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DM Rolls:

Lifting items
sleight of hand Ptahh: 1d20 + 25 ⇒ (10) + 25 = 35
-msw dagger lifted
sleight of hand Astri: 1d20 + 25 ⇒ (2) + 25 = 27
-potion form bandoleer
potion taken: 1d8 ⇒ 4

Jalia quickly fans herself, stumbling into the half-orc before catching her balance using Astri's arm. That's the one Nightslinks. I do need to be excusing myself...I have an appointment." She smiles and turns to Astri. "the theater of life, my dear, the theater of life. I hope to see you real soon." She turns to AStri. "Is it true that the Commandant is putting out to sea soon?" she open her bag and pulls out an parasol.

DM Rolls:

SoH: 1d20 + 25 ⇒ (20) + 25 = 45
SoH: 1d20 + 25 ⇒ (15) + 25 = 40
slipping items into her bag.

On the way out of the Chapterhouse Jalia will say a brief prayer at the alter and stop by the collection plate, depositing a msw dagger, to help the poor.

Astri and Ptahh can you each make a perception check for me.

She smiles innocently, Father Zalen and I,...well his family and I go way back. I ran into him yesterday, he was trying to find two thugs that have been just plain awful to the locals lately...stealing and everything." She flaunts her hands around and moves theatrically. "Well," she signs. "he didn't find them, but he had terrific company." She winks shamelessly.

With Astri mentioning the Wave Riders Jalia Ramires gives a quick smirk. 'Yes that seemed like ages ago, another lifetime actually." Her tone disinterested in the topic. Exchanging pleasantries, "So what brings you to the chapterhouse? Young Ms. Silves seems a bit.." biting her lower lip and making a tsk tsk sound, "...oh dear, what is the word I'm looking for...disheveled. I suppose she doesn't play games of chance much...she'd loose all her coin to house." She fans herself a bit more than asks, "So Ptahh their new sword. Where did they find you at, I don't recall seeing you around the city before." Him no...he's new, she on the other hand, I have seen.

Oh Zalen, let me not keep you from your...young...assistant's company any further. It was treat to see you and shares memories, She waves her fan vigorously as she blushes. claws flex.

The elegant lay's green eyes scan the newcomers, she bats her long lashes flirtatiously. Then causally lays one hand on Father Zalen's forearm waiting to be introduced.

Chell you don't know her per se, but you remember seeing her in the company of gentleman at the Kraken's Gullet a few days ago. she had that same laugh going at the time.

When you arrive at the Chapterhouse you find that Father Zalen is indeed back and in the company of an immaculately dressed woman, who is wearing a stunning yellow fascinator and a stylish dress. She is adorned with quite a few babbles on her long delicate fingers, wrists, and neck. She is laughing at something Zalen has mentioned, when she fans herself.

"I'm not upset," she smiles and walks off to front door. The opens, holds, then closes the door as she leaves.

"Well my, er..."scum" companion, would think otherwise." She winks. "I can assure you that Commander Chambers would not appreciate another rebel rouser in port." She sips her wine and stacks a few gold coins on the bar, she slowly places her gloves on and she picks up her fan. "Good night, Dirk. Thank you for that last drink, your company was delightful." There is a slight emphasis on your name. She stands to leave.

David "Dirk" Hawkins wrote:

"I couldn't help notice that you were staring at me," he says as the wine is brought. He pauses to refill her glass.

"I'm curious; was it just my conversation - or perhaps something else - that drew your attention?" he asks as he watches her.

"Well both actually. I was curious why the questions about Falken and how it concerned you?" she takes a slow sip of her wine. Her tongue plays a the rim of the goblet. "More importantly, it looks like I won't be sleeping alone this evening."

David the first thing you notice about the lady is her stunning full lips, they plump and pouty, her teeth match her lips perfectly. Her seafoam green eyes sparkle. "Another wine would be wonderful." Her hair is pulled and pinned up in the latest style. She is wearing an emerald green silk bodice, aqua hoop skirt, black silk leggings, low heeled shoes, her white laced gloves are on the bar next to a small handheld fan. She extends her hand, "Jalia...pleased to meet you."