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Almost perfect for flipping over.

Most of the tiles show the roof on the A side, and a plan view of the room on the opposite B side, which is excellent. I hope all future flip-tiles do this, because e.g. the forest fire tiles are not useful because there aren't versions of that same area of forest that's not burning.

These flip sides are even better than those very rare flip-mat/map pack combos that were designed to work together like "GameMastery Map Pack: Shops" and "Flip-Mat Classics: City Streets", because now you can design your own city layout.

The few problems I have aren't too major:
1. The fountain tiles (ur0 37a and 38a) are duplicates, which would've been fine it they didn't have puddles of water on the ground that clearly stand out as perfect duplicates.
2. The tiles with drains (e.g. ur0 33) or drains and water (e.g. ur0 21) are missing those things on the flip side. I wish all the tiles were designed like the city wall tiles (ur0 39-42) where the road and grass are perfect copies of what's on the other side.
3. Some 2x2 building plan views (e.g. ur0 21b, lower left) have tiny 1 block by 1 block areas with walls on 3 sides - too small for anything other than standing in. I'm not sure what such structures could be used for.
4. It would have been nice to have alternate versions of ur0 42b that showed the plan view when going down the trap door but still showed the normal building roof, and another alternate showing the plan view of both the wall and building.
5. The tiles with steps (e.g. ur0 09a) don't show those steps when you flip them over, tho I suppose you could say they're sun shades instead.