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Male Tiefling (ONI-spawn) Fighter 1

ok sorry guys. HAve had a hectic life lately but I'm gonna a try to get back in. Sorry for the delays.

Male Tiefling (ONI-spawn) Fighter 1

Darb tries to stab more accurately this time.

Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

damage: 1d3 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

sneak: 2d8 ⇒ (4, 4) = 8

Male Tiefling (ONI-spawn) Fighter 1

Darb walks over to the annoying beast, and attempts to end its life.

attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Damage: 1d3 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

Sneak Attack: 2d8 ⇒ (4, 8) = 12

And if acrobatics is needed to move into flank, Acrobatics: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (9) + 12 = 21

* Venture-Agent, South Dakota—Rapid City aka Hyanda

Thanks everyone

* Venture-Agent, South Dakota—Rapid City aka Hyanda

So reading over the new Adventure 2 scenarios, 2-2A : A night on the Town, had some confusing elements. The Henchmen listed are Poison Traps, and Scarecrow Golem. How many of each do I include. Also, there is a printable henchmen for Giant Cockroach Swarm, with rules of what to do when encountering it, but no rules as for where to put them. I'm assuming they meant to say poison traps were a proxy for the the Giant Cockroach Swarm, but it's unclear. what is everyone else take on this?

* Venture-Agent, South Dakota—Rapid City aka Hyanda

I too would like more information about this. It's hard to plan out adventures when the release dates are off by almost 2 weeks already

* Venture-Agent, South Dakota—Rapid City aka Hyanda

Ok...just seemed very difficult...we beat it, on the last turn...and i feel it was do to a LOT of luck

* Venture-Agent, South Dakota—Rapid City aka Hyanda

Playing through the new Season of the Runelord adventures, and this one, having no villian or henchmen, seemed really troublesome to succeed at. I felt the whole time like I was missing an additional rule to get through this. Is it just naturally difficult, or am I truly missing something?

That particular undead is intelligent, it's gets a roll for a score

It's a conversion from a 3.5 class.

http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?353181-Dread-Necromancer-Path finder-update-(WIP)

It's under the necromancer talents ability, the undead guardian

Hello everyone!

So I am playing the dread necromancer conversion from 3.5. I took an ability that gives me an undead guardian. It's a human warrior zombie. I've having some problems creating this.

Do I start with a human with warrior class levels, then apply the zombie template? Also it says it has as many HD as I have class levels, so does that mean each HD I apply another level of warrior? And for its start stats, where do I find those?

Thanks for any help !

I did present the dread necro conversion to my dm and he's looking it over, and might actually *add* to it, which I'm not going to complain aBout

This is all awesome. Thanks for the input

Thank you...Definitely interesting

I have a bloodrager/arcane archer...and unused arcane. The buffs activated in raging really give you some flexibility in different situations

Where is the twilight sage? Don't see that one

Hey all,

Finally getting to play in a home game, and was gonna play a necromancer since I never get to play evil in PFS....looking foe advice on how to go about it, or sources if good material to use for this type of character. Gm is being pretty open to anything within reason.


Hmm. Haven't looked at the unchained mink yet

Hey all!

So, I play society. However, I usually play the damaging CN type. I want to switch it up, and decided I was going to play the "walk the earth", help everyone and reach enlightenment type. I was thinking of taking all the vows, and possibly the Lotus monk archtype. However, I haven't played much in the way of this type of characters so I'm looking for useful advice and tricks to make this.


Burning hands because I can add it to my arrows at level 2 arcane archer

Alao, with destined, I could pick up dates favored, and get +2 to ac and saves. Might be better than occasional spider climb

I was thinking of switching to destined, and dropping combat reflexes and picking up many shot instead. Spell list is still up in the air. Thinking burning hands for sure.

I was also considering destined. I picked arcane, because of the free spells when you rage. Could spider climb up a wall or get blur for added melee defense. And combat reflexes, because I was thinking of taking the snapshot feats. BUT I'm open to suggestions as I haven't actually played this character yet so I can still alter it

So,I'm playing kingmaker in a home game. My previous character dies, so the gm is letting me roll a new one, at level 6. I am a drow assassin type, and wanted to play an arcane archer. Needing a +6 bab, and first level arcane spells, I realized blood rager is the fastest path to this. After looking further I started to realize it wasn't a bad combo, getting an adaptive composite bow right off the start. So I'm going to post my build, with the need for critic, as I am sure I'm missing something.

