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So I wrote these lyrics for the Song of Silver in my campaign (sung to the tune of The Measure of His Reach or The Measure of Our Reach from Final Fantasy XIV).

Hopefully someone else can get some use from them!

Raise high the argent banner
Draw forth the silver’d blade
The strident song of liberty
Calls forth our great crusade
Though Hell may rise against us
And strife our lands embroil
The iron boot of tyranny
Shall never tread our soil

Against infernal legions
Beset by steel and flame
Our silver gleams untarnished
And proudly we proclaim:
With voices raised in chorus
Through faith our lands endure
The spirit of our nation
Shall stand yet strong and pure

Now all Kintargo’s children
Pray hear her heart’s refrain
And stand in solidarity
So freedom e’er shall reign
We sing our song of silver
On ravens’ wings we soar
The light of hope in Ravounel
Shall shine forever more

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Is there a stat block for Gattlebee anywhere? Particularly since there are things in the adventure that want to kill him.