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L.Fighter (Weapon Master) / Tactician (Battle Medic) 3 | Vigor: 32/35 | Wounds: 36 | Def: 15 | FF: 15 | DR 5/adamantine | Crit Def: +16 |


| Init: +9 | Per: +10 | DV 60'| Speed: 40' | PP: 18 | SP: 7 | MP: 5 | Resist 5 Fire, Cold, Electricity


Saves: F: +8 | R: +7 | W: +9 | CMD: 20 | Init: +9 | Per: +10 | DV 60'

About Henric Logos

Henric Logos
Tactician (Battle Medic) 3 / Legendary Fighter (Weapon Master) 3 / Harbinger 1 (Gestalt HO Feat) & Trickster / Overmind 1 (Mythic Paths + Adaptable Hero Archetype)
CN Tiefling; Medium humanoid (Human) and Outsider (Native)
Init + 9 ; Perception + 10, DV 60'


Henric has lived life on the move for a long, long time. He grew up in a human town, surrounded by humans; he never felt different from everyone else. It was only as he grew into his thirties that he began to realize he was not aging as others did. The more apparent it became, the more his father refused to look him in the eye. He finally admitted to Henric the family legend of a generations-back indiscretion with an outsider, and the resulting disgrace brought upon the family. Henric realized that he could not stay among his family; his lack of aging would soon draw attention. He took several seasons working with the local town guard to become familiar with weapons, and hired himself out as a guard with a traveling merchant caravan. In this manner he crossed great distances, never settling down, and gradually grew more experienced with the years. He made a name for himself, but kept in mind that he would eventually have to abandon it and move on to a different set of trade routes.
In recent years it seems the countryside has gotten more dangerous. On his last expedition, things had gone disastrously wrong. Two groups of outlaws happened upon them within moments of each other. In the chaos Henric assumed they had worked together to coordinate the attack; his last thought before an axe crushed his chest was regret that he hadn't really accomplished anything in his long life, having always moved on to a new persona after 15-20 years. That thought crystallized in his mind, and as he lost consciousness he resolved that he was not done with life yet. Hours later, he awoke to the destruction of the caravan. His wounds were miraculously healed; there was no trace of an injury on his skin, though his clothing was soaked in blood. Looking at the battlefield it became apparent that the two groups of raiders had not been working together after all; from the chaos and carnage around him, Henric supposed only a half dozen outlaws had escaped with their lives and the limited spoils they could carry away. His brush with awoke several things within him; a burning sense of purpose to do something, anything of note; and a sense of mental power and capability that filled him with confidence.

Statistics :

STR 15 / DEX 13 / CON 18 / INT 21 / WIS 19 / CHA 17
Light Load: 200 lbs
167 years old (Middle Aged)
BAB +3; CMB +5; CMD 20
Stamina points: 7 / 7 points
Mythic Power: 5 / 5 points
Mythic Surge: +1d6 to any d20 roll

Feats: Natural Telekinetic, Combat Reflexes, Mental Paragon, Polearm Dancing, Gestalt, Power Attack, Mythic Gestalt, Mythic Weapon Finesse

Traits: Nimble Fingers & Keen Mind (Religion), Combat Training (Combat), Unorthodox Method (Region), Perceptive Talent (Psionic), Warded Against Nature (Drawback)

Common Skills: Acrobatics +9 (1), Bluff +9 (1), Craft: Alchemy +11 (3), Diplomacy +7 (1), Disable Device +11 (2), Intimidate +9 (3), K. (Local) +11 (3), Perception +10 (3), Sense Motive +12 (2), Spellcraft +11 (3), Stealth +13 (3), UMD +8 (2)

Other Skills: Autohypnosis +10 (1), Craft Weapons +11 (1), Climb +6 (1), Escape Artist +9 (1), Heal +8 (1), Perform (Dance) +7 (1), K. (Psionics) +9 (1), Linguistics +11 (3), Sleight of Hand +6 (1), Survival +8 (1), Swim +6 (1)

Languages: Common*, Elven*, Draconic*, Infernal*, Orc*, Goblin*, Varisian, Azlanti, Thassilonian (*Racial)

Equipment: Cumbersome Fauchard +1, Chain Shirt +1, Boots of Landing, Gladiators Gauze, Travelers Any-Tool, 15 scrolls of crafters fortune (expended), Pack with incidentals (94 GP worth of rations, mess kit, mirror, rope, etc), MW Thieves Tools, Muleback Cords, Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone, Pathfinder Pouch (non-magical aura, stores 10 lbs), Wand of CLW (50/50), Cloak of Resistance +1


Defense: 15
Touch AC: 15
Flat Footed AC: 11
DR: 5/adamantine
Vigor: 35
Wound Points: 36 / 18 Threshold
DC to be Intimidated: 18
Resist 5 Electricity, Fire, and Cold
Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +9 (+1 vs fear, +2 vs psionic powers and PLAs)
Salve: 2 doses, 30 minutes to create 1 at a time. 1d8+4 HP healed. Can treat one character up to 5 times per day.


