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The group I'm with uses a 3'x 4' dry erase board. Initially we just drew the squares in with a permanent marker until we got tired of having to redraw the squares 'bout every 2 or 3 game sessions, so we ended up using a boxcutter to edge the grid into the surface. Works out great as the players can write their init's and spells they have going in combat as well as their current h.p.'s on the board at their seated locations. If we ever have to wrap up a session in the middle of something, most info is writtin on the board so we know where to pick it back up at.

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Too busy knocking boots with the seven sisters, thats why they cant handle it either.

Back in my day it was GI joe and 6 million dollar man making raids against Capt. Kirk and the dolls from space 1999 in their Enterprise collector case getting away in Ranger Jim's Rv, while the eagle who could flap his wings by pressing his legs flew overhead. Now I think the crew has been demoted to spider killers in my daughter's Barbie dream house, or seat ornaments for her pink corvette

I would say no. The disease effect wouldn't stack unless stated otherwise which in most cases is 24 hours.

Once they have a disease, they have it, if they dont then they may have a chance to catch it again at a later time, at least 24 hours.

After almost a year without D&D(although I do DM online for NWN-NeverwinterNights) I have to say I am very excited about starting a new group in the Savage Tide. My last party ending rather quickly on the A.o.W when they foolishly tried to storm the tower of the exiled artist and a Mordenkainen's disruption spell ruined the party's day (for about 9 months I guess you could say). Now I have a party of 6, 2 of the players are coming from said adventure with hopes in mind of completing this one. At the present time after one session the party has boarded the Blue Nixie in hopes of recovering the vessel for Lavinia. The party had ended the last session with the many of the thugs abandoning ship as the wizard of the group opened the door to the cargo hold revieling the rhagodessa munching upon the remains of common thug. One session into the AP and things are looking promising-I'm hopeful at least =)

Achilles would take Conan and not deem him enough challenge to drag him behind his chariot around the city in which he had fallen.

As the party attempts to take control of the blue nixie they consist of the following:

Human fighter
Human cleric(tempus)
Human conjuror
Human warlock
Half-elf druid
and soon to be joining them race unknown as of yet 'ahem' Rogue

:=) Thanks, yeah they usually arrive within the first week of being sent out or early in the following week. Figured I'd give some time to make sure.

Still no sign of the Wormgods return in east central IN.

Where O' where has my Wormgod gone,
Where O' where can he be.

Just recently re-newed my sub. (had like 3 issues remaining) and was worried this may have caused some chaotic spark of strangeness in the universe, which in turn from the chain reaction caused some postal carrier to misplace said magazine.


(Possible Spoiler Alert)

I to look forward to the next AP as it will be one of my players turn to take the reins to DM the next path (no more headaches for me, LOL)
Currently the group has just defeated the ulgurstasta N'vesh-N'kar, uncovered the coin purse and have turned their sights to Thessalars keep(guided by the spirit in the bag).
Dont want to go into too much as I know some of my players take sneak peaks at the forums here.
Group consists of
Roscoe Thorngage - halfling(stout) arcane trickster
Slyne - halfling(ghostwise) druid/master of many forms
Marceon Marceon - human doomguide of Kelemvor
Nym - Elven (wild) monk
Earaviel - Elven (moon) bard/virtuoso
and a cohort of Slyne's
Stella - human sorceror

All party members have died at least once and some moreso than others. No TPK's as of yet but alot of close calls. I kind of expected alot more but I think the players were a bit more cautious during this AP as the shackled city AP ended after the third party through ended with a TPK in the 'Secret of the Soul Pillars' which ultimatly lead to me running the 'Age of Worms'
Kudos to all those working on these AP's. A true gift to the gaming community and to us DM's with little extra time on our hands.

The Party I am running for has just reached to portal of Storms on the Island of Storms. 'The library of Last Resort' issue 132.
Started in August and run 1 session/week (all afternoon and evening saturday thing)

Reading through this thread I noticed someone looking for a gaming group, VedicCold from Indy I think it was. I'm here in Albany IN, about 70 miles N/E from you. We game every saturday and there is room for you if its not too far of a drive.

Many Thanks you folks are great!

And as the Deep gnome said to his giant companion as he patted its stoney knee "Ye Rock"

Issue 128 arrived safely in the mail today but #127 is still a no show, just a friendly reminder.

Well I'm here in Indiana and still looking for Dungeon issue 127 to show up in the mail box. Have I been forgotten :(

I have been a Forgotton realms fan since its intro in '88 I think it was, I was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army so I didnt get the old gray boxed set until '89, and been in the realms ever since. My players only know the 'Realms so thats where I'm running AoW.

At the begining of Whispering Cairn the group consisted of the following:
Halfling(stout) Rogue
Halfling(ghostwise) Druid
Elf(wild) Monk
Elf(moon) Bard
Half-Orc Barbarian

As of Saturday the whispering cairn was completed with the loss of the Half-orc Barbarian.


Great job fellas, t'ank ye

e-mail huh? Is it too late to get in on that action. I hadn't planned on running AoW until this winter or early spring but on account of a TPK in the first adventure path (soul pillars to be precise) my players have conned me into an early running. Kudos to all involved in the firts AP and this one, awesome stuff for us working DM's who have little time to create stuff on our own.

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