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You have helped me rethink what I planned on doing this weekend. I considered going out getting the skulls and shackles base set and the adventure path packs then in a couple weeks get what I could of Wrath of the righteous then start a subscription but it seems a little silly to me not to be able to complete Multiple Adventure paths with one group of heroes keeps the feats and loot from previous adventure paths. I really enjoyed what I had played enough to keep going I think though so I might still do it.

Ok then part 2 of this request. Why work through an entire adventure path to gain a reward that you can not use in the next adventure path? To make sure I understand the game correctly there is from smallest to largest. Scenario ( the smallest part of the game), Adventure (a little larger multiple scenario's linked together), finally adventure path (linking multiple adventures together). But in each base set there is only 1 Adventure path.

I know this has probably been asked but I looked through and really could not find an answer. I have the entire rise of the runelords set. I have not subscribed yet but may depending on how this is answered. I am curious about Playing throughout entire Adventures with one team. For example I play this mostly as a one player with 3 or 4 character group. So I play through the entire Rise of the Runelords set with this group have all these weapons and spells and levels on my stats etc. When moving to the next adventure skulls and shackles do all these things move wit me? How does that make the gameplay? Can I create a group from the Skulls and shackles group to play through rise of the runelords?