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The creature types(and subtypes) are essentially packages that group abilities together in a consistent way. All Draconic creatures have X Y Z, and all Outsiders get A B C. Mostly its for ease of use. Of course there is the whole spell targeting thing as well.

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On actual topic
Probably LE. Lawful because he's working towards a very specific goal and evil for the whole "Dark" part of dark arts. Of course he could go as far as Neutral on either (or both) if the shop keeper is specifically refusing to attack others, or for other reasons. You'll have to think about his behavior beyond his motivation if you really want to nail his alignment. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it though, unless he's a divine caster you can always hold off deciding until just before the players directly encounter him again.

To the derailed topic
The game mechanics are designed around people standing in 5 foot squares. Last I checked people in ques stand a lot closer together, meaning some creative interpretation of the rules is allowed or even called for. A small child could easily be killed by some jerk slamming into him/her, even if said jerk didn't "intend" to kill them. Less likely for a full grown adult, but within the realm of possibility.

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This build is kinda interesting. I wouldn't go for a knife master though as it seems to be built more around the whip rather than the blade. Might also think of going for a str based rogue instead of a dex based one, helps cut down on feat requirements.

The Thug archetype might be something worth looking at, though I'd discuss how Enforcer and Frightening interact with your GM before playing. Cuts down on arguments at the table.

Jimbo Juggins wrote:

As far as the Attacks of Opportunity go, don't let them phase you too much. You opponent has to in an adjacent square, or have a reach weapon, or have a ready, ranged weapon.

You can't make attacks of opportunity with a ranged weapon.

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This doesn't seem in the least bit problematic to me. You have a party with an effective level of 20 (+2 for the 3 party members above the traditional 4) who handily defeated an enemy group who were 1 CR higher than they were.

This happens all the time and isn't unique to Mythic.

I do agree that saves have to be looked at for mythic, though simply adding on progressions similar to class levels seems to boring and un-mythic.

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Dual focus is a mythic feat that allows you to draw mythic power from two ability scores, so that gets around your Dex vs Str problem, especially if you can't think of feats to use anyway.

I have no other suggestions for the character right now as it is too early to think.

*Edit - aaaand this has already been suggested. Doesn't say you can't take it more than once... doesn't say you can either though.

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I didn't see one of these here so I thought I'd start a thread for them.

Suggestion, the first

Rapid reload (Mythic)
Your skill at keeping your weapons ready to fire is legendary
Prerequisite: Rapid reload, xth mythic tier
Benefit: Reduce the reload time for any weapon for which you have rapid reload by an additional step (Fullaction - Standard action - Move action - free action). If you reduce this time to a free action you may attack as many times in a full attack as you could if you were using a bow. In addition you may reload your weapon using only one hand.

Not sure about mythic tier for this one. I'm leaning towards 3rd.

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cp wrote:
Mythic wildshape Mastery: Choose one shape. Assuming shape does not count against uses perday, and can be changed into as an immediate action.

I really like this one.

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Generic Villain wrote:
Bah, tell that to Scrooge McDuck. He's clearly a Mythic Trickster.

That's part of his mythic weakness

Generic Villain wrote:

Abundant casting is already incredibly powerful when it lets you target two creatures with a one-target spell; I just don't think it should also let you waive the material component cost for a second target.

You're supposed to be akin to a demi god. I think "incredibly powerful" is what they're aiming for.

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Diego Rossi wrote:
Hecknoshow wrote:

Could always introduce a mythic power that lets you take up to two swift actions a turn. We're already handing out full and move actions, so it's not exactly a game breaking idea.

Not sure if it should cost mythic power though.
Maybe activate for one mythic power and then you can take two swift actions a turn for the next hour or hours x mythic tier?

3 spell in one round

Yes, it is broken, as everyone that played with the 3.0 version of haste know.
For that to work you would need to use a new kind of action that don't allow spellcasting.

Sinatar wrote:
Ninja in the Rye wrote:
Darklord Morius wrote:
First of all, swift action can be converted to move actions, right?

