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*hurgh; hork; splat*

I wondered where my bota box got to... kidz!

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Threw the discord invite behind a spoiler tag for safety.


Alison, I think you should say >Focused< rather than "only". Just my 2cents.

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I hope you have your holiday traditions ready
Have the little goblins warm up the sticks to beat the log in the fireplace so they'll get some treats


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{it fits a lot on the page}

I'm just being helpful in my way - so feel free to ignore the post.

I did a test layout and it works with all the fill in fields on the right hand side. I'd note;
my fill in boxes tended to be taller with less or similar width than those in the sample.
There were three fill in box widths. Long fields like name, character name, GM signature(the long poles in the tent), accommodated an OPF Paizo# of "695695697-9898" (character #s with ACG start at "1001")and were 2.06*0.31 inch with identifier text. Medium fields like experience and gold accommodated "55,555.5" were 1.25*.031 inch. Short fields such a chronicle and tracking # were 0.88*0.31 inches with identifier text. Identifier text was 8pt trebuchet bold in the upper L-H corner of the box using 40%K (so you can write over it), Paizo style has it centered at the bottom with white text on a dark background.
Body text at 10pt with 110% leading makes it significantly larger than in the sample which is at about 7-8pt bold and I'll guess 200% leading. Larger text with less header manages to do about the same... a difference in style/taste but I prefer not to resort to reading glasses.
my line space for notes was 4.06*0.25 inch (4 lines per inch or 6.3mm per line) for 14 lines of text which was far taller than in the sample. This area covers purchases, sales, conditions, downtime, and notes along with associated costs. Certainly with less height more lines could be fit in.

In my several years of play I haven't seen players pick up more than 3 conditions or sell more than 1-2 items in PFS. Almost all conditions have to be cleared before the game ends (*cha-ching*).
Purchasing tends to be 1-4 items. Wizards have longer lists as they scribe spells and buy scrolls and what not and GM babies have a long list on their last GM chronicle. Long lists usually wind up on the back of the chronicle with a total on the front.
Core, Slow Track(now done with incremental XP), and subtier weren't addressed and I assume that's part of the changes for PF2. Where does the Infamy go?

I'm sure we'll be fine with the form come august. These things evolve as the seasons go by.


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the PF2 chronicle is too busy and uses space inefficiently.
It can not accommodate the current amount of text on many PF1 chronicles.

I'd assume handwritten text (what GMs and players will write in) of Comic Sans 18pt at 100% line about 6.42mm, or 7.1mm(9/32")(medium ruled) per line. Current chronicle layout has a column 33.3mm down the right hand side and about 37.8mm with headers. It could easily go down to 25mm. A large signature runs about 48mm wide or two right hand column widths.
Personally I'm not a fan of your current body text, but it is what it is (paid for). I prefer 12pt or 10pt body text at 110% line pitch.

the player name box is too big for the information it contains. All that's needed is "123456-99" and lines for where the GMs add reportables and players can fill in totals. My suggestion is to run them down the right side of the page along with Event Code, date, GM signature, and GM number.
That frees up the rest of the page and has everyone filling out just the right hand column.

Items by subtier could be eliminated and added to the boon section. The vast majority of these items in PF1 was redundant access or at times a boon to the CORE campaign. I'd ask if there's going to be a PF2 CORE campaign.

I'd just have a largish section of about 12 lines for text and have descriptive static text on line 1, "conditions gained and items sold" and then on line 5, "conditions cleared, expenditures, purchases, and notes". Totals can be on the right hand column rather than cluttering up the somewhat free form lines with static boxes for redundant totals that will appear in the right hand column.


There are a few constructs available as familiars within PFS in general(Addt'l Res) or by Chronicle(c).
-> to avoid spoilers don't post which scenario/adv path/module unless it is clear by the Addt'l Res entry <-

There are upgrades for homunculi(homunculus) in the CRB(HD) and Alchemy Manual.
Poppet Familiar gets some augmentations as the master gains levels and pays for them.

that's it.


