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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. (Sorry for the minor necro; I don't visit Paizo's forums often.)

For those who don't know us: Scarred Lands was originally printed under the Sword & Sorcery Studios imprint, which was basically the d20 arm of White Wolf.

Onyx Path is a newish company composed mostly of White Wolf alumni. For example, Scarred Lands' final developer in the d20 era was Joe Carriker, who is now Onyx Path's developer for Scion. Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes was my first published RPG work, and now I'm developing the new Trinity Continuum.

We co-own Scarred Lands with Nocturnal Media, owned by another familiar name to WW fans, Stewart Wieck. Stew developed a number of the other S&S d20/OGL lines like the EverQuest RPG. Nocturnal currently publishes Pendragon. You might know his brother Steve as the CEO of DriveThruRPG.

So I hope you believe us when we say we love the Scarred Lands because many of us had our fingers in it originally, and I hope Spiragos convinces everyone that it's in good hands moving forward.

Good news, everyone. ng-and-nocturnal-media/

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Novels are certainly a possibility! Most likely as a Kickstarter stretch goal.

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Sorry for slow responses, everyone. I don't see a way to get the board to notify me when there's a new response, and Paizo isn't one of my usual haunts.

TheLoneCleric wrote:
What about mono-powers per psi? Will that be a thing? Are you keeping to the 3 trees of psi powers per type?

Mono-powers per psi? Do you mean will psions still be limited to a single Aptitude. Yes. Psions will be.

We're still planning that Aptitudes are separated into three Modes, but they may not be the same ones you remember.

@stroVal wrote:
I see..will some of the more free-from rules from 'Players Guide' resurface?

Those rules, while very flexible, were overly complicated and burdensome. I'd like to find a happy middle ground: flexible but easy.

A little of both.

The setting will still be recognizably itself: if you played Aeon/Trinity before, the new one will still be familiar. But we're changing a lot of details, and we're not assuming the original version in our continuity.

So, Orgotek might not be a megacorp anymore. Doyen might not be behind everything. Maybe the teleporters got purged instead of the quantakinetics.

Not giving away any details on changes yet, but we're not changing things just for the sake of being different: we're making changes we feel either create a better setting/story, or further serve to reinforce the key themes of the game lines.

Hey, everyone. I'm developing the new edition of the Trinity Continuum games for Onyx Path. I'm happy to answer questions if you've got 'em, although it's still early, so questions I can answer about the new editions are few and far between.