Speed 40 ft.
AoO: 5 per round, +1 reaction
Melee Attack (Fauchard) : +10 (2d8 + 10) 18-20/x2
Melee Attack (Fauchard, PA) : +9 (2d8 + 13) 18-20/x2
Dark Claim: 30' range, single action. Recovers 1 maneuver. Recover 5 when a claimed creature dies.

Maneuvers: 7 known, 4 readied. Initiator Level is 2.
* Readied: Staunching Strike
* Readied: Ego Wounding Strike
* Readied: Strength of Hell
* Readied: Strike the Hour Glass
* Gutstrike
* Ghost Hunting Blow
* Copycat Strike

Stances: 2 known
* Spoils of War
* Black Seraphs Glare


Staunching Strike: Radiant Dawn, Single Action strike. Make one attack; on a hit, heal a total of INT mod to allies with in 25+5/2 levels.
Ego Wounding Strike: Sleeping Goddess, Single Action Strike. Make one attack with +1/+1; on a hit, opponent must Will save vs 12 + INT or take -2 on attacks for 1 round.
Strength of Hell: Black Seraph Single Action Boost. +2 Profane to attack and +1d6 damage until the next turn.
Strike the Hour Glass: Riven Hourglass Single Action Strike. Make an attack; opponent must Will save vs 11+INT or be able to only take a single action.
Gutstrike: Black Seraph, single action Strike. Make a melee attack; add INT to damage, and opponent must Fort save vs 11+INT or be sickened 1 round
Ghost Hunting Blow: Veiled Moon, Single Action Boost. For one round including AoO, weapon is treated as ghost touch
Copycat Strike: Shattered Mirror, Single Action Strike. Make one melee attack, and deal +1d6 damage. Can use any one of opponents attack rolls on next turn; +2d4 damage if using their attack to hit them
Spoils of War: Radiant Dawn Stance. Allies within 25+5/2 levels heal 3 HP on successful attacks, 1/round/ally
Black Seraphs Glare: Black Seraph Stance: Free action intimidate on successful attack. +4 profane to the Intimidate check.

Spells and SLAs; Powers and PLAs:

Far Hand: Can lift 20 lbs and move up to 30' as a standard action, within 30'. At will.
Darkness: 1/day, CL 3
Essence: 1

18 PP / day
Talents: Sense Poison, Detect Psionics, and Sicken Body

1st Level Powers: Precognition, Circumstance Shield

2nd Level Powers: Dimension Swap

Special Abilities:

