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any suggestions on countering?

well guys what happened was he has a dinasaur familiar and during the first encounter summoned a dire boar, wolverine, and wildshaped into a dire lion. not to mention the fact that his raptor kills stuff extrememly well, his only roleplaying so far was playing a non verbal parrot, how would i bait him into roleplaying more, also im starting to think we dont mesh well ill give it a few more trys though and see how it goes.

eberron is the setting and im running a evil game so i started them kinda high, he said his summons last for 16 rounds. he said he had a feat that doubled there time, im not too familiar with druids but im not the type of person to tell someone they cant play what they want

well today we played for the first time and it was a straight druid and i never realized how broken that class was; from the get go his animal companion was a dinasour and he summoned all sorts of nastyness; any suggestions

i got a min max player who wants to play a psionic druid. how would i keep a lid on him?

well anyway i hope paizo buys out Dnd (when WotC finally decides to sell it) so are the pathfinder books going to be at books stores in oct? also are there any exerpts so i know what its kinda like before i buy it

but what is pathfinder all about, i mean i fell in love with eberron and all of keith bakers work; hes a fellow gamer who did extraordinary work on it all i just hate the fact that someone to get their world or work mainstream you have to sign a deal with the devil, and the also shot down dragonlance too,

its all quality man i feel that they are stretching to put a price tag on more and more things; i mean they are really stretching books there are so many times that they could of put two books into one and they have generalized focused books that drive me up the wall half the time these days if you dont have all the books you feel almost as if your working at a disadvantage, especially as a dm. i also feel when i hold in my hand two books of varing density with the same pricetag it makes me want to impale someone and display them in my front yard. but maybe this all goes into the face that i also have a strong dislike for capitalism even though i understand it usefulness. anyway thats my 4 cents

I personally have enjoyed paizo more recently then WotC, the only material that i enjoy from them is the whole eberron series. Everything else seems to just be about money, am i way off or on target?

KnightErrantJR wrote:

I voted for the gods, mainly because the difference between playing a cleric as a walking band aid and playing a cleric as a character is knowing something about why they follow the path they follow, what they oppose, what motivates them, etc.

mevers is a changling!!!!

So whats' the deal with the whole wizards ending the contract...

a legendary masterwork sword, with the story of heroes engraved on the blade

if a npc is blind could a party us him against a gaze attack

for example say there is a medusa doing ( blah ) and there is a half orc monk with blind fighting could they hire him to kill the medusa?

it just brought up a strange thought.

Ring of Five wrote:
Will Trev Oli wrote:

I wanted to get a taste of other peoples tastes.

What, in your openion is the best music to play/DM D&D to?
Mine is classical or jazz.

Original Film Scores and Video Game OST's...only.

I'd save the metal and jazz (Cowboy Bebop anyone?) for Traveller or d20 Modern/Future.

But jazz for DnD...? I love the genre but in 20+ years I've never had the urge to use that music for a medieval fantasy game. The very idea of an orc with a trombone or a swamp halfling (dixieland) jamboree leaves a strange taste in the mouth...or ears as the case may be... (Not that the music as such would be played 'in the game', by characters-I just can't see that jazz vibe as 'clicking' with the DnD milieu or any of the settings...perhaps a conservative viewpoint but I'm trying to answer your question here...)

In any case, Maestro Trev Oli, what jazz do you listen to for DnD? I'd really like to know, and so too perhaps would others who answered your post...?

well maybe not in classic dnd but dnd modern or future; or maybe even if your including a little bit of spelljammer in the gaming

thanks for all the ideas im makeing new cds right now

oh by the way does anyone remeber when they use to sell dark sun modules at k b toys for $3 a box?

ok strange

g+! d#@n it. maybe if i envoke the name of gargamel it will stop again

ok im not a smurf anymore but my text is still being altered. i guess someone hacked paizo

is there any reason why my icon is a smurf?
and why my text was changed?

ebberron or homebrew use to rock dark sun and spelljammer... i always preffered the spelljammer style over planescape the whole teleporting deal just took the fun out of the journey for me. in eberron can there be muls in the talena plains? u never know

well if your going to go the high dex route then you can take weapon finesse and you will use your dex not your str to you advantage you will not need str for the essential game so it doesnt have to be a high stat therefore you can redirect you high stats as follows


three main stats and they will also boost up your saving throws

but if you wanted a true test 8 - 12th level no magic items and that would be a doosy of a knock down drag out brawl

so whats next barbarian vs monk?
monk Vs Sorcerer
Ranger Vs Druid
only time will tell

