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Due to financial woes, I need to cancel my current starfinder subscriptions.

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Hey there. I'm currently running my players through Queen & Empire. They

went with Vasvion. One of the PCs had had a bad experience with Hellknights in his past, and didn't think it would be a good idea to associate with someone on their bad side. They did manage to string Sethic along long enough to enjoy Lazaric's magnificent pork dishes, before putting it out of business in event 4.

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Hyrus wrote:
For my game of Dead Suns, I've told my players that, for Starship DC calculations, every instance of Starship Tier, replace it with -2*AC/TL modifier.

Just looking over the existing ships in material, doesn't this nearly always work out to a flat -3 to the base DC (10 or 15, generally)? AC and TL aren't too often drastically far apart often enough to seem to change this. I'll admit a little confusion on how this helps, as it seems to effectively drop a huge number of DCs to just a flat 7 in most cases. Most ships have AC and TL equal, so you're looking at 1 there, so -2. Then the usual x1.5, so -3. 10-3 ends up at 7, or 12 if it's base 15.

What am I missing here? Because that seems to swing too far the other direction.

It's definitely not a perfect solution, and I've been working on refining it a bit, though I haven't found anything that's worked better without complicating things further. Although I suppose if I'm willing to do the grunt work, complications wouldn't really impact gameplay.

For my game of Dead Suns, I've told my players that, for Starship DC calculations, every instance of Starship Tier, replace it with -2*AC/TL modifier. This way, it doesn't have to be recalculated on every single level-up, someone that focuses on some aspect of starship combat will improve at it as their ship does, and Joe Schmoe, fresh from flight school can't get a stripped down Cruiser to turn on a dime more reliably than Urist McSuperPilot can in his team's suped up racer. Do some things get easier than probably intended, at higher levels? Yeah, but I'm perfectly fine with characters whose abilities far outstrip those of the greatest living pilot in real life can do some sweet tricks in his favorite ship.

So far, my players have appreciated the change!

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Hey, everyone. I feel like I've missed something.

From pg. 203 of the CRB, you cannot wear heavy armor while in power armor, but you can wear light armor. When you do so, you take the better EAC and KAC, between the power armor and the light armor.

However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how armor upgrades work when you do this.

It would seem fairly obvious that the upgrades in the power armor would function as normal, but it's a little iffy, with the upgrades on the light armor. For example, I can't think of a reason for infrared sensors on the light armor to stop functioning, just because you're wearing a small tank over it, but less so the jetpack upgrade.

It's easy enough to make a judgement call, as a GM, but I was wondering if it's codified anywhere.

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I have quite a few pet peeves of my own.

I find myself dreading large groups, wether as a player or GM. Beyond the usual table time issues, I enjoy immersing myself in stories and my character's, and when the group is big enough that no one can remember each other beyond "that tiefking" or "the one with a mask," it really brings me out of it.

I also don't like when players' language revolves into memes and jokes. You can only respond to so many requests or comments with "that's racist" or "raep" before I stop talking to you.

Somewhat tied to the former, people that show up but clearly aren't there to game. I understand you just want to have fun, but five other people have set these four hours aside to dedicate to having fun together in a specific way. You don't have to be here if you don't want, but if you do, we do kind of expect you to participate or at least not detract from the game.

Soldiers get grenade proficiency as part of their base class, so the bombard fighting style doesn't need to provide it.

Not sure how well it matches your character idea, but the Constable archetype for the Cavalier trades out the features related to mounts for, among other things, the ability to grapple at the end of a charge.


I like the occasional mini game. For the Skull and Shackles game my friend is running, he is using Red Dragon Inn for the Hurl gambling game, with each each character playing a roughly representative deck. Each player has a maximum Fortitude, in the mini game, equal to their character's actual Constitution, and the player takes enough damage at the end so that their Con is where their RDI fortitude ended up Due to how horrible the rum is, we rarely play, and it's a nice diversion when we do.
That said, I would reccomend against minigames that detract from player enjoyment, or decisions they made with their character. And any GM planning on doing something similar should definitely run it by their players, explaining the impact it would have on game time.

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I actually like to permit Leadership in the games I run. Paizo's APs tend to have a bevy of interesting NPCs that tend to disappear very shortly after they stop being relevant. Whenever a player of mine expresses interest in taking Leadership, I will emphasize NPCs that they have met that seem interested, which usually makes the character's integration feel far more natural. Other times, they will go out of their way to get who they really want. For example:

Carrion Crown spoiler:
In book 3 of Carrion Crown, one of my players, a bard, took a shine to Duristan Silvio Ariesir, and he showed an attraction of curiosity, in return. When they later discovered Duristan had become a werewolf, the cleric used his prepared Abayence, temporarily suppressing the curse. The group managed to talk down Duristan, and over the course of the following session, convince him to come with them (as a cohort to the bard) and try to find a way to eliminate his curse. To balance the character a little, I removed his Aristocrat levels, once he joined the group. As for followers, the player and I agreed that they would not have much rhyme or reason, in this particular campaign. She decided that, once everything was said and done, she would gather followers and try to fully restore the Stairs of the Moon, and possibly use the Dusk Moth ritual to cure Silvio.

Hell's Vengeance spoiler:
I permitted the Tyrant Anti-paladin in the group to take a modified version of Torchbearer, to add Cimri to the group. By the end of Hellfire Compact, she really would have no desire to stay Longacre. At level 7, the feat will become Vile Leadership, rather than Leadership, to suit the campaign. The anti-paladin's player has informed me that he intends to send his followers to Longacre, to use the town as a base of operations, and to staff the now-defunct tannery.

That was more ramble than I anticipated, but I find that cohorts can add a lot to a character, and if done right, followers can make a lot of sense for a character. I trust my players to not abuse my allowances, and they trust me to permit things they will find enjoyable.

In no particular order: Paladin(with a special love for the Redeemer archetype), Alchemist, uRogue, and Fighter.

They aren't cheap, but the best way to emulate Gold's contracts would be with Pact Parchment.

If you're just looking for the shakened effect, there's Sow Terror. I can't think of anything, off hand, for demoralization.

One of my players has perused the grappling rules, and related feats, and is looking to combine Greater Grapple (maintain a grapple as a move action) with the Grabbing Style line (Maintain two grapples at once, remove penalty for grappling one-handed) to grapple four enemies without penalty. I've looked over the discovery and everything I can on grappling, and it seems legal to me.