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Full Name

Isabella Blackleaf




Ranger 5; Init +5; Senses Low-light vision; Perception +12; AC 18 (+3 Dex., +4 armour, +1 shield); hp 44; Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +3








Chaotic Neutral




Common, Elven, Goblin, Sylvan

Strength 14
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Isabella Blackleaf

CN female Half-Elf Ranger 5

Init +5 (+3 Dex., +2 Reactionary); Senses Low-light vision; Perception +12

AC 17 (+3 Dex., +4 armour)

hp 44

Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +3

Speed 30 ft.

+8/+10 Demonbane longsword, 1d8+2/+2d6, 19-20/x2
+8 Shortsword, 1d6+2, 19-20/x2
+8 Warhammer, 1d8+2, x3

+9 Heavy crossbow, 1d10, 19-20/x2

Str 14, Dex 17, Con14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10

Base Atk +5; CMB +7; CMD 20


Double slice
Rapid Reload
Skill Focus: Survival
Two-Weapon Defense
Two-Weapon Fighting


Climb +6 (1 rank, +2 Str., +3 class skill)
Disable device +8 (5 ranks, +3 Dex.)
Handle animal +8 (5 ranks, +0 Cha., +3 class skill)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4 (1 rank, +0 Int., +3 class skill)
Knowledge (geography) +5 (2 ranks, +0 Int., +3 class skill)
Knowledge (nature) +7 (4 ranks, +0 Int., +3 class skill)
Linguistics +2 (2 ranks, +0 Int.)
Perception +12 (5 ranks, +2 Wis., + 3 class skill, +2 keen senses)
Stealth +11 (5 ranks, +3 Dex., +3 class skill)
Survival +13 (5 ranks, +2 Wis., +3 class skill, +3 Skill Focus)


Craft (leather) +5 (2 ranks, +0 Int., +3 class skill)
Craft (traps) +8 (5 ranks, +0 Int., +3 class skill)
Craft (weapons) +5 (2 ranks, +0 Int., +3 class skill)



Unbreakable Survivor: Over a decade ago, bandits took everything you valued in life and left you barely alive. You managed to rebuild your life in the years since, and your tenacity has made you a local legend. Once per day as a full round action, you may shrug off some of your injuries and immediately heal a number of hit points equal to your Constitution modifier + 1 per Hit Die. Your reputation for tenacity inspires your neighbors, and you gain a +1 trait bonus whenever you attempt to influence residents of Phaendar with Diplomacy or Intimidate
checks. At 6th level, your reputation spreads further across the nation, and you may apply your trait bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to influence all humanoids in Nirmathas.



Common, Elven, Goblin, Sylvan



1st Favoured Enemy: Humanoid (goblinoid)

1st Favoured Terrain: Forest (+2 to Initiative checks, Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, Survival while in a forest. Normally leave no trail and cannot be tracked while in a forest.)

2nd Favoured enemy: Monstrous humanoid

Adaptability: Half-Elves receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat at first level.

Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Hunter's Bond: This bond allows a Ranger to spend a move action to grant half her favored enemy bonus against a single target of the appropriate type to all allies within 30 feet who can see or hear her. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to the ranger’s Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). This bonus does not stack with any favored enemy bonuses possessed by his allies; they use whichever bonus is higher.

Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Low-Light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Multitalented: Half-Elves choose two favoured classes at first level and receive all related benefits.

Track: Add half Ranger level (min. 1) to Survival rolls to follow or identify tracks.

Weapon Familiarity: Elves are proficient with longbows (including composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with the word "elven" in its name as a martial weapon.

Wild empathy: 1d20 + Ranger level + Cha. bonus. (1d20+2)





Isabella grew up in a small village of Half-Elves near Kyonin, the natural consequence of Elves' tendency to 'dally' with humans who come to trade, combined with their reluctance to allow creatures not wholly Elven to live in their beautiful kingdom.
Raiders attacked the village while Isabella was away, exploring the forest, and she returned to find the buildings burning ruins, and her people gone. These things can have a profound effect on a young person's mind, especially when you never find out who did them. If anyone asks, Isabella will reply very simply that she feels she should be dead; everyone she cared for was lost, none of the Elves seemed to care what had happened to her people, she does not even know that she has any human kin, and the wilderness that was once her playground has done nothing to heal the gaping hole in her heart. She is simply making time until Pharasma claims her as well.
Isabella mostly adventures to pay her bar tab. She doesn't mind killing, just so long as it's not for an out-and-out evil cause. She prays to Pharasma to receive the souls of those who fall against her in battle, and to make note of Isabella's own death when it comes.


Isabella is short for a Half-Elf, and in spite of the many hours she has spent in the wilderness her hair and skin remain pale, with a hint of honey. If she ever put her mind to it, she could be beautiful. Instead, she wears a forester's leathers and armour, and lugs around equipment for battle. Most of the time, her expression is bland and bored, with only danger sparking any interest and vitality in the large, dark brown eyes she hides behind her goggles.



140 gp
9 sp
Weight: 62 lb.

+1 Light fortification spiked studded leather armour
+1 Shortsword
Arrows (100)
Bolts (49)
Composite longbow (+2)
Demonbane longsword
Heavy crossbow (masterwork)
Leather armour
Light steel shield (masterwork)
Longsword (masterwork)
Pearl of power I
Rations (6 days)
Rope (silk, 50 ft.)
Shortsword (masterwork)
Spell component pouch
Traveler's outfit
Warhammer (masterwork)

This suit of armor or shield produces a magical force that protects vital areas of the wearer more effectively. When a critical hit or sneak attack is scored on the wearer, there is a chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is negated and damage is instead rolled normally. The chance is 25% for light fortification.