
Rogue 2 - Evasion, rogue talent (terrain mastery - urban)

Gestalt 3: Skill Focus (Bluff)*, Accomplished Sneak Attacker
Ranger 3 - UR trapfinding, UR 1st favored community (industrial quarter)
Sorcerer 1 - Bloodline arcana (affect constructs), bloodline power (disorienting touch), cantrips, eschew materials

Gestalt 4: +1 CHA, +1 INT
Ranger 4 - DT Blessings (Liberation, Travel)
Sorcerer 2 -

Gestalt 5: Cunning
Ranger 5 - 2nd favored enemy (constructs)
Sorcerer 3 - Bloodline power (spontaneous generation), bloodline spell (lesser confusion)

Key: *extra bonus feat, DT = Divine Tracker, UR = Urban Ranger, KM = Knife Master

Special Abilities and ABP:

1st —
2nd —
3rd Resistance +1
4th Armor attunement +1, weapon attunement +1
5th Deflection +1

Ability Scores and Skills:

STR 09 cost -1
DEX 15 cost +7
CON 10 cost +0
INT 16 cost +7, +1 4th level
WIS 14 cost +5
CHA 18 cost +7, +2 half-orc, +1 4th level

Skill Points:
15 background
15 int
05 fast learner
05 cunning
22 rogue/ranger
21 ranger/sorcerer

Skills grouped by Ability:

1 Climb +3
1 Swim +3

5 Acrobatics +10
2 Disable Device +7
1 Escape Artist +6
1 Ride +7, beast bond
1 Sleight of Hand +6, +7 conceal light blade
5 Stealth +10, +12/14 urban/industrial qtr

1 Appraise +7
4 Craft (carpentry) +10
1 Craft (glass) +7
3 Kn (arcana) +9
3 Kn (engineering) +9
1 Kn (geography) +7, +9 urban
5 Kn (history) +11, +13/15 HotRR
5 Kn (local) +11, +13 industrial qtr
3 Linguistics +9
3 Spellcraft +9

1 Heal +6
5 Perception +10, +12/+14 vs constructs/humans
5 Prof (merchant) +10
5 Sense Motive +12, +14/+18 vs humanoids & constructs/humans
1 Survival +6, +8/+10 vs constructs/humans +2 urban, +2 industrial qtr

5 Bluff +17, +19/+23 vs humanoids & constructs/human
5 Diplomacy +14, +16 vs humanoids
5 Disguise +12
1 Handle Animal +9, beast bond
3 Perform (comedy) +10
1 Use Magic Device +8

Spells Known:

S Level 0 - Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Message, Scrivner's Chant
S Level 1 - Burning Disarm, Cause Fear, Icicle Dagger
S Bonus - lesser confusion
R Level 1 - Commune with Birds, Pass without Trace


Magic Items
Mithral Chain Shirt /1100
Traveler's Any-Tool /250
Scabbard of Honing /500
Adventuring Gear
Area Map /50gp
Backpack, masterwork /50gp
Belt pouch /1gp
Chalk /1cp
Chest, large /10gp
CHest, small /2gp
City Map /40gp
Concealable Theives Tools /190gp
Hourglass 1 hour /25gp
Hourglass 1 minute /20gp
Ink /8gp
Inkpen /1sp
Lamp /1sp
Oil /3sp
Parchment /2gp
Scroll case /3gp
Signet ring /5gp
Soap /1sp
Twine /1sp
Waterskin /1gp
Wire /5gp
Wrist sheath, spring loaded /5gp
Artisan's Outfit x3 /3gp
Decorative trim x3 /3gp
Hat /1gp
Reversible cloak x2 2/gp
Scarf /1gp
Vest x3 /3gp
Guard Dogs x2 /50gp
Horse (light) /75gp
Horse (heavy) x2 /400gp
Carriage /100gp
Wagon (medium) /75gp

Total /3055

GP Remaining /964


Gerard Nisroc.

He’s the reason I’m here. I’d have died a long time ago, as a runt half-breed child, in a slaver’s hold.

Slave. I was born in captivity, into slavery... How I have gotten here is impossible.

"Your impossible is simply what you've never dared imagine, once imagined... it's but a task that needs be done." - Gerard Nisroc

I traveled with him for years, from my time as a child to young adulthood. The changes came fast, but he did his best to prepare me. Some changes were to be expected like culture shock and growing pains. Others changes were from the blue; the ability to harness and wield arcane energies.

We adjusted, he was good at that and taught it at every moment. It seemed as if something “bad” would happen on a regular basis and I’d be affected, getting depressed or angry. He’d ask why it was bad and how we could incorporate it into our plans... or better yet, use it to our advantage.

The lessons never stopped, being a student of life he called it. Watching how things worked, trade, organizations, individuals... magic. Be patient enough to study the situation, understand the circumstance, identify the actions available and evaluate the consequences.

A man alone, must rely on few and trust even fewer. Conserve his energy, releasing force at the moment of maximum impact and maximum force only to end the transaction. Exhaustion will follow and you must replenish, sleep. Sleep is a weapon.

Life, Freedom and Beauty - in that order. And, find the time to love, you’re a handsome young man, with a big heart and keen sense of self. Hide as you might, the ladies... the good ones, will see it.

