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Try stacking Archetypes. There's a solid case to be made for using Crossblooded with Steelblooded and Untouchable. You wear heavy armor, have SR while raging, and can pick Arcane/anything else for the ability to apply Buffs when entering bloodrage. These are applied automatically, so you don't need to cast spells in order to do it.

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So, it's been a while since you've seen a bump, and I'm wondering how your build has changed since Crane Wing was altered. Everything else looks good. For my personal use, I would reduce my AC (because a smart creature would realize that he couldn't hit me and move on to the next character). Any suggestions? I would only reduce AC by 10-20%.

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I have something to say on this matter. I want to point out, that based on that logic, Draconic Resistance and Breath Weapon are only active while bloodraging. While I do understand that the bloodline power section states clearly that the powers gained are only active while bloodraging unless otherwise stated. However, it seems like what they did do is clearly state when a bloodline power was gained only during bloodrage. Take into account that the Abberant bloodline power that makes you immune to fatigue. The major benefit here is that you can rage back-to-back. However, if only gained while bloodraging, it loses that benefit, as the fatigue hits you after you end bloodrage.

Furthermore, this can be seen by looking at the parent class Draconic bloodline in which the Draconic Resistance was clearly meant to be a permanent boost. In which case, you would think that it would also be this way for Bloodragers, as it written identically other than the levels at which it is gained.

I am more than willing to be told I'm wrong, but it seems ridiculous that the benefits gained from bloodrager would pale in comparison to sorcerer bloodline abilities. To be fair, I understand that the sorcerer version is limited use on claws, and bloodrager gains rage and armor proficiency. Also, it is not outside of the realm of possibility for this to be permanent, as Rangers gain access to permanent claws (granted, at 2nd level).

My own vested interest here is that if the claws are permanent, it significantly alters my feat progression. Just thought I'd be forthright.

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So, I typed out an edit that was really long, and then lost all of it. So I'll just do another post.

First off, the DC for breaking free/escaping chains is 20, not 25.

Second, there is no light inside the Cairn, and all the enemies have darkvision. A character with Darkvision can see for 60ft, but the chains obscure everything heavily, resulting in that 50% miss chance. Light/Fire spells must succeed a DC20 concentration check or fail, and the light produced has it's range halved. The Light cantrip has a modified range of 10ft of good light, 10 ft of low-light. Humans can see 10 ft clearly, 10 more feet blurrily, and nothing after that. Low-light vision would grant an additional 10ft (the low light area would be doubled I believe).

The mechanics of the climb are as follows:
1) DC10->climb up at 1/4 speed.
2) DC15->Climb up at 1/2 speed.
3) DC10->Keep from falling after taking damage.
4) DC20->Catch yourself while falling.

If you fail climb checks 1 or 2 by 5 or more, you fall 1d6 x10ft.
If you fail climb check 3, you fall 1d6 x10ft.
If you fail climb check 4 at any point, You stop after the designated distance because you are caught by the hooks and spikes on the chains, but take double fall damage. Fall damage is 1d6 per 10ft of fall normally. A failed check number 4 is 2d6 per 10ft of fall distance.
The reading does not say that you must disentangle yourself though, so you are free to try climbing again next round.

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For those of you who still plan to run this, I am dismayed by how many times I read reports of the party flying to the top of the climb instead of going through with the climb. Keep in mind that there is a Fly check required every move action nearly everywhere in the actual Cairn that is DC 30 to avoid being entangled in the chains that occupy nearly every square foot of this place, and once entangled it's a DC 25 Escape/Strength Check (as a standard action) to get loose from said chains. If players are using potions or wands of Fly, they only have good maneuverability, and cannot go straight up (I believe it's 5ft of altitude for every 10 feet forward), so traveling 150ft up will take a while. Not to mention that if the party released Telendrak, or they did not stealth up the chains, you should be checking to see if they are heard coming.

I ran this several times this last weekend at a Con, and for every party that attempted to fly, none of them made it more than 15ft before giving up and climbing instead. Only success that I saw was someone using Levitate, and even that wasn't a great option.

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So, I actually have a few answers for you on this, and it took me a while and several rereads.

