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Thanks for the update. I'll keep a lookout for the confirmation email.

Hi Customer Service,

I placed order #4009433 on July 23rd, and it had an original shipment time of 1 to 18 business days.

It has been a month (21 business days) since I placed the order.

When will this be shipped?


Your issue depends on the scenario, who is attending, the amount of players, if people are playing out-of-tier, and the amount of min-max players. I've faced this before and I've decided to just personalize my sign in sheet for all of my future games. My goal is to learn as much as I can about the players before the game starts to make a better experience for all.

Part of my sign in sheet includes a column for this question: What would you like out of today's game? I list a few options (combat, roleplaying etc.) to help players select and prioritize their choices.

From this as well as other questions, I basically determine (1) what skill/class based roles will apply to players, and (2) where I can better tailor the game for all. This also helps portion out segments of the game to actively flag for others what they can expect so that boundaries aren't overstepped by new players, overly helpful players, loud players etc.

However, my warning is that this approach means you as the GM will take more time in preparing the scenario. My second warning is that you will not generally be able to overcome higher level players out of tier, or those playing with illegal/overpowered mechanics by sticking solely to the text of the scenario (or consequently those self-sacrificial folk who just can't help themselves with helping others).

This is because with the benefits of the complexity of the Pathfinder system, there are faults of imbalance inherent to structure of having so many variables in a communicative setting.

Grats Adam!

The character backgrounds look great.

DM Noty: Prior to the start of the scenario, can you post the minimum amount of posts per day that is expected for each person (player + DM)?

This is so that all parties and the DM are on the same timeline.

Thank you all for your messages.

Arcane Addict: I think I agree with you that wizard carries so many options that it is easy to lose sight of the concept, and this is something I'm struggling with. While I want an earth elemental focus, if I'm facing an obstacle based on another element where a knowledge/other check will clearly help the group, I feel compelled to help my group. I feel it will be hard to always be in the element, so to speak.

That said, I do think an earth elemental control wizard or the geokineticist are more of a fit lore-wise for what I look for.

With a wizard pick, I may swap the flying (air-like) familiar for something more grounded and tweak with the gear a bit to enhance the role.

Val'bryn2 This is really helpful input into a geokineticist (I've never played with one). I'll be reading a bit more into the class.

Taenia I like the idea of a druid but two things steer me away from it: (1) I want more of a caster role, and (2) I'm seeing that the live players in my area are fairly melee heavy. A caster seems to be a really good fit for my area at this time & I genuinely want to play one, but it will be some work to stick to the role and theme. I'll get to writing a few more pages of backstory . . .

For more specifics than class, I'd like to know the difference in playstyle between:

(1) An Earth Elemental Wizard with Wood as the opposition school, a bird animal familiar (e.g. hawk, owl, etc.)
(2) A geo-kineticist with some ground/battlefield shaping abilities possibly on a seismic level.
(3) A nature/debuffing Witch dominant over her Plant or Animal patron with its hawk/owl familiar, earth shaping focused hexes (as applicable).
(4) A druid elementalist with a caves subdomain/pit spells, wild shape earth elementals and summon nature's earth elementals with a bird animal companion.

For more specifics regarding combat playstyle, I'd like to know:
(1) Which class for levels 1-11 is best for combat roles where they spend about 35% of the time dealing damage, 40-50% on battlefield control, and the rest on buffing or debuffing.
(2) Survivability
(3) % of damage dealing combat dealt by bows or crossbow rather than spells/hexs/staves/wands/cantrips/magic in general.

For specifics on evaluating out of combat roles, I'd like to know which character best focuses on intelligence, exploration, identification, and investigative based skills (rather than social, diplomacy, leadership, negotiation, and physical strength based skills).

Hi Pathfinders,

I'm trying to get some familiarity into the differences between playstyles for earth-element based roles.

What is the difference in playstyle among (1) an Earth Elemental Wizard, (2) a Geo-kineticist, (3)a nature/debuffing Witch and (4) an earth druid?

I'm not sure if there are other earth based classes, but if you do please let me know.



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As a new player who purchased the extended humble bundle, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

I was worried with having time to develop two characters this weekend (one for pbp and one for live play) but you really gave me the last pieces I was missing to character creation. Saves me hours of time.

Thank you!!

Hi Pathfinders,

I'm trying to get some familiarity into the differences between playstyles for earth-based magic casters.

I'm looking to form a character that has some mix of battlefield control, damage dealing, and debuffing.

What is the difference in playstyle among (1) an Earth Elemental Wizard, (2) a Geo-kineticist, (3)a nature/debuffing Witch and (4) any other Earth based magic caster?

I'm not sure if there are other earth based classes, but if you do please let me know.

Thanks for the input.



Though I am indeed interested in the Hell's Rebels campaign, I would like to post to your idea rather than as a participant in your campaign. I am new to pathfinder and am not at the experience level (yet) to take on something like this. So I am posting to first, commend you on the journey, and second, to offer a quick word of advice.

As you develop this story, and as you begin to post player by player, keep a copy of the writing. Keep it in a document or external source. As you complete scenario by scenario, you can look back at the story that's developing and reflect on what developed.

Towards the end of your journey, you'll have one consolidated source that you can print or keep out for memories. I believe this will add a layer of kinship to the story and its development as well, in addition to producing that much more of a meaningful experience for you.

I'm a newcomer who's interested in playing in a beginner box adventure.

Is another adventure setup in the works?

Thank you all for the replies and input.

Rennaivx: Thank you greatly for the highly informative post. Your summary of the differences is concise and your links are really helpful. Appreciate it.

lareman: Thanks! I just read about traits last night and this is good to know.

Gary Bush and BigNorseWolf: Thanks for the input. I have to figure out what events in my area that aren’t marked “Core Campaign” are core events. It will be a lot more realistic for me to visit a venue rather than travel further to grab core-only events.

However, I’m thinking I’ll end up setting up a core character for online (chat/skype) play and another character for in person. If I happen to be at a live core game I can add the character to the event.

Thank you all for the helpful input.

Hi Pathfinders,

I'm a new player who recently bought the humble bundle.

I've been skimming the core & advanced class books to make my first character but realize that if I want to register it, I can register it as a "Core" or RP/regular character through Paizo. I also noticed Pathfinder Society games in my area are listed as core campaign or not.

(1) What is the difference between a Core or RP/regular registered character?

(2) Also, if I am interested in adventuring in a beginner box text or online game, where should I go?

Thank you for the input. Am excited to dive in!