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There's plenty of WLW characters in Pathfinder - but given "lesbian" and "sapphic" come specifically from Earth-based etymology, what do you suppose they'd call themselves on Golarion?

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So I wrote these lyrics for the Song of Silver in my campaign (sung to the tune of The Measure of His Reach or The Measure of Our Reach from Final Fantasy XIV).

Hopefully someone else can get some use from them!

Raise high the argent banner
Draw forth the silver’d blade
The strident song of liberty
Calls forth our great crusade
Though Hell may rise against us
And strife our lands embroil
The iron boot of tyranny
Shall never tread our soil

Against infernal legions
Beset by steel and flame
Our silver gleams untarnished
And proudly we proclaim:
With voices raised in chorus
Through faith our lands endure
The spirit of our nation
Shall stand yet strong and pure

Now all Kintargo’s children
Pray hear her heart’s refrain
And stand in solidarity
So freedom e’er shall reign
We sing our song of silver
On ravens’ wings we soar
The light of hope in Ravounel
Shall shine forever more

So... Turn of the Torrent advises you build up Luculla as much as possible, get the party to like and trust her before the shocking reveal in the Lucky Bones. But as written, there's not a lot of opportunity to do that: after the whole opening sequence with Octavio and Setrona, they'd pretty immediately want to go to the Holding House, and then there's only one more Level 4-appropriate mission (The Poison Pen) before they'll want to start exploring the LB - Varl Wex is recommended for level 6. And once they go to the LB, of course, Luculla and her cultists are the very FIRST group of baddies to contend with. Any advice on dropping in more chances to interact with Luculla?

So Eutropia's whole drive to overturn primogeniture means women will be able to inherit property and aristocratic titles... but there are female NPCs throughout (especially in Crownfall and SSS) who HAVE property and aristocratic titles (see Baroness Voinum and Dame Crabbe in SSS especially). How did these NPCs inherit them under male-only primogeniture?

OK, so, looking ahead to "A History of Ashes" in my campaign (we just started "Seven Days to the Grave"), I like the fact that Paizo have put in more content - but Deathhead Vault seems to really break the flow of the campaign. It's like, "go and find the long-lost magical sword that is the only thing that can stop Ileosa! But wait, there's a detour you have to take all the way back to Korvosa first".

I was considering just shunting it wholesale to the beginning of "Crown of Fangs" (XP won't be a problem, considering I use milestones rather than counting it). Yes, the party will have Serithtial at that point, and they will be a couple levels higher than recommended, so they may end up tearing through the Mantis and the Maidens like Laori's chain through her impractical outfit, but maybe after the horrors of Scarwall it'll boost their morale to strike such an easy, crushing blow against the Queen's tyranny? Before I go hurling the rest of the chapter at them, anyway.

What do you guys think?