There's a fine line between failing to elaborate and just being a jerk. -_-

Anyway, yes you CAN use a swift action and COUNT it as a move action, but the action itself is still a swift action. For example, you can use 2 swift actions and a standard action during your turn. You expended a move action to do the 2nd swift action, but the action itself was still a swift action.

A swift action allow you to cast a spell, a move action don't.

They can't be exchanged.

The selection of spells that can be cast as a swift action is somewhat limited. That being said I see your point.

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:

I am willing to entertain other options, but please keep them simple. If you need more than three sentences to explain the concept, its probably too complex.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Amazing Initiative

Always count your initiative result as having been a 20, only rolling to determine initiative order against other creatures with this ability/power.
You may spend one Mythic power, as a free action, to gain a +10 bonus to your initiative for that round.
In addition you may act a second time at your initiative -20 (including the +10 bonus) on the same round you activate this ability/power.

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Azaelas Fayth wrote:

other than increased Charater Weight which surprisingly can lead a character to not be able to do some things. Like ride a Horse.

And is it bad that when I read Sajan "Floating Mountain" Viraj I immediately thought of myself?

Where are the Mythic stuff at? Have I missed something obvious again?

Mythic playtest.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Likewise, what sort of mythic upgrade would you add to wile shape that wouldn't just be something you'd get by gaining more levels in the druid class?

Access to those mythic templates for monsters, or at least the powers they grant would be a nice boon for wildshape(or any shapeshifter). Instead of transforming into a cheetah, I get to be an agile cheetah. Just a, not very well thought out, suggestion.

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Beckett wrote:
There was also an option for taking two Paths, I believe. Im still reading at this point so its all theorycraft for me at this point.

There's a mythic feat for it.

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Could always introduce a mythic power that lets you take up to two swift actions a turn. We're already handing out full and move actions, so it's not exactly a game breaking idea.
Not sure if it should cost mythic power though.
Maybe activate for one mythic power and then you can take two swift actions a turn for the next hour or hours x mythic tier?

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Scorching ray = It burns when you pee.

Stunning fist = Flatulence

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Someone who -
- never uses the correct gender pronouns.
- will only use a spoon to eat, even trying to cut food with it. A spork is not an acceptable substitute.
- always wears odd shoes
- keeps a halfling slave used exclusively as a footstool.

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Gauss wrote:

1) No you cannot due to the following rule:

CRB p209 Conjuration wrote:
A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it. The creature or object must appear within the spell’s range, but it does not have to remain within the range.

You cannot dimension door to a location where you will fall because you cannot dimension door to a location that cannot support you.

I honestly don't think that applies here.

Dimension door wrote:
You instantly transfer yourself from your current location to any other spot within range. You always arrive at exactly the spot desired - whether by simply visualizing the area or by stating direction.

There's nothing there about the space being safe for you. Honestly by RAW, this doesn't seem to be covered. I'd allow it because at the level you'll be doing this you have a multitude of options for closing with an enemy, even when it's flying, so it's not game breaking. Also it's cool.

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I hear they make a great substitute for firewood.

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Shields, for the love of gods bring a shield.

Have you looked at the holy gun archetype (que barrage of hate). The divine defender combines nicely with the hospitaler as a nice support character.

The oath bound paladin - oath of charity is good for support as well, though you loose the divine bond.

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Gerty from Moon.


with Darkness (moon, obviously), Healing (Resurection), Liberation (Freedom), Travel (exploration) and Void (Stars) domains.

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Animation wrote:
... I think the player wants to take levels of Fighter for the feats and the flavor ...

Fighters have flavor now???

David Knott 242 wrote:
How about Barbarian/Oracle working towards Rage Prophet?

I've played one of these, they are amazing and phenomenally hard to kill.

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Take the dimension dervish feat chain. Teleporting full attacks on a Dragon(reminds me of the giant spider boss in darksiders 1).

If you do decide do take class levels, consider a few magus levels and the Broad study magus arcana(it does require magus 6 though).

I don't have any other suggestions.