But then one day, Gerard said he was headed to Galt. He arranged my travel to Qadira and gave me some money, asking me to forget about him. That was nearly ten years ago, and it took me five years to get here.

In the rubble of a broke-down estate, I found him - a broken man... a drunkard and sot, what had happened?

I’d come to find out Gerard had over the last decade built the Green Lantern into a prosperous tavern, all as a cover for a planned series of heists that would allow him to retire. It was a patience I had admire in the man, and a quality he’d instilled in me.

Unfortunately, between a mesmerist as the city's autocrat and Gerard's own views on liberty, as things were meant to fall into place, they instead fell apart. Some heroics -- relative heroics -- went sour, and several times he had to sell various items to repair major damage to the tavern after mobs caused damage -- always the mobs, mob mind, mob rule.

And, sometimes from the inside, sometimes “incidentally,” the unseen hand at work, he called it. As he saw his goal starting to get out of reach, the growing sense of urgency led to a foolish attempt that ... that ...

...he can't remember. But he returned to the tavern a broken man, and the Green Lantern's descent into obscurity and ruin followed. Something inside him was… wrong, missing or misplaced.  The answers weren’t at the bottom of the bottle, but he kept looking and eventually Gerard became a common drunk, a condition in which I’d found him.

The pressure was too much and Gerard let me take over the rundown place even as he’d stayed on to help rebuild it. Six years passed, and we’d rebuilt the Green Lantern and by all estimation grown it to new heights. I’ve cared for and cajoled Gerard back into a state of health (or rather, a state of 'only infrequently falling-down drunk') with the help of Marie. The woman was a saint with an angel’s voice.

Quick with a quip and lovable to a fault, but she’s only got eyes for Gerard and is somewhere between us in age. She and Gerard run the Green Lantern  business for me, and that frees me up to build the business.

My new neighbors became my family, and caring for them second nature. The feeling was mutual and reciprocity was evident. Finally, the word “home,” taken for granted by so many meant something.

But, there was a gnawing… Gerard's condition and depression was, however subtlely, not a natural thing for him. Literally, this was not the man’s nature or in him from all that I know of him.  

Combined with my bone-deep distaste for the constant uncertainty and instability present in Isarn and Galt, I began what I thought to be a subtle investigation into my mentor's actions that night.

Those specific investigations did not bear fruit, I had to train more - learn more - become more.   But, they did bring me to the discreet attention of someone who had an interest in such things. 

One year and countless discussions later, his 'acquaintance' introduced him to a couple other like-minded individuals, people who were willing to work slowly, steadily, and most importantly subtlely to change the very fabric and nature of society in Isarn.

It's been four years since that day, and three years since the last of them joined the Conspiracy; the work is slow and careful, but it progresses. Gerard once more 'runs' the Green Lantern, but he still has his bad days. 

And, as for me,the past years have only solidified his determination to rid Isarn of the slow poison that is Citizen Goss, and of the decay that is the Gray Gardeners... 

The dogs cocked their head after listening patiently for a spell.

Why am I telling you this? I couldn’t help but laugh at them, at myself… as I turned my attention once more, to the maps.

Appearance and Personality:

Jared is a Half-Orc, but he was a runt... with a human-esque physique and stature. So much so, that with his face covered or hidden, he'd easily pass for Human. Slightly over six feet tall, with long muscles and slim build,

Somewhat curly short brown hair and clear brown eyes mark him as average, but an honest square jaw and playful smile help brighten up any room. Whatever his past, he seems well adjusted and happy.

He's a generous man, gregarious and collaborative. There is nothing that cannot be solved or overcome. One can find a way, nothing is impossible.

He's given himself over to the service of others, as invariably good people have chosen to be of service to him. Paying it forward. He's embraced his arcane gifts and found interest in the stars. A comfort in their cyclic arrangement and wonder at their unfathomable existence. One day, he will build and observatory.

He stands in the middle, at the scenter of the socio-economic strata... the hub, balance. Not too high, and never too low. Branching out, without weakening the core.

Fueled by a desire for Life, Freedom and Beauty... and a thirst for knowledge.

Reputation and Additional Systems:

Buildings and Organizations:

Inn /2130
-Bar earn 10
-Bath earn 3
-Bedroom earn 3
-Common Room earn 7
-Kitchen earn 3
-Lavatory earn 0
-Lodging earn 12
-Stall earn 8
-Storefront earn 0?

Lodging /430/earn 12
Laundry /120/earn 3
Lavatory /120/earn 0
Stall x2 /500/ earn 16
Forge /370/earn 10
Mill Room /300/earn 8
Artistan's Workshop (carpentry) /360/earn 10
Leather Workshop /310/earn 10
Storage /360/earn 6
War Room (used for meetings, as office) /300/earn 0
Craftspeople (smiths) /200/earn 4
Craftspeople (leatherworkers) /200/earn 4
Craftspeople (carpenters) /200/earn 4
Bureaucrats /200/earn 4
Lackeys /120/earn 2
Driver /90/earn 2
Elite Guards /170/earn 4

Gerard - Level 5, ownership presence
Marie - Level 5, innkeeper