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Female LN Vesk (Technomancer 3)|SP 14/15 HP 21/21 RP 5/5|EAC 16, KAC 16|F 1 R 4 W 3|


Init +3|Per +6 SM +0|Speed 30 ft|Active conditions: None

About Janebok the Cold


Janebok (Jane to most Pact Worlders) is a female Vesk standing almost eight feet tall but is significantly slighter than most Vesk with less prominent and thick scales. When on duty, she wears her Steward uniform in perfect order. Off-duty, she wears a simple, long, hooded robe that draws less attention to the fact that she is Vesk. She carries a minimalistic, carbon fiber staff (secretly her spell cache) that she uses to help support her weight on higher gravity stations and worlds.

Spikes with skin webbed between them on her head make her appearance even more unsettling so she generally keeps them folded close together to be less noticeable. Her scales have large swathes of green and red over different areas of her body.


Alignment: LN

Janebok enjoys warm spaces and low gravity. Like most reptilians, she loathes physical cold as it makes her sluggish. She keeps her affairs with rigid order and efficiency and makes little small talk, unless she deems it advantageous to her priorities. She is a focused worker who rarely displays strong emotions except for rare fits of rage during battle. Her lone messy habit is to consume bloody raw meat upon occasion as a special treat.

Jane strongly believes in the traditions of the Vesk. Old knowledge can tell one everything needed to live the proper life. There is nothing new orbiting the suns.


Janebok grew up in an asteroid belt station in the Veskarium. A life in low gravity made her tall, even for a vesk, but slight. She quickly learned to manipulate tools and consoles for survival, forcing her to become more dexterous and quick-witted. Living in a station, she was familiar with constant, existential threats to body and clan, instilling a hypervigilant, no-nonsense attitude that values preparation and duty.

Caring for the station and learning the old tales of her clan and brood, Janebok developed an exquisite proficiency with technology. Further, she learned to apply lessons from the old tales. Just like an animal, computers are complex systems; you can manipulate them both with the same ancient tricks. Her brood gave her the title "the Cold" after she braved a coolant leak, rerouting the system around the leaking conduit, before the coolant could asphyxiate an entire module of Vesk.

In her limited free time,Jane speed-read logs, the net, and the station's limited library. She was completely disgusted to learn of the chaos and in-fighting present in the Pact Worlds and Veskarium despite the need for unity against the Swarm. She determined to strengthen the principals of order needed for defeating the Swarm by joining the most prominent keepers of order in recent history, the Stewards.

The recruiting office was not thrilled when a tall, slim vesk walked in. Lacking a specific prohibition against Vesk recruits,the staff agents administered the inductee tests. But a hostile staff agent administered a strength test that, despite being by the book, was significantly more difficult than normal. When Janebok failed, she was denied entry, despite passing or excelling at all the other tests.

She was unsure how to proceed until a Pact World diplomat decided to smooth over a gaffe with the Veskarium and pulled some strings. Her strength test was re-administered with traditional rigor and Janebok satisfied the minimum requirement. Given her other scores, she was admitted as a Steward Op. But this victory tasted bitter in her mouth as it had looked like she needed favoritism to make it in. If possible, she worked with even greater focus to prove her worth.

She received a mixture of receptions from her fellow Stewards. Most did not care what she looked like but only that her work was good, treating her with respect and fairness. A small minority, however, missed no opportunity to make her feel unwelcome or criticize her work. Thanks to both, she is guarded with Pact Worlders in general but polite and always ready to forge alliances for the furtherance of her missions and Mission. This demeanor re-earned her the nickname "the Cold", this time for different reasons. Instructed to liaise with the investigators rescued from the research facility, Janebok planned to determine exactly what their role in events was and if they could make worthy allies.


Racial:Low-gravity vesk. +2 dex, +2 int, -2 str.
Forceful mind
Observant (perception)
Low-light vision
Armor savant

Theme: Tinker. +1 engineering, +1 intelligence

Ability scores:
Str 8, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 10

Stamina: 15
HP: 21
F: +1 R: +4 W: +3
KAC: 16
EAC: 16
Resolve: 5

Init: +3
Speed 30
Needler: +5 for 1d6+1P
Energy ray: +5 for 1d3 acid, cold, electricity, or fire

Acrobatics: 3 rank+3dex=+6
Bluff: 1 rank
Computers: 3 rank+4int+3cs=+10
Culture: 2 rank+4int=+6
Engineering: 3 rank+4int+3cs=+10
Life science: 3 rank+4int+3cs=+10
Perception: 3 rank+3 Racial=6
Physical science: 3 rank+4int+3cs=+10
Sense motive:
Stealth: 3 rank+3dex=+6

Level 1: Longarm proficiency
Class: Weapon specialization (basic melee weapons, small arms)
Level 3: Weapon specialization (long arms)

Class features:
Spell cache
Spell hack: Countertech
Spell focus
Tech Lore +1
Weapon specialization (basic melee wapons, small arms)

Energy ray
Psychokinetic hand
Telepathic message
Transfer charge

1 (3 per day):
Baleful polymorph
Summon creature (robot, water elemental, archon, demon)
Dampen spell

EJ utility coverall (230 cr)
Cleaverwave, I (1350 cr)
Needler rifle(110 cr)
Canteen (1 cr)
Spell ampoule of disguise self (loot)
Chemical cold pack x 2 (10 cr)
Chemical hot pack x 2 (10 cr)
Portable condenser (50 cr)
Binoculars (50 cr)
Bedroll (15 cr)
1 week of field rations (1 cr)
Industrial backpack (25 cr)

273 credits remaining

Common, Vesk, signed Vesk, Eoxian, Shirren, dwarven