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| Focus Points: 1/1 | Battle Medicine used: Salka, Interi | Current Conditions: | ◆◇↺


Interi (they/them) | LN conrasu fighter 4 | hp 42/62 | AC 21 (22 w/shield), F +10E, R+9E, W +11E | Hero Points: 1/3+coin | Speed 25ft | Perception +11E | Sunlight Healing: 1/1

About Interi

Pronouns they/them
PFS# 855-2014
Faction Verdant Wheel


LN conrasu (rite of reinforcement) field medic fighter 4
LN, medium aeon, conrasu, plant, rare

Speed 25ft
Languages Common, Druidic, Mwangi, Rasu, Xanmba
STR 18 (+4), DEX 12 (+1), CON 14 (+2), INT 10 (+0), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 8 (-1)

HP 67
AC 21 (22 w/buckler or shield raised)
Fort +10E, Ref +9E, Will +11E (plus Bravery)
Sunlight Healing 2d8 hp (1/day)
Defensive Abilities Toughness (recovery = 9+dying)

...Storm Hammer (+1 striking) +13 (shove); Damage 2d8+4 B + 1E (◆1/day increase to 1d6 E)
...Warhammer +12 (shove); Damage 1d8+4 B
...Whip +12 (nonlethal, disarm, trip, reach, finesse); Damage 1d4+4 S
...Claw +12 (agile, finesse, unarmed); Damage 1d4+4 S
...Fist +12 (nonlethal, agile, finesse, unarmed); Damage 1d4+8 B
...Pick +12 (fatal d10); Damage 1d6+4 P
...Javelin +9 (thrown 30ft.); Damage 1d6+4 P
...Lesser alchemist's fire +9 (thrown 20ft.); Damage 1d8 F + 1 F splash + 1 persistent F
...Lesser blight bomb +9 (thrown 20ft.); Damage 1d6 Poison + 1 Poison splash + 1d4 persistent Poison

Source Druid Dedication
Druid Order Leaf
Primal Spell Attack +9, Primal Spell DC 19
Prepared Primal Spells
...Cantrips (2nd) electric arc, scatter scree
Primal Focus Spells goodberry
Focus Points 1

Source Items
Arcane Innate Spells
...Cantrips (1st) light (1st, from and targets wayfinder), shield (1st, hardness 10, from dusty rose prism aeon stone in wayfinder)

FEATS & Abilities
Ancestry Ceremony of the Evened Hand, Sunlight Healing
Class Attack of Opportunity, Druid Dedication, Order Spell, Shield Block, Snagging Strike
General Toughness
Skill Assurance (Athletics, 18), Battle Medicine, Titan Wrestler

Acrobatics +7T
Athletics +13E
Diplomacy +5T
Herbalism Lore +6T
Medicine +9T
Nature +9T
Religion +9T
Survival +9T
Warfare Lore +6T

Magic Items dusty rose prism aeon stone, Lifting Belt, minor healing potion, scroll of heal, storm hammer with striking rune, wayfinder
Mundane Items backpack, bedroll, chalk (10), flint and steel, healer's tools, rations (2 weeks), rope (50 ft.), waterskin, 29gp, 7sp, 8cp

[dice=+1 striking storm hammer]1d20+13[/dice]
[dice=Electricity Damage]1[/dice]
[ooc]Flat-footed on hit (Snagging Strike).[/ooc

[ooc]Flat-footed on hit (Snagging Strike)[/ooc

School Item (3-98): scroll of water breathing


Hero Point Log:

10/17/2022 - Spent on Battle Medicine [1/3]
10/13/2022 - Awarded for pre-rolling AoOs [2/3]
9/17/2022 - Avoid crit fail on spooky hole runes [1/3]
9/11/2022 - Start of game [2/3]