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Congrats Landon!! We going to see you at QuakerCon along with the rest of the local crew I hope!


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Hey cool, hoping this means we will see some organized play in the Triad!! (Hmm, will have to go look now and see if anything is listed here on the website!!)

Also some organized Adv Guild, PACG for the win!!?


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Zaister wrote:
What a cruel scenario. I hate Shark Island.

It is a tough one (Played at Gencon) but it actually ended up going surprisingly well. We stacked up on each island, closing it and then moving to the next one.

That basically allowed us to "start" our turn at a closed island most of the time instead of having to start with the shark attack before anything else.

Just my 2 cents on some strategy, but the first round or two...TOUGH!

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Technically my second GM session since I had some friends play at GENCON, but I know I did several things incorrectly.

Ok, so here is the gist of it, I did NOT play Runelords so I am a PACG newbie. I have 7 sessions from Gencon under my belt now so I feel somewhat confident that I sorta understand the basics of the game, but not an expert by any means.

I do realize that the "organized" game play is different from the Adventure Decks and theoretically I have not really played an "Adventure" game yet?! (I played Scen 1-5 at Indy from Org play)

Here are my questions and best guesses. Feel free to refer me to pages in the rulebook that answer my newbie questions if the answer is basically right there.

TOMORROW night my brother and I are going to a local coffeeshop (Geeksboro) for board game night. I am wanting to take my SHINY new game and get others addicted (interested) in PACG so I have more folks to play with.

Therefore I will likely be looking at other new players that have never played. If there is a demo or other suggested starting place besides the first adventure I am happy to take that advice.

Starting DECKS: So there are character cards, multiple ones for each class in the base box. Plus I bought the add on for 5-6 players.

Should I just pre-build a character from each class and have them ready to hand out? IS there enough of the "BASIC" cards from the base box to fully create all 4 (5 or 6) players starting hands?

I am thinking I would go through and do each class, grab the basic stuff for them and insert the 15 cards then into the slots in the upper right part of the base case?

I should go ahead and open / and sort my add on stuff for characters 5-6 into my base box as well and just leave them there? (Do you keep your boxes these come in or ever need to remove them?)

I will print off character sheets for these starter decks that I can hand to the player along with these decks and that way they have something to keep! (Thus starting the addiction and need to go buy their own class deck or base game!)

Should I create an "event" here on PAIZO for this game so I can download and hand them PFS number stuff? I realize the official organized play is not ready yet but I am hoping to launch this in my area...

Same question about the Adventure 1 Deck... I have not opened it yet either, I think there was a series of adventures in the BASE set you can play first and THEN open up the Adv1 Deck? (Could be mistaken, might have opened it and forgotten)

Any other tips and tricks are appreciated. I also have 2 class decks, but trying to keep this simple at the moment for my first session.


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What about the big "playing" mat? I folded it up into 1/4 size and put in the S&S box for now but not sure that is a good solution.

Any thoughts on keeping the cards from falling out everywhere if the box gets turned on it's side, etc? (Happened several times already, sigh)

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Ok, my impressions of the game and the weekend!

First of all, some background, long time RPG guy and Pathfinder Society member. Kickstarter for the MMO, heck some of that history is on my profile here.

NEVER played PACG before this weekend, did not pre-reg for anything for GENCON, wife is coming and I love the dealer hall and then figuring out what I want to do once I am already there.

Thursday, dropped into a PACG demo while wandering around and I am more of a ROLL playing guy than a ROLE playing guy. So this was right up my alley, my demo GM was the shaggy, HAGRID like one (I am terrible with names) Great presentation of the material and I sorta understood where I was headed.

This was enough that I decided to ditch my plans to play PFS on Friday morning and try and get in on PACG. There was 2 tickets left on the event website but it mentioned I already had to have a class deck in the description. So I was not sure whether I could play or not, I decided to not buy those and just show up and see. (Dealer hall had closed, could not run out and buy a deck...)

Friday, 8am session, I showed up EARLY and hung out and found that they had stacks of class decks for borrowing and I got in on a Scenario 1. I grabbed SORCERER deck and played Seoni.