Tony Lindman wrote:
1. The section detailing the party's interaction with Golbrier Frosh indicates that Andoran PCs should rescue him and get him as an ally, but that is not mentioned in the Andoran success condition. Is that an artifact of a change during development?

I'm iffy on this one. It mentions in the secondary success conditions that Golbrier must be friendly to the PC's. I assume that this was how you had to achieve that. For rescuing him, it says he trusts you, but nothing about his attitude. I know... it seems like a technicality, but that's the way it reads. I assume it's an artifact.

Tony Lindman wrote:
2. There is a trap noted between B1 and B2, but no trap in the text. Is that just noting the area that impedes the characters on their return, before encountering Maravan?

This one I have ABSOLUTELY figured out. In the reading title for FINAL ENCOUNTER 1, after all of the stat blocks, in a small paragraph, it explains this trap. It is ONLY active during the final encounter. I actually messed this up in my game, but had fun with it anyway.

Tony Lindman wrote:

3. The secret door from B2 to B5 is not mentioned in the text, so I don't know what the DC to find it is.

4. The text for area B4 seems to be describing the unlabeled chamber between B4 and B5 on the map, and there is no description of the area labeled as B4. Is there something special I should do here?

Ok, so, I'm not 100% on these. For #3, I assumed the DC's were nearly identical to the rest of the traps in the scenario based on tier. For #4, you are absolutely correct. The rooms are mislabeled. B4 is the middle room, not the far left room.

Tony Lindman wrote:

5. The trap in area B3 says that characters caught in the trap end up in area B3a with spiked chain nets, but there is no such area. Should we just require them to climb/fly out of the pit, or is something else supposed to happen?

6. The treasure note in area B3 indicates that the party LOSES treasure if they successfully bypass the trap and don't end up in the pit. Why are we penalizing our players for using their skills to avoid a hazard?

7. The text for the upper level references C1a and C2a, apparently referring to the two openings to the main level below. They aren't marked on the map, but it's apparent from context what is meant.

For these last three questions, I think I have found the answer. for #5 and #7, they did not include a map or marker, because these are vertical maps, and therefore left to your discretion. They give you dimensions, but not a visual cue. What I did was make a box as wide as I had characters, and ~40 feet tall. I placed the party where they were on the climb and the enemies on the top. As the party succeeded and failed at climb checks, I moved their characters closer to, or further from, the top. I actually had a rogue fall almost to the floor during the climb, and a monk try to use high jump to reach the top in a single round.

As for #6, well... One of the Society tenets is to 'Explore' after all... I agree that this seemed a little harsh, but my PC's were getting used to the rest of the season having money in the traps and tripped it purposefully so they could loot it.

Hope this helps!

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As I was editing my post, I saw your message, so I decided to post a new one. I just saw it too, so that cancels that thought, but my previous question still stands as a worthy thought to consider. Are the variant Aasimar and Teifling a worthwhile pursuit?

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So, after some reading and thinking, I decided to ask your opinion on two things. The first is going to be about variant racial abilities for both the Aasimar (Archon is +2 Con/Wis, Garuda is +2 Dex/Wis)and Tiefling (Oni is +2 Str/Wis/-2 Cha, and Qlippoth is +2 Str/Wis/-2 Int). This doesn't even include SLAs, which range from fantastic to meh.

The other is about alternative racial traits that add natural attacks. Don't natural attacks stack with Flurry by adding on as secondary attacks (-5 of lowest bonus). This brings into account that an Amulet of Mighty Fists also enhances these attacks, and are also counted for any feats that affect unarmed strikes, and thus potentially increasing damage output. At first level, a Tengu monk with Claw Attack instead of Sword Trained would make 5 attacks per full round action that would look like (without stat modifiers) -2/-2/-7/-7/-7.

As a Random thought, melee or support monks could potentially dip into cleric. With enough levels, domain strike could be useful as well (mmmm... bad touch cleric/monk). I understand that this is not the most effective dip, but worth a mention.

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So, It's been a while since this has seen a bump, but I'm going to point out that the Haunted curse grants illusion spells for oracles. In addition, being a gnome also grants access to illusion spell(like-ability)s. These count towards meeting prerequisites.