Line of Lightning. I just got a thing for blues. always thought the reds were too typical and the blues can have a reason why they do the things they do and i just fell in love with em plus its just cool

thanks this whole thread gave me a good idea

Looking to either play or dm a new game or relativly new game
if interested email me


well thats the problem, was planning on dming a eberron game but i email the players the options and they got kinda freaked out and the final outcome was something like can we convert the world to 2nd ed... and i was bewildered to say the least

yea its not bad but if you take it you have to pick a spell you will always use and often. such as magic missle but it still kills a feat option

thats a great article and im saving it to favorites to show my wife thanx

Kaisius wrote:
About ten years ago, I played in an all-warrior AD&D campaign. In the middle of the dungeon, we find a +3 greataxe. The only problem: none of us had WP: Axes. So we continue on and come across three chests. We'd encountered a similar setup before and, by sheer luck, avoided their traps, so we're worried about these new ones. It then occurs to me, "Hey, that axe was 5 or 6 feet long. We'll use it to smash the locks. So what if we're not proficient." Well, it worked and on we went. A little later we came to a door with no key. We all tried to simply break it down, but we all failed. I said, "I pull out the +3 lockpick and try again." Nailed it on the first try and thus was born the Fighter's +3 Lockpick.

i like that i think ill use it

Lilith wrote:
There are 80 "base classes" (those defined as having 20 levels) and 660 prestige classes (those having entry requirements). I don't have a few supplements and my database isn't updated to include those.

lilith you said in your database does that mean its digitial if so could you email it to me?

i know i was very tired when i did the initial post and i was just going through the index cards and typed as i went that is nuts... i personall think if they include all the new classes in 4th Ed its going to be a very expensive book

maybe someone should create a pamphlet style books of all the character creation options in pocket size

Carlson wrote:
Actually, there are currently 175 classes available. See here. After you eliminate variations of common classes, racial classes and racial substitution classes, there are still about 60-70 actual classes available.

well i like the beguiler and dragon shaman but jeez if you use to play 2nd ed and were trying to get back in like a few of my friends it would be overwhelming

now dont think i was opossed to all the options i just hate the fact that if you want to see all of your options at one time you have to carry all those books with you or have them there.

I dont have all the Books. Im married so my funds are accounted for usually.

i mean i got a collection but i probably would have alot more

ive been making fastplay characters and i was looking at all the class race combinations [ not including psionics] i just dont like it but anyway i just cant believe all the classes there is at least 21 classes and that isnt including prestige classes. sometimes when a game looses its simplicity it also looses some of its fun

anyway here is the list of classes i know when you look at them all piled up it seems like alot

Dragon Shaman
Favored Soul

that is not even considering the races... i know dammn right

if you make a mnk/sor does the improved unarmed att increase your spell touch. if you touch while stiking do you do stiking damage on top of the spell effect?

ok well i guess ill go first because for some reason im still awake...

My favorite magic related feat is not a metamagic feat its a under noticed and highly convinent feat "Eschew Materials" it allows you basically to cast spells with out material components that do not have a casting cost.

I guess this is just about b*tches gripes and complaint or to promote your own ideals about chrs classes feats whatever

i dont know i as a person always dispised bard, druid, and paladin

but that is just personal biased and i surely recognize there pros as well as the cons

name- Mo Lar
race- Changeling (masqurading as a orc)
class- Dragon shaman
level- 9
world- eberron

circumstances- was in libary going through a historical log about the dragon prophecy and when the rest of the building started coming down, the rest of the party stated that it was time to go and that the place was comeing down

his response was i got time

they then said one by one

"f^ck this and left"

he stayed...he died. as three stories of tower fell on them due to acid damage in the fight before.

well im a DM about 98% of the time but i think the best death ive witnessed so far was the death of one of my own characters

Race- Air Gensai
Class- Wiz/7 Mnk/5 Prestige class - Dragon desciple 5

so this was a while ago and i picked all of my spells to go off of my immunities.