I did not understand how to build my deck (not really part of the demo) and I thought the "B" in the upper right corner meant "Basic" and so I had several incorrect cards in my hand. The GM at the table was able to help me sub them out when they came up and had a good time though we did lose due to running out of blessings. (I got my sheet showing that I had played and could use a Blessing B for my next build)

Friday, 10 am. I am just using Generic tickets and yet they worked me into EVERY time slot, KUDOS PACG staffers!!! Built my deck with BASICS this time and my one precious Blessing B and we won!!

HAVING LOTS of fun, but lunch time, I skip the next session but tell my wife I want to go back for the 2-4 pm session. I also spend $190 at the Paizo booth before the 2 pm session so yes this is all working as planned for Paizo!! (S&S base, Add on, Sorc Class deck, Mat, 2 tshirts)

Friday 2pm, Scenario 2. I actually thought this was insanely tough the first round or two, but then our table got in a rhythem where we all stacked up on one location and usually that gave us all a break where we did not have to fight an opening shark (pre-exploration) and would all jump in and crush when the henchman came up so we could close the location. So it actually ended up easier once we had a plan.

Friday night, supper and then invited my friends to play a session at the hotel that night. My first ever as GM/player, 5 of us playing, we muddled through and ended up losing due to running out of blessings, but some good experience/knowledge now.

Saturday..8 and 10 am, knocked out Scen 3 and 4... went to lunch, was telling wife I would really like to "FINISH" and so she allowed me to change our plans and skip watching the parade so I could play at 2 and 4!!!

What a great wife, 15 years of marriage next year! She is sporting HER Pathfinder t-shirt today just because she liked the look of the new year PFS campaign drawing (Sky Key or something). I am sporting my freshly acquired Seoni shirt though I had decided to switch to Amaryllis the night before when I looked at my class deck.

Saturday, 2pm...cannot get into a Scen 5 one else ready to go. Was actually hoping Doc and myself could do Scen 6 instead but he was worried about the timer on that Scen and it is already 215pm by now. So he and I end up going in on a Scen 4 game again, I grab a FIGHTER deck from the demo units and start my second character!

We knock it out pretty quickly, and between sessions I run down and spend another $20 to buy my OWN Fighter Class deck for my 2nd character (this works alot like crack cocaine I have noticed)

Saturday 4pm, I get in on a FULL six player slot of Scen 5. I have to admit this was my least fun game of the weekend. Out of the 7 slots I played, this one we had 4-5 "experts" at the table including a "rules lawyer" and the play was SLOOOOOOOOW.

They disagreed about strategy, how the rules were "supposed" to be working, the henchman were all buried pretty deep at every location it seemed and it came down to the last 2 blessings.

Honestly, I zoned out on the final round after my turn. I thought we had lost, we had 2 locations, the villein was buried pretty deep. I had no blessings or cards I could contribute and the cross talk, rule lawyering had reached critical mass.

NO idea how we "won" but literally they spent over 20 minutes on the last two characters; Blessings 3 and then 2, at the final two open locations and some miracle of cards, obscure rules, interventions from space or something apparently they found the villein, dug him out, temp-closed the other location and killed him.

That was it for me. I could not make the later sessions that evening, had plans with the wife, took her to supper and the 80s dance!

So I am one session shy of finishing the first adventure. I have spent LOTS of time on here since then reading every post, downloading all the rules and trying to find FLGS that I can support. Nearest is an hour away, I may have to see if can get some interest going, hard to believe an area as large as Greensboro, NC does not have a regular game (PFS or other)

That is my impressions as a total newbie to PACG! From a marketing stand point, I spent just over $200 to date. I am now a PACG subscriber and reading EVERYTHING. SO a job well done Paizo!

Fingers crossed, hoping I win a third class deck maybe here!! (Tried to convince the GMs that 7 generic scenerios played = 4 pre-reg and thus I deserved a class deck, but failed my Charisma roll!!)


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I too am wondering this, I am probably going to try and organize a local game on Friday night.

We have a large gathering of board gamers at the local coffee shop every Friday night and I am going to bring my S&S game with me this week.

Hoping to get some local gamers interested in it.