Level 6 drow blood rager, 25 point buy

STR 14
DEX 18
CON 14
INT 10
CHA 16

Feats :
point blank shot
precise shot
weapon focus <longbow>
combat reflexes

Bloodrager line : arcane

Edit : forgot to add that I'm starting arcane archer at level 7, when i level up

Let me know what you think


Male Tiefling (ONI-spawn) Fighter 1

Drinia's vote would have been for Kestel to investigate matter number 3.

Making a spell slinger for a home game. My original character died, so the gm is allowing me to start at level 6 to keep up with the other party members. He will Probably be drow, to keep up with a story arc, but the gm is allowing me to have an INT bonus over CHA. I would like some advice to building this character. Back story is basically a drow from the under dark, sent to the surface to further the advancement of thier assassin guild.

Thanks for your imput, fairly new to casters and gun users

Male Tiefling (ONI-spawn) Fighter 1

I shall keep a watchful eye on this newest settlement in our neighborhood.

Ok thanks for the input. Next question is, as far as picking fests, such as weapon focus, etc, do I pick mug or improvised weapon?

I don't mind doing all the improvised weapon stuff. I just wanna know if I can also get a adamantine mug to use. And if I can enchant it


I want to make a warpriest, and use a mug for his sacred weapon. I'm playing society, what is the best way to do this, and how do I make it out of adamantine? And can it be enchanted likens normal weapon.


Hmmmm. Interesting thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the tips. Any advice on items to save up for ?

Hmm ok, so basically I'll probably do more damage since I'll likely hit most of the time with all attacks. Next question. Is there a way to gain more attacks, or what's the way to up the damage dice/raw damage ?

This is good news. Next question is, how does bonus attacks add on when you get to bab 6? Do you just pick a claw or bite to add the extra attack ?

Would you think this is an effective build? I was gonna go faster, but didn't want to have my damage resource be something thst is limited to a few uses per day, so I figured melee was the best choice. And I can't be disarmed or breakmy weapons. But never really gone this route before

Hello! Posted a few times about builds, but narrowed it down. I am thinking about making a half orc bloodrager with the abbysal blood line, with the toothy alt racial ability, giving me a bite and two claws right off the bat. We are playing emerald spire with these characters, and it is looking like I'm the damage dealer. Looking for advice to make this a powerhouse, or advice if this isn't gonna be a good choice for the powerhouse. Thanks

I'd love to do something fancy, do you know of any of these guides off hand?

Bloodrager is certainly at the top of the list.

Starting Emerald Spire, withing PFS, and looking to form my character for this adventure. I have seen what everyone else is playing, and damage seems a bit lacking. I want to make a shameless damage machine, and was wondering if I could get some thoughts on the best way to go about this. Thanks!

well i'm either going half orc, wayang, or orad depending on what i pick. So that aspect will be covered.

Is it worth while to have a party face? I figured the spire to be mainly a dungeon crawl. Also, a summoner with a pet outshining the melee doesnt' sound terrible....what's their role as a caster, do you pretty much just end up buffing your eidelon?

Ive been tempted by both the summoner, and debuff witch. Haven't played much in the ways of casters in pathfinder yet

I play PFS, and with the recent release of the chronicle sheets for the Emerald Spire, a group of us will be undertaking the famed dungeon. I will be using only this character for the whole dungeon, and was looking for ideas on a character that would be effective in this massive dungeon crawl. So far it looks like we have a skald, ranged slayer, and a warpriest. Any ideas to get the creative juices flowing would be great.

ohhh i like the visual flavor of this

I was thinking daggers before light pick. The x4 is so appealing though

Been mulling over possible things to do with the new ACG, and been toying over the idea of a two weapon warpriest. Maybe using a light pick, as weapon damage goes up with my level, and it's a light weapon with a x4 multipier. Any advice or suggestions on this idea? blessings? gods to worship? anything to help would be great

Ha. that's a funny twist

Not so sure...wanted maybe a ranged/caster character. Some adept at disabling or just outright destroying robots/constructs.

I'm pretty new to the tech stuff, and knew there are quite a few resources out. Was just wondering which ones have relevant information. as you have to own them to actually use the stuff in PFS

Hey all,

With the new season of PFS being based around sky lords and robots and all sorts of new technology, I want to make a technophobic character, who is skilled in the dispatching of robots and constructs. However, I'm at a loss as to where to start, and what class/abilities would really excel at this. Any sort of input would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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