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No we don't!


Steve Geddes wrote:
Anburaid wrote:
The use of proper grammar with regards to the word "stealth" is an added plus.
I was going to say this but you ninjaed me.

How apropos :D

Just want to pop in and say nice avatar, Liz :D

And now a Haiku ...

Wench's crotch burns like pirate rum,
smart man drinks sake with beautiful geisha.
girlfriend experience.


Ninjas have shuriken, pirates have scurvy. Done.


The fact that katana now has an awesome crit range bothers me not at all. Put keen on one of those bastards and invest in critical feats and have fun chopping the limbs off everything in sight ... with limbs.

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The stabbity geisha girls local #507 wholehearted approve this informative tale of ninja awesomeness. Gratz Liz

For great justice!!!

As a representative of the union of stabbity geisha girls local #54739, I wholeheartedly approve this product. We urge all of you to preorder .......... or else.

*smoke bomb!*

Merisiel Sillvari wrote:
I'd like to see a ninja point and laugh at me. I'd teach her a thing or two! (Especially since those stats you see of me printed in those silly books are all part of my master plan to throw you all off balance... in real life, I'm MUCH more powerful. In that I have at least four more daggers than those stats say I do! STAB!!!!)

Dear Ms. Sillvari,

It is my distinguished duty to inform you that it is on. I had hoped that you would have realized that you had been served, and that you would have accepted this inevitable humiliation as the natural order of things (after all, I am featured in a new rule book with the world "Ultimate" in the title. I guess some people never get the hint ...). I laugh at you and your aerodynamically challenged "knives" (they don't play ultimate frisbee where you live, I take it...) And your beanpole figure looks to me like one of these. Sufficed to say, I have the inexplicable urge to slice you in half.

So to reiterate, it is on. You've been served.

Ever your's,
Iconic Ninja >^.^<

P.S. hugs!!!!