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Doc76 wrote:

Hi all!

Just got home form Gencon. I played in MANY sessions of the PACG and had a GREAT time.

All the staff did an OUTSTANDING job creating a great experience. From mustering to playing to being just fun!

I was able to complete the adventure path twice.
Cleric Zarlova
Ranger Agna

Also played
Fighter Tontelizi scenarios 1-5
Bard Siwar scenarios 1 and 4

And the Coup de grace was playing Jirelle twice as a reward for completing the path.

I look forward to playing more hopefully a local group will take up the organized play.

I believe I was playing a couple sessions with you!! I was looking for Scenario 5 and we both ended up doing 4 again instead, I used a fighter for that session.

I did complete Scenario 5 in the 4-6 pm slot on Saturday but that was it for me so my Sorc (Amaryllis) is one slot shy of finishing the adventure.

LOVED the game, ended up buying S&S, Add-on Deck and 2 class decks (Sorc/Fighter) Played a session with some friends on Friday night as well and hoping to organize some local gaming here soon.


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Just a few thoughts on "why"...

For those of us with LESS time to play than others, if I login and my brother is logged in and is "one hour" away from me, we cannot game together tonight.

That is an issue for casual gamers. I want to be able to login and see a friend is on the system and be able to hook up and go do stuff tonight. If I am only on for an hour or two (or know how that goes) I don't want to spend MOST of the time traveling.

Yes, we would "end up" probably staying in the same area because of that, but that gets boring too if we all have to stay in the same hex for fear I will be an hour away exploring when a buddy jumps in for 30 minutes between supper and putting the kids in bed.

So, I LOVE the concept of making it more real, but I also have a vested interest as a casual gamer, in the ability to quickly find and game with my buddies.

EDITED to say at the very least, if I could login for 5 minutes at 4:30pm and have my character start moving to XYZ so that when I login again at 6pm and I am there... that sorta works. We could sorta make that work.

I login at 6pm and find out I was "ambushed" on the way and lost xx gold, but I am still there... I am ok with that.

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The Miner role reminds me of the MMO in the novel REAMDE. If you have not read it, pretty interesting book PLUS the MMO and the concept behind it are pretty interesting.

If PFO embraced making "real" money in the game (gold miners) it could be a revolution in the MMO world. The shop owner could spend real money to MAKE real money...

Same with every role mentioned... SOME folks spend cash to play, and spend EXTRA cash to get the widget they want.

OTHER folks GET cash (actually MAKE real money) by being a great crafter, brewer, thief, etc. PFO gets a cut of everything...

Read the novel and it starts to make more sense...

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I went with the $175 award so the $75 got me a full set of minis PLUS all the other goodies too!! Will invite a buddy to play the 2nd account and give the minis to my brother!! (Happy Bday if you read this Stephen!)


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Hey folks, Ron is looking for PFS folks to run modules for Mini-Mace in Winston Salem. January 26th.

It is an all day game fest at the Golden Corral, you basically have access to the foodbar the whole day (8am to 10ish pm?)

Not good for the New Years resolution for weight loss but a buncha fun. (I am working and cannot attend)

Have fun!

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Thanks Dink!! We have a regular Thursday night PFS game going now using Roll20 software and hope to eventually find enough interest in a live game.

So there is 4-5 local players on that currently, but I suspect it takes 10-20 locals to truly "launch" a live weekly game.

I will keep an eye out on this thread and might try to just schedule something soon and see what happens!


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Love mine, got it at Gencon!!

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Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Vrischika111 wrote:

I really hope paizo will open a store/delivery place in europe for a more "local" shipping
They tried this in the magazine days using a european magazine distribution house... it was horrible

One of you that is a Venture Capt / very active for Paizo in Europe should propose to open a distribution center for them.

Find a local space / secured, where the items could be received. You then help Paizo rent a local office/warehouse where they could store the items.

Then you set up a local PC / printer (label printer) and go to work for them on a part time basis.

They pay you $x.xx per hour to ship out orders on a daily basis. It might eventually grow to be a full time gig for you!

Paizo saves money by shipping in bulk to your location, and the local customers also see a savings. There is SOME cost (rent + cost per hour of your time) but I suspect the savings would offset this.