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David knott 242 wrote:

But if there is no chance of the spell being used on an enemy (Target is "You"), why bother with that restriction?

Whisk is a touch spell to teleport away another creature, target is creature touched.

As a suggestion how about a spell that lets you teleport a single unattended object to your hand, or beside you if your hands are full. If the range and weight was fixed, and low, you could even get away with a cantrip.

Shadow Lodge

I really like these, I think I may use them. No major issue's that I can see, though you might want to make a caveat about whisk that prevents teleporting them into an immediately hazardous environment (I always hated that restriction, but I can see the need for it).

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If you do choose to fight at night and, for whatever reason, you end up going into the camp while it's still dark and enemies are still active, consider using spells like obscuring mist or smoke sticks. This will obscure the party and their ally's from the goblinoids darkvision, negating a major enemy advantage, and make ranged attacks against them largely meaningless.

Check how soft that ground/moist is after being a goblin camp for so long, that'll have a major effect on your flour bombs(nice idea).

I'd avoid poisoning the water as you may need to use this as a fall back point at some stage. It's also close to your city and you may accidentally contaminate your own water supply.

That's all I can think of for now.

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A haiku


People at your table should be bewildered after you say that.

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Keep in mind the reactions of people to those carrying weapons. If someone walked up to me with a drawn sword in their hand I'd be nervous at best, and most people's reactions would be the same. So when your player walks up to some NPC with his bow in hand have them react as such. Unless of course he actually states he puts his bow, and other weapons, away. then just ask him to have a minimum 12 int/wis to have a character that smart/thoughtful and call it a day. It's not really that big a deal.

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Alchemist with cognatogen rather than mutagen, lightning bombs.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Yes. Yes you can. Next August!


Also that story was awesome.

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American politics baffle me.

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Friendlyfish wrote:

Is there going to be support for the alchemist? Given the six mythic archetypes, I'm having trouble seeing where the alchemist actually fits in there.

Kinda a spellcaster, not really an archmage, not a hierophant...but not a warden, champion, trickster or marshal either. Sure, you can probably shoehorn the alchemist into one or more of those paths, but none seem to follow as a natural progression, as does archmage from wizard/sorc, hierophant from cleric/oracle, warden/champion from fighter/ranger/barb, marshal from bard/cavalier, trickster from rogue.

Hard to see where alchemist thematically fits here. Hope it isn't left out.

I think the mythic archetypes are going to be broader than that. Also it depends how you play your alchemist. As an example, I play an alchemist that's focused on his mutagen and goes into melee frequently so the champion would fit me perfectly.

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I though Aberrations were the embodiment of wrongness and against the natural order.

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I've never understood the whole stance of, eating sentient is "evil" while eating animals isn't. Sure, if it's unnecessary that'd be evil. But if you have to do it to survive, well it's not really that malicious is it. I mean you're not eating members of your own species or anything. I'm sure antelopes have the same feelings towards lion's. That doesn't make the lion evil, though a lion that specifically caused the suffering of an antelope for entertainment would be evil.

gustavo iglesias wrote:
Because they purposedly feed on rational beings, yes. Humans, or dwarves, or elves, doesn't matter.

While I now I'm being pedantic, I think you mean "sentient" as defined by the game, rather than rational. Though it conjures up some very odd scenarios involving cows dancing in tutu's.

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I was going to say Lycanthropy, but I just checked the bestiary and apparently the forced alignment change was removed. Hooray!

I run all mindless creatures as TN with a specific caveat for undead. All undead being controlled count as having the same alignment as the controller for the purpose of spells and other effects that target alignment. I added that last bit after running an evil campaign and the necromancer used his neutral undead to get through a circle of protection from evil that was protecting some NPC's.

Ashiel wrote:

Paladin: "You were a normal man who was bitten by a ghoul. Now you are a ghoul. You have sat on the edges of society and done more or less nothing to harm anyone. However, you are evil because of what you are. not because you're actually evil, or because you have made any wrong choices, but because you are powered by what is the energetic equivalent to antimatter, and you shall be justly smote in the name of goodness because that's how things work. May the gods have more mercy on you than...well, I dunno, you're probably screwed, 'cause you haven't actually done anything, but you're way evil so..." *SMITE*

I read this in the voice of Lord Bravery. I couldn't think of anything good for the other one.