Human FCB: +1/3 trait (Selected 3 times, Rogue Genius)
Perceptive Talent: +1 Initiative and +1 trait to Sense Motive when psionically focused.
Combat Stamina: BAB + Con mod pts (Free feat from Character generation)
Warded Against Nature (Drawback): Non-hostile Animals must make a save to approach you.
Skill Unlocks: Bonus from Character Generation
Fleet Charge (Path of the Trickster): single action + 1 MP to move up to speed and make one attack, with a bonus equal to tier. Damage bypasses DR.
Surging Psionics (Path of the Overmind): single action + 1 MP to manifest any one power known and on your list at +2 ML. Treat as augmented to full manifested level.
Nimble Fingers, Keen Mind (Starting Trait 1/3): +1 trait to Disable Device, and gain it as a class skill.
Combat Training (Starting Trait 2/3): Learn one Maneuver from any discipline, at first level.
Unorthodox Method (Starting Trait 3/3): Trade one discipline for another. Trades access to Cursed Razor for access to Black Seraph
Martial Tradition (Path of War) Servant of the Sacred Hymn. Trades Shattered Mirror, +2 insight to Sense Motive, Autohypnosis, and +2 insight to saves vs Psionics
Disciplines Known: Veiled Moon, Sleeping Goddess, Black Seraph, Radiant Dawn (replaces Scarlet Throne), and Riven Hourglass
Mutable Appearance (Mythic Archetype Adaptable Hero): At will Disguise Self on self and equipment as a transmutation effect. Dispel checks take a penalty equal to tier.
Known to the Ferryman (Racial trait replacing Fiendish Sorcery): You are middle aged, but take no aging penalties and will not visually age further.
Mental Paragon: (Horrifically Overpowered, Level Feat 1/3)): Sets all Mental Scores to 18's and cuts 50 point buy to 25 for physical scores.
Martial Tradition (Battle Medic): Alchemy (Salve), Gladiator (Humble Combatant), Master of Fear, Polearm Mastery, + 2 bonus disciplines (Pikearm Training, Custom Training (Fauchard, longbow, longsword, Javelin))
Alchemy + Salve: Can heal a creature 1/2 ranks in C. Alchemy /day for 1/2 ranks d8 + Wis Mod. Gets bonus skill ranks (10) to Craft Alchemy
Gladiator (Humble Combatant + Strike Fear): Single action 30' AoE intimidate (with Master of Fear). Counts as Dazzling Display, Gets bonus ranks in Intimidate (15)
Gladiator (Uncowed): Gets 1/2 ranks in Intimidate as Morale bonus to DC to be demoralized, and +1 to saves vs fear effects. Can reaction intimidate opponent after they fail to intimidate you
Gladiator (Master of Fear): Can use Strike Fear as a standard action and without expending Martial Focus
Natural Telekinetic (Level Feat 2/3): Far Hand as Psi-like ability, weight is 5+5 lbs per HD.
Polearm Mastery (Martial Tradition): Can attack within natural reach with a -2 penalty on the attack
Determination (Fighter): +1 to Will Saves
Bonus Skills (Fighter): Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Heal, and K. Local
Feat Aptitude (Fighter) : Treats BAB as 1/3 higher for pre-reqs, to a max of +5 at 15th level
Feat Expertise (Fighter) : Treats ability scores as half fighter level higher for pre-reqs
Dark Claim (Harbinger) : Claiming a creature (25' +5'/ 2 level range) is a single action. Must be able to see the creature. Lasts for half class level (min 1 round), and max claimed is INT mod. Claimed creatures using Withdraw provoke AoO when leaving a threatened square. Recover 1 maneuver when Claiming; recover INT when killing a Claimed creature.
Transfer Wounds (Tactician) : 3 + Int / Day can transfer 1d6 points of damage to self as non-lethal with a touch, as a standard action
Ill Tidings (Harbinger): +10' competence bonus to speed.
Accursed Will (Harbinger) : Insight bonus to attacks equal to half INT mod
Collective (Tactician) : Can bring 5 targets + self into a collective. Range is 130'; can manifest powers on members of collective regardless of actual range of power
Spirit of Many (Tactician) : Manifest Network powers across the collective. All Network powers gain Augment: For each PP spent, increase affected targets by 1
Telepathy (Tactician) : All willing members of the collective can communicate without need a common language known.
Path Dabbling (Trickster Path Ability 1/1): Super Genius "Speed of Thought, Clever Thinking"; Can substitute INT for DEX in any calculation.
Crafting Mastery (Overmind Path Ability 1/1): Treated as though having all crafting feats
Combat Reflexes (Bonus Combat Feat 1/3): Add DEX (INT) to number of AoO
Pole-arm Dancer (Bonus Combat Feat 2/3): Can use Dex (INT) for attack with all Pole-arms and spears. Counts as Weapon Finesse for pre-requisites.
Power Attack (Bonus Combat Feat 3/3): Can take a -1 penalty to gain +2 damage, or +3 when two-handing
Gestalt (Horrifically Overpowered, Level Feat 3/3): Gain special features of one class (Harbinger) as if your level in it were half your HD
Mythic Gestalt (Horrificially Overpowered, Mythic Feat 1/2): Increase level in Harbinger by tier; can spend 1 mythic power to gain any one Prestige Classes first level for 1 minute
Mythic Weapon Finesse (Fauchard, Mythic Feat 2/2): Replace STR with DEX (INT) for damage.
Chosen Weapon (Fighter): Fauchard. Gain weapon focus and +1 damage with that weapon.
Weapon Focus (Fauchard, Bonus Feat from Weapon Master): +1 to attacks
Weapon Group (Fighter): Polearms. Gain +1 attack / damage with all polearms.
Advanced Armor Training: 2 @ 3rd. At 5th level, 7th, 9th level, 11th, 13th, and 15th level gain an additional advanced armor training option.
* Effortless Impetus, which adds reduction to ACP to initiative, minimum +2 and up to +3 until 10th.
* Armor Expertise, increasing Max Dex by 1 and reducing ACP by 1.
Dark Focus (Harbinger): +1 on attack and damage with one discipline, +1 to Save DCs. Sleeping Goddess