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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Tonya, thank you for that very polite response. Let's hope that your post-holiday mail includes more cheerful items, like holiday cards!


What could be more cheerful than goat guts?

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Indagare wrote:

I think that it's a pretty interesting look, and I'm glad that they're trying to keep the Goblinoids thematic instead of them looking like completely different species.

For my part, I always liked the Hobgoblins who looked like burly, hirsute Elves (as can be seen here), and if I had a vote, I'd want all of the Goblinoids to have this sort of look.

That's a great look for a hobgoblin. It's also the 3rd edition D&D look for a hobgoblin, and that means we want ours to look VERY different. Which is a big part of why we went the route we did.

James - a bit OT but why did you change the Ogres then? PF1 Ogres had a distinct look that - frankly I thought was a better 'Paizo' identity than goblins - but they are now back to 'generic ogres'. Seeing this answer - I want to accept it but then I think 'ogre' and go ... huh?


That was an actual error. The look we have for ogres is one we've been happy with since Hook Mountain Massacure, but wee got the art for ogres in way too late to make changes and had to go with off-model illustrations. It's pretty much my biggest frustration with Bestiary 1. We have on-model ogres for the pawns and stuff and will be swapping in the correct art when we reprint.
Aww I liked the new beefy ogres.

Mmmmm. Beef...

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TBH the only thing that really stands out to me is that use of footwraps and handwraps feels a bit odd to me. They work for goblins because a scrabbled together aesthetic fits them really well, but hobgoblins have such an emphasis on regimentation and organization it feels like they'd try to dress more cleanly.

Footwraps (aka portyankis) and legwraps (aka puttees) have been a part of military uniforms around the world for centuries, right up through the 20th century. compared to socks they're a lot easier to produce, last longer, dry more quickly when wet, and stay up without garters or modern stretchy synthetic fibres.

the Paizo art team knows their military history.

In both of the examples you linked to, the footwraps and legwraps are being worn with shoes of some sort, not by themselves (as they are in the Bestiary art)
We need to organize a cobbler's guild for Oprak, we'll make a killing.

Mmmm. Cobbler...

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supervillan wrote:
I disagree.

Can I at least sacrifice the person that's got the wand?

On a serious note though... Has anyone noticed that the type of 'victim' is never mentioned. It doesn't mention an intelligent, innocent, virgin sacrifice to the evil gods... So why can't you coup de grace the pig you're going to cook for supper? Is it super evil to make bacon?

It is evil if you then don't share that bacon with me.

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KingOfAnything wrote:
Harsk knows what makes a delicious tea biscuit.

Harsk would make a delicious tea biscuit.

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PK the Dragon wrote:

Also, in the last game I played in as a player, another player suggested the shockingly revelationary idea of maybe NOT having the casters be in the back, because ambushes happen. I'm pretty sure the idea has occurred to all of us, and yet no one has ever suggested such a thing until now.

Clearly that guy doesn't know how these things work. Casters stay in the back because that's where casters stand. >:)

Heh. That's why in the old days with marching order, you put the clerics/archers in the far back and the spellcasters in the middle. That way, an ambusher had some meat to have to carve through before getting to the squishy center.

That sounds... delicious! Every party should start doing that again!

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The best way to deal the most damage with a druid is to wield it two-handed.