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Roswynn wrote:
James Sutter wrote:
Thanks, everybody! Also, just to clarify: I definitely did *not* intend it to imply that Valeros is killing his prisoner. He's just scaring him a little with a friendly chokehold, as part of a Cayden-approved Teachable Moment about the respect one should pay to an enemy's beer.
Beer is magic.

Nice fiction sir Sutter! Keep up the good work. And yes, Valeros is grappling with the enemy. The enemy is not at his mercy. So he can kill him and be absolutely Lawful Good if he wants. In fact if Valeros was Evil he would not kill the grappled enemy and he would let him live and continue his evil deeds to spread the cause of Evil.

For Pathfinder 2 they should give attacks of opportunity with -2 to atk to all classes and all monsters. Fighters can be better than the other classes and ignore the -2 penalty.