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A technomancer who isn't focused on damaging spells can make pretty good use of lower level grenades + empowered weapon with a grenade launcher. One spell slot for more accuracy and higher damage.

Or use Spell Grenade to make touch attacks at range. Who cares what the damage is, when your able to do 18d8 damage from ranged to any one creature within the blast radius?

Ridiculon wrote:

If the player is a mechanic i don't see why a properly modded drone couldn't fly a starship. As long as you stay within the drone's control range (which is a pretty tight tether for a starship).

With a camera and manipulator arms (so definitely possible at level 3) you could control the drone to fly the ship.

Now *that* would be viable, even within the rules. And it is completely different than 'remotely hacking' a shuttle, or 'remote controlling' a shuttle.

You'd need to have both the manipulator arm, and the camera mods, to really sell me on the idea that you can control this drone well enough to fly, and you'd be taking some massive penalties to your checks, but... no reason why it wouldn't be allowed.

Matt2VK wrote:

I'd probably let them try something like this. On a heavily modified ship that's been designed for this.

Biggest problems with something like what they want to do is the taking off and landing parts. Once up in the air (or space) it's easy to point something in a direction and go 'that away'.

I have no idea what kind of checks would have to be made for this.
DC (or item level) for the gear to do this.
DC for installing the gear onto the "ship"
DC for the 'remote' flying and which skills it would require.

This is a 19th level mechanic skill. It shouldn't be easily duplicated, IE. near impossible.

DC (or item level) for the gear to do this.

CRB Pg. 215 wrote:
Control, complex - 10% of controlled device

Given that there are no costs given to starships, I'd assign a base price of 100,000 per BP of the frame. If not higher. You could also assign the price solely to the cost of the computer, and have a basic computer for a starship go for 10-20,000. That'd put it at Tier 5/6.

DC for installing the gear onto the "ship"
Closest I could find would be either:

CRB Pg. 138 wrote:

Destroy or Repair System or Module

You can use Computers to repair a computer system or module that has been disabled, or destroy one that has been either removed or disabled by spending 10 minutes per tier of the computer system working on the computer. The DC is based on the tier of the computer system. If you are repairing a disabled module or system and you fail the check by 5 or more, you accidentally destroy the module or system. You can’t take 20 on a Computers check to destroy or repair a computer system. Computer DC = 13 + (4 x Tier).


CRB Pg. 142 wrote:

Disable Device: Complex device - Disarm an explosive or a security system from a control panel or similar device - 2d4 rounds - DC 25

Repair Item: Complex - Computer console - 30 minutes - DC 20

You could argue that installing a module may be easy, or hard, depending on whether the ship is designed for it.

DC for the 'remote' flying and which skills it would require.
Work out the DC's for a 19th level character to perform this, and then use those.

Skill DCs - CRB Pg. 392 wrote:
A challenging DC for a skill check is equal to 15 + 1-1/2 × the CR of the encounter or the PCs’ Average Party Level (APL)

That suggests it should be a DC of 43, minimum, to perform this function.

Again. This is a class feature, given to mechanics, at level 19. Their 13th level custom rig only lets them "Prepare engines for takeoff". By giving a player, even a mechanic, access to the equivalent of a 19th level skill, you should be prepared for wacky hijinks.

Sauce987654321 wrote:
Like, for example, using the hazard attack rules found in the vehicle rules, a tier 12's ship with a heavy particle beam cannon (8d6) would best work as a CR 12 hazard attack (11d10) when used against people. Likewise, the Heavy Nuclear Missile Launcher (10d8) on a tier 12 ship would probably best work as CR 12 trap statistics (12d12+5) when using explosives. I use trap damage for this because traps are described as "environmental hazards" and have saving throws instead of only attack bonuses, like for hazard attacks.

RAW, it's 10x the listed damage for that weapon.

Shooting Starships, CRB Pg. 292 wrote:
At the GM’s discretion, if starship weapons are ever brought to bear against buildings or people, they deal Hit Point damage equal to 10 × their listed amount of damage.

Your really going easy on your players if your dropping 8d6 x10 to 11d10. Minimum 80 to a maximum of 110.

You can already 'fumble' it into your own square if you fail the roll, it just is very unlikely, given the subsequent 'Missed thrown weapon' rolls.

Right now you need to roll a 1 in 8, that it is the same direction as you, and then a 1 in 4, that it fails by 4 squares. Assuming your not throwing past the first range increment, that'd be on your own square.

Putting it in as an explicit rule would just make everyone use grenade launchers, as you can hardly fumble and end up shooting a grenade at your own feet. Or more specifically, there's nothing about shooting short of your target with explode weapons, on a natural 1. "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades"

If it was a 5% chance you could accidentally grenade your own team? Yeah, put that grenade down...

CRB Pg.206 wrote:
Once active, the device generates an invisible force field around you, including all your worn and carried items.

Does this mean it blocks your own attacks? I mean... it does say it blocks *ALL* solid/liquid.

And I would argue that the explicit damage block overrides the implicit damage block from lasers.

CRB Pg. 206 wrote:
All damage dealt to you is subtracted from the force field’s temporary Hit Points first.

Further called out under the description for laser weapons.

CRB Pg. 184 wrote:
Barriers of energy or magical force block lasers.

Can you not also have an AI computer with a Complex Control module control the auto-loader to do it for you? And then command it with voice activation. "Jarvis, reload left plasma cannon!"

It depends on whether you would consider an auto-loader as:
A) A basic device with an on/off switch (unlikely)
B) A device that can already operate autonomously (maybe)
C) A device that require a skill check (maybe)

It's a move action, so it's not likely that it's A, but it definitely could be B, possibly C.

