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Aanandareavekki wrote:
"Jim" Rivets wrote:

I'm gonna get to look over the Basic Mechanics classes? :D

Also, sorry this is late, I've only been stopping in every once in a while today.

This means I can have teacher's assistants, AKA my Dedicated Wrights. :D Again!

You're the perfect person for the job! :)

We are the perfect people for the job. :P

The packmate soon finds its way to the lab, ready to be of use. As it reaches the door, it knocks constantly on the door, chittering incoherently as it does so. At the noises, Jim orders the homunculus at the door to open it. Having to turn its body so far to knock, the packmate doesn't realize that the door is open, and instead knocks a few times on the head of the Dedicated Wright. He isn't pleased, and pushes the packmate over easily, the awkward weight distribution already awkward to walk with. For the first time in quite a while, Jim actually talks to his homunculi. Now is NOT the time. Cut it out. The packmate quickly gets up and enters, the Dedicated Wright closing the door quickly behind it.

Two of the other DWs remove the adamantine plate from in front of Nasima's face, to give the Packmate some room, and the lot of them make a sort of staircase to assist the Packmate in getting up to the table's height, standing on a stool. The Packmate uses its nanobot healing apparatus (the one Aananda installed) to clean and disinfect the gem wound and the eye.

The packmate, in the middle of disinfecting a small wound, writes a small note to the nurses, and runs off to the lab.

The note reads:

Gotta help creator. Super-important. Be back soon.

Its short, stubby legs carry it surprisingly quickly down the halls. Before long, unless interrupted, of course, it arrives at the lab, at which point it knocks on the door, and Jim tells the other homunculus to open it, the two of them unable to truly communicate with eachother.

I haven't been getting updates from this thread, for w/e reason, but hope you feel better.

Also, new avatar which I hope to use in the future.