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Shifty wrote:

"If I pick Slumber in isolation and pretend that it only gets used in the most optimal and idealised setting, regardless of how little that setting resembles an actual game play environment, I can show you how unbalanced it is."


A Balor can choke to death on a potato too. Lets ban potatoes.

But think of the implications! Without potatoes the southern Andoran harvest would be ruined, Cheliax would collapse under export ban and Ustalav would rise as the supreme super power with its abundant supply of alternate starches!

No no, good luck to YOU


Jess Door wrote:
Gary Teter wrote:

It amuses me that Amtrak has a blob server.

Also, they found another part that needed replacing while they were replacing the first part. So another half hour delay (that's 2.5 hrs total if you're playing along at home).

I am beginning to question the reliability of the aircraft I hope to eventually board.

It's a Trap!


Emperor7 wrote:
We need a FAWTLy lottery club. Send me all of your money and I'll buy tickets.


Studpuffin wrote:


Hey, would you like to fill out this survey? ;)


Moff Rimmer wrote:

Those aren't tonsils.