I'd like to see some options for the others moved into the legal arena from existing published materials.

Familiar Automaton
Soulbound doll(c)
Migrus Locker
Poppet Familiar
Alchemist-Tinkerer Clockwork Bond Familiar
Wizard-Clocksmith Clockwork Bond Familiar
Occultist Soulbound puppet{temp}

Archetypes are available; Ambassador, Bloodline, Egoist, Emissary, Occult Messenger, Patron, Prankster, Sage, School.

as noted above it's a moderate level spell and not something a CR3 can handle. If 6 common jailers (we'll say CR1) are level one that's a grand total of CR2-3 versus a CR10 spellcaster... hmmm... we know how that's gonna turn out.

There ARE social and other aspects to the game that aren't really outlined in the CRB, like having a magic shop and getting that impounded by the local Judge after you skip jail. Having spouses and children, a home, friends in the community, chattle and lands... Sure, PFS has murder hobos for a price of an atonement but if it's really bad the character gets "retired".

the topic of how to make a secure jail given moderate spellcasting or high level spellcasting has been discussed many times. There are spells and other things to keep wrascally wabbits in place. Time to do some searches and reading... it's not really Rules thread material.


I'd like a Paizo statement stating that PFS boons (particularly race boons) will be usable in PFS2 in some equivalent manner. That will put to rest a lot of the GM concerns over GM rewards.
It's probably been done in a blog post, so link away...

you may want to review Rules Questions Guidelines
reformatting your post without the commentary may be helpful.

Using a direct link such as
http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoInc/pathfinder/pathfinderRPG/rule s
is borked and takes you to the main Pathfinder page. Website string interpretation is also adding a space before the last letter (didn't have that in the post). hmmm...
Shortcut links ARE working, such as;

Seems that Archives are up...

Starfinder forum links are okay and redirect to the correct forum.

usenet/google groups is still working

I think of them as different products. They have similarities but Starfinder is very streamlined mechanically, which I assume was a goal. I was wondering if Starfinder would use the 3.0 OGL.

As this thread is looking forward, I would expect a GM application to cover the next iteration for most of the basic operations.

don't be a Joker     at least it's not Rick Astley


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Mike McKeown wrote:
Hobo Sapiens wrote:

I'm not sure of the validity of Beginner Box PFS GM or Player chronicles being handed out at this time. The Instructions mention the Beginner Box Bash but that was a limited time event (not mentioned in the materials) which is over. If there are chronicles in your download then the normal thing would be to presume they are valid...

Beginners Box bash chronicle isn't valid at this time a character had to earn it at the previous event.

thus it might be nice to have that documented somewhere and the chronicles removed from the download, or come up with new ones...


I'm not sure of the validity of Beginner Box PFS GM or Player chronicles being handed out at this time. The Instructions mention the Beginner Box Bash but that was a limited time event (not mentioned in the materials) which is over. If there are chronicles in your download then the normal thing would be to presume they are valid...


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Rumor -- wrote:
Fromper wrote:

Speaking of rare worshipers, I just thought of another rare PFS siting: Norgorber worshipers.

Not that there aren't any. Just that nobody sees them.

Indeed, and the redactions I perform on other Pathfinders' chronicles of our misadventures helps with that, too.
That you don't perform, you mean?
Indeed. My only remaining evidence from most missions are organ donor cards left on corpses with their own handwriting.

got this note fer ya,

"we can discuss the price of your successes over dinner at Jung's Frank-n-Stein... Abbey Normal"



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post#92) transfer rules in (old) Blog posts to the CmpgnClar doc or FAQs. Such as;

Can one purchase a ring of eloquence (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 216) with any combination of languages? Are restricted or banned languages such as Druidic or Androffan options?

At this time, only two configurations of the ring of eloquence exist in the organized play campaign. The first grants the ability to speak and understand Common, Dwarven, Elven, and Gnome. The second grants the ability to speak and understand Giant, Goblin, Orc, and Undercommon. Rings with other configurations may appear as treasure on Chronicle sheets.


if I ignore it, it might go away...