so anyway all my spells were air cold and electricity based and in the campaign we were going into a fire world type deal and before the game that day i said to my girlfriend at the time that was playing too "its a good day to die" and everyone was like WTF they were like ok so we just enter the world and i tell all the other player to go that i would handle them, all of my big spells would of killed the creatures

but keith (damn him) convinced my girlfriend to stay there and help me so all of my upper spells would of killed her too. so 1 to 3 level spells only. kinda screwed me and he described the monsters that we were fighting as the fireball things from final fantasy and so i took out 5 of them without incident but on the last one when both of us were down to minimal points i cast hold monster so she could take it out

his response was
" well i didnt want to do this...but know how when those things are brought down to only a few hit points and they explode well that is basically what happens."

now mind you i was working on that chr for at least a year and a half. needless to say i really didnt enjoy playing with him anymore

WTF how the hell did a post about nothing get this long?

well i guess ill add to pee - wee 's rubber band ball you all got going on here

DmRrostarr wrote:
I would say no, but they possibly might take a reduction in their base movement. Just my 2 coppers...

what about +1 to ac due to size? should that factor in?

thats what i was trying to get across the skills are what make a party versitile a party could get along with out any one class because the others would more or less carry the party.

Should you change the stats of someone who wishes to play a midget human so halfling or dwarf or at all. someone brought this up to me and i had no idea how to respond. he said that it was to be a human but 3'10"

Sir Kaikillah wrote:
Istari wrote:

I just got out of the marine corps and am origonally from brooklyn and i got married and live in vegas now i cant find any game shops, let alone find gamers not to mention the fact that i barely know anyone here. any suggestions?

Thanks for serving and good luck.

what in the marines... dont mention it man i didnt do anything special. i just did a job. but thanks

ok so im illiterate sometimes but do take into consideration that i just got out of the USMC whereas the only thing i really did for 4 years is blow stuff up. but im trying to get my mind back up to speed.

Fake Healer wrote:

I am letting the whole ROGUE/ROUGE thing go because Istari is new here....

My thoughts on an ideal 5 player party is
Beguiler-trapfinding and sneaky magic
Duskblade-light fighter/evocation artillery/massive magical melee damage dealer
Cleric (ranged oriented)- provide ranged support/healing/undead controller
Dragon Shaman-High hit-point meatshield/special powers for various situations
and either a Metamagic Sorcerer or a Specialist Wizard (doesn't really matter what school to me)- gotta have a pure arcanist, I would lean towards the wizard myself for versatility, and lose illusion and enchantment schools to specialize in something else because the Beguiler will have those covered fairly well.
My 2


well i believe your selections are great i would of probably of gone the same route but i was under the impression that it was pure base classes from PHB 1 thats it.

i have recently been going through and making fast play characters and if you didnt know how many classes there are there are a total of 21 that i know of, sooooo with that many options there is so much open for speculation

what was with the Rouge / Rouge thing enlighten me because thats the only way i could learn if someone lets me in on it

well Steve, Im looking to run or play Im actually been dying to try out eberron FR have never been my thing and eberron hit me just right and it meshed up with alot of the worlds that i have made up over the years and in some way sharn reminds me of lankmore if anyone knows about that. well i was wondering where you went actually to meet players.

By the way Im steve too.

Peruhain of Brithondy wrote:

For starters, you can post under "gamer connection" on these boards that you're a gamer looking for a group in Las Vegas NV. Wizards and other gamer websites also have message boards for this purpose.

I don't know anything about gaming in Vegas, but there is an active group of gamers from Vegas on these boards, led by Dungeon contributor Steve Greer. He's running a Savage Tide campaign right now (see his campaign journal in the appropriate section of the boards), and if he doesn't have a chair for you at his gaming table, he probably can help you connect with other gamers in the area and an FLGS or two.

Good luck!

in referance to " appropriate section of the boards" im brand new to this so please educate me. i dont know where anything is and i didnt even know how to put a avatar on until early this morning so where in the message board system do i go?

also what does

"connect with other gamers in the area and an FLGS or two." mean?

FS - i am the same person, and who is fakey?

I just got out of the marine corps and am origonally from brooklyn and i got married and live in vegas now i cant find any game shops, let alone find gamers not to mention the fact that i barely know anyone here. any suggestions?

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