Outsourcing it to a NON-gamer could work if that non-gamer/company is trustworthy. But a gamer run distribution center, that gamer KNOWS the product line and is already passionate about the product.

If I was setting all this up...personally I would open a small retail game store. Retail space, gaming space....and warehouse/distribution center space.

You might KNOW of a local game shop that could do this...or one of you might be an entrepreneur and want to go into biz for yourself!!

Just my 2 cents... and I am looking at various subscription models myself. Not sure what I want to buy in physical form all the time yet besides the comic.

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I just missed you this weekend, I stopped in and bought some merch at Wyvern in Asheville (very cool store) and he said you had just left a few minutes earlier.

I nearly had to abandon the wife and friends when I heard there was Pathfinder going on upstairs... oh well, maybe next time!

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Vic Wertz wrote:
We won't be reprinting this exact shirt, but we debuted a new goblin shirt at Gen Con. Look for it to be added to in a couple of weeks, along with the new PFS "Year of the Risen Rune" shirt that also debuted at Gen Con.

I got the Risen Rune shirt, but don't remember the "new" goblin shirt, I thought it was this one?

Wife thinks the goblins are "cute" so I am going to have to get that new one when it hits on here!!

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This is a shout out for all the local gamers in the Triad area. I know there are a ton of us because we play together at MACE, mini-MACE, StellarCon and various other times.

It really is a shame for an area this big that we have to drive to Durham to play Pathfinder (or other RPGs) on a regular basis (Thursday nights.)

We have a local gaming group already but I am trying to launch a PUBLIC group and see if we can build up some momentum for the area. None of us really can commit to running a weekly game (roll vs. wife BLUFF check) but if there are enough folks to commit we could make it happen.

Feel free to throw out suggestions on places to play, Hobby Town on Battleground Avenue has game tables in the back and I suspect they would welcome us if we are organized. (They might start stocking Pathfinder stuff again if we are there, playing and BUYING from them!!)

Other suggestions welcome, Kernersville and north High Point are the most central locations? But I only know of CCG shops in those areas?

Right now, Chris, Sam, Stephen and Geoff are playing locally and hoping to hear from YOU!! (Adults only, 18+ please!!!!) We have a bazillion college students in the area, I am really surprised this has not already happened!?

Post up your interest, and time availability!!

I am putting some of the local cities in as well for SEARCH engine purposes:

High Point

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I am just up the road in Greensboro area, our crew might have to sneak down your way some weekend!! (Actually I will be there this weekend but don't know that I can roll high enough BLUFF or SNEAK vs wife to come out and play!!)

I would like to get some info if you have it on the local scene, where you are organizing it (Warhorn?) if not on here.

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I used the comic as a great way to introduce the newbies to Pathfinder world and some of the pre-generated characters for them to play with!!

As you can see, I am a subscriber as well!! So I really enjoyed it and thought the extra content was really nice.

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EL hit it on the head for me. I want a BASIC VTT, in fact if Paizo simply announced they had partnered with Roll20 I would be happy!!

We played our first PFS game via Roll20 last night and it went fantastic. So here is my 2 cents.

I will pay $3.99 all day long for modules, we are starting now with the 3 intros.

If they can simply hook my Paizo id / downloads to my VTT where I buy those modules already set up and ready to play, that is gold!!!

I DON'T want the VTT to be complicated, I owned Fantasy Grounds and never played a single game on it. Too much setup time for the GM and players.

So, to reiterate, Paizo + Roll20 partnership... where they could upload my PURCHASED (and free) modules into a campaign for me I would pay for.

Paizo Game Space VTT (free) + ability to buy PFS modules and use, I would also pay for. Give the VTT away for free, the money is in the modules. Think Kindle / ebooks.

I define MODULE as the written content where I don't have to flip back and forth to my PDF. Player Handouts, Maps (without the "secret" stuff on them, just blank) and tokens/icons of the monsters.

Just as an aside, would it really be that hard to start snagging the bestiary content and dropping it in the modules? Maybe that is a marketing deal to make sure we own both but sure would be nice to have it all in one bundle.