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The no templates rule seems to be an artifact from 3.5, as a template doesn't effect the use of polymorph and polymorph-like spells the way it would have before.

Polymorph (and wildshape) used to function off the target creatures HD and most templates don't grant extra HD, just extra power, so shapeshifting casters could squeeze more power out of the spells they were using. Now the benefits from each polymorph spell are more explicit. Applying a template like giant or young doesn't really change how powerful the spell is as the limitations(such as ability score bonuses) are built in. Something like halfdragon still wouldn't grant you the immunities or special attacks of the creature, just the appearance.

So while I agree that the by RAW you are correct, I honestly don't see the harm in letting it happen.

As for the giant eagle thing. Aside from it's above average intelligence, it doesn't really have anything special going for it(can't even speak)so I'd allow it, though there are sooo many magical beasts I would flat out refuse, so a specific ruling is a good idea.

Edit: Just checked, polymorph (the spell) allows for magical beasts. Though Beast shape doesn't.

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The NPC wrote:

There's such a thing as a Masculine Mystique? That news to me... Sounds silly. *

*= I'm not trying to be argumentative or what not when I say this. It just does sound silly.

My body odur was once described as Masculine mystique. I think she meant to say miasma, oh how we laughed(once she got down wind).

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d'Eon wrote:
Ok, eidolon stats count for feats, but a huge eidolon is a liability anywhere the hallways are less than 10' wide.

Transmogrify can help here, though the 1 hour casting time is annoying.

Does shrink person work on a synthesist?

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Sure, I've always loved/hated Voldo. Love to play as him, hate to fight him.

So, back story away.

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Spacelard wrote:
Looked at playing a Magus but they kinda look one dimensional to me at the moment. All scimitar dervish shocking grasp builds...dull.

Make a different type then. The staff magus is kinda cool.

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Feiya wrote:
Cavalier! Solely because that means that Alain would be the iconic witch and I would pay moneys to see him in my outfit!

Fun fact, you can't gouge out your minds eye. :(

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The boar style feat tree allows some cool intimidation stuff.

Shadow Lodge

I love these.

Rob McCreary, so which class did you choose?

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Have a look at this. Well worth the read.

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I would (and have) run it as a chance for those things to be passed on. No guarantees that a particular trait will be inherited(just like real genetics), but occasionally they are.

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Thanael wrote:
Beast is a scientist, so maybe a Hyde alchemist build with high str, dex, acrobatic skills.

Surely you mean a feral alchemist.

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Go into space, spool out enough rope to make a reaaaaly big ball of string. Take up residence on my new moon.

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Mr. Sillybiscuits wrote:
I've thought of building Iron Man out of a Synthesist Summoner. Improved Armor, flight, major magic (scorching ray). That sort of thing.

Eidolon named Jarvis by any chance?

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In England it stands for Prime Minister.

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Made this a while ago.


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Loup Blanc wrote:
xanthemann wrote:
It is covered under the Equipment Tricks Feat. It is in the small Armory book.

I've looked in that one before, and can't find any. Here's the feat:

Adventurer's Armory wrote:

New Feat: Equipment Trick

Choose one piece of equipment, such as boots, cloak, rope, shield, or heavy blade scabbard. You understand how to use that item in combat.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: You may use any equipment tricks relating to the item if you meet the appropriate trick requirements. If the item would normally be considered an improvised weapon, you may treat it as a normal weapon or an
improvised weapon, whichever is more beneficial for you.
Special: You can gain Equipment Trick multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of equipment.
But it doesn't actually give any equipment tricks for anything but heavy blade scabbards and shields. I guess this allows me to use the cloak to attack? But that doesn't help at all.

I always thought of it as a concept rather than as a feat, so I guess you could make some tricks up?

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