As for type of weapons, it lists:

Weapon Slots - CRB Pg. 204 wrote:
Ranged weapons can be installed in most powered armor. The maximum number is equal to the powered armor’s weapon slots.

Jasque wrote:
B) A bow has no "shots" in the weapon, so I don't see how you could apply Rain of Fire to a bow.

I believe it would be one shot only, as Drawn is listed as:

CRB Pg. 170 wrote:
When a weapon entry states that its capacity is drawn, it means that you can hold only one such weapon in the number of hands required to use it. You can hold only a single grenade or shuriken in one hand, you can have only one arrow nocked at a time, and you can wield only one net at a time. Drawing a weapon—such as grabbing a grenade from your belt—requires a move action.

With Quick reload stating:

CRB Pg. 182 wrote:
You can reload this weapon as part of the same action as firing it, instead of taking a move action to reload.

Since it's a reload, it's clear that you are out of ammo.

So, I guess it's only the grenade launcher I can use for maximum damage!

It also says 'Or have otherwise been added to your spell list'.

If you are a technomancer gaining mystic cure through connection inkling, is it on your spell list?

And the second question still stands.

Does a low level mystic have the ability to cast high level mystic spells through a spell gem?

Rothlis wrote:
HWalsh wrote:

My solution, after careful soul searching, is to ignore WBL as a "hard and fast" rule.

Meaning, eh, it's an average.

I will restrict my players to level +1 gear though to stop power gaming equipment. If they end up filthy rich, then they do.

Are you aware that starfindsr already caps item level in the base rules your lvl +1 in all but major places or cities and lvl +2 in large well supplyed places you cant just buy over your level anymore

Or you could hire a professional for [skill bonus x2] per day to MAKE you that +3/4/5 item level item, assuming you've been pooling your credits.

For example, you could buy 17th level spell gem, at 10th level, according to the WBL charts. Or at 12th level, two encounters should be enough to afford it, assuming your earning the same as the typical Wealth Gains by Encounter.

Either way your throwing off the item curve, and any GM is likely to stomp such attempts into the ground without VERY good justification.

If you take Connection Inkling, and select Mystic Cure, can you cast higher levels of Mystic Cure than 1st, from a Spell Gem/Chip?

Spell Gem - CRB Pg. 224 wrote:
You don’t need to know the spell within a spell gem to use it, but the spell must be on your class’s spell list (or have otherwise been added to your spell list) and you must have a high enough key ability score to cast it.

If a low level mystic were to try to cast a high-level mystic cure from a spell gem, would it work? It only says 'the spell must be on your class’s spell list' and 'You must have a high enough key ability score to cast it'. Assuming it refers to Wisdom for Mystics, and you do meet all the requirements, that should indicate you can cast a higher level spell, even though you don't know it.

As per the feat, you clearly gain a caster level, with an associated key ability score.

Connection Inkling - CRB Pg. 156 wrote:
Your caster level is equal to your character level, and the key ability score for these spells is Wisdom.

This fills the second requirement, that you must have a high enough key ability score, as you need Wis 15 to even gain the feat.

So the only problem with whether or not the 1st level mystic cure gained from Connection Inkling qualifies as ALL levels of mystic cure, for the purposes of using a spell gem/chip.

Rain of Fire, CRB Pg. 123 wrote:
Once per day as a full action, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to shoot a ranged weapon at multiple targets within range; the maximum number of targets is equal to half your technomancer level or the number of shots in your weapon, whichever is lower. Each attack uses your highest attack bonus, and each enemy can be targeted only by a single shot.

My Question, is can you use this with:

a) A grenade launcher.
b) A Bow, using Grenade Arrows.
c) Blast weapons (non-unwieldy ones)

A grenade launcher does not state what you target, but grenades target grid intersections. Can you 'target' different intersections, and count them as enemies, or target enemies directly?

A bow, using grenade arrows, does not state what you target, but grenade arrows have an explosive tip that 'detonates on impact'. Can you target NPC's with grenade arrows directly, instead of intersections?

A blast weapon does state that 'nor can you shoot any creature more than once'. Can you (assuming your surrounded by enemies), fire this off such that each cone does not overlap with any other cone?

bookrat wrote:
The Mad Comrade wrote:
The transfer charge 0-level spell takes care of looting partially-spent batteries rather nicely.

Considering there's no way to tell how many charges are in a battery, and if you overcharges you damage the item, it's not a nicely wrapped set up.

1d6 damage per overcharge, and batteries have anywhere from 6-10 HP, depending on the level of the battery (5+Level).

For a standard battery, one mess up and you can destroy the receiving battery.

You actually can't damage it, RAW, as all items have a hardness of 5 + item level.

CRB Pg. 409 wrote:
Hardness: Each object has hardness—a number that represents how well it resists damage. Each time an object is damaged, its hardness is subtracted from the damage. Only damage in excess of its hardness is deducted from the object’s Hit Points.

Given that Transfer Charge can only do 6 points, max, you can never damage any battery from using it.

Personally, I think it should be 1d6 per charge, as that is the same as Recharge.

CRB Pg. 383 - Transfer Charge wrote:
You must declare how many charges you are transferring before casting this spell. If you transfer more charges from the source than the receiving item can hold, the receiving item must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or take 1d6 electricity damage. This spell provides no knowledge of how many charges a receiving item can safely hold, but you can choose to transfer fewer charges than the maximum allowed to reduce the risk.
CRB Pg. 372 - Recharge wrote:
If you recharge a battery, there is a 20% chance the battery is destroyed by the attempt. If you restore more charges than the item can hold, the item must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or take 1d6 electricity